The Legend Of The Heavenly Dragon 3 Disciple Selection


The Legend Of The Heavenly Dragon

The Legend Of The Heavenly Dragon 3 Disciple Selection

After a few a days worth of travel, Rudra finally reached his destination.Cloud city towered over the Soaring Dragon Continent for countless years as a pinnacle city. Soaring dragon continent doesn't have any empire. The entire continent continent is ruled by the three top level sects and countless mid and low level sects.Heavenly Dragon sect, Blood Moon sect, Ice Heart Valley. Even though the three sects are all powerful, the Heavenly Dragon sect still holds the t.i.tle as the topmost sect.The Cloud city is directly under the command of Heavenly Dragon sect. Not only did they have several Core Formation experts, but they also have some Nascent Soul overseers in the city. Such a colossal power was not something anyone would provoke.The city lord is an elder of the sect, Tian Ming. He is a Nascent Soul martial artist. Thus the city is completely fortified and protected.The disciple selection of the Heavenly Dragon sect is an important event and thus the whole city was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with young martial artist from all over the continent. The partic.i.p.ants needs to be above level 7 body tempering and should be below the age of 12. The difficulty level was extremely high. The heavenly dragon sect accepts only monstrous level geniuses.Also if their performance were extraordinary, there is a possibility for them to be accepted as the personal disciples of the elders. Thus the entire city was lively due to the gathering.In a martial arts platform several elders present were overseeing the selection. Below the platforms the martial artist who came for the selection stood with respectful gazes. Rudra was also among the martial artists and was looking at the elders from the sect. He felt immense power from them."Welcome, all the young and aspiring martial artist who came from different parts of the continent to attend this disciple selection. The rules of the selection are as previously mentioned. To be a disciple of our sect, you'll need to have a cultivation above level 7 body tempering realm. Your age should not exceed 12 years. We will be checking the cultivation level and the bone age of the partic.i.p.ants. So anybody who has not met the requirements, please move away from the platform." an elder from the sect came forward and spoke.Half of the people left. They came here expecting some leniency from the sect but they were disappointed. The remaining half were all about the age of Rudra.

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The remaining were asked to come one by one to the platform for testing their bone age and cultivation. Most of them were at level 7 and level 8. Few were at level 9. All of them were considered as geniuses. Then a guy wearing an expensive green robe went towards the platform. The elders announced the result "Level 1 qi condensation". After checking the bone age, they found out that he was 12 years old. A commotion followed, a 12 year old qi condensation level martial artist was extremely rare.Soon, an elder came forward and asked "Young man, are you willing to be my disciple?". The young man immediately knelt down and knowtowed. The elder was pretty happy that he accepted a talented disciple. Among the elders present in the platform only he didn't have any disciple. Thus the others were naturally not opposed to him accepting a disciple. After that the people followed were at body tempering level. All of them were accepted as outer disciples.Now it was Rudra's turn, he climbed the platform and came in front of a elder. The elder was surprised and blurted out "Level 3 qi condensation"."What? How's this possible? He is only 12 years at most. How can he be at level 3?" a guy watching the selection shouted."Just look at him. He looks like a genius from some formidable clan." All the people accepted this explanation.Meanwhile, the elder checked his bone age and announced the result as 12 years. All the elders were quite surprised. "Young man, what is your name?" the elder asked him."Rudra" he replied. The elders and the people around thought that it was an unusual name but didn't think too much about it.The qi condensation disciple previously selected as a personal disciple clenched his hands. He was supposed to be in limelight today but it was stolen by Rudra. He was Mu Tianyuan, the young master of the Mu clan. The mu clan is one of the top clans in the continent.They spend huge amount of resources for him to reach this level. Thus finding someone else exceeded him made him bitter. But he didn't show any expression outwards.The elders were still fighting among themselves to take him in as their disciple. Before they could decide a young man came towards the platform. All the elders felt a certain pressure from this man. But they didn't seem to be frightened, instead they were surprised. They didn't expect him to come here."How can he be here?" One of the elder asked. None of them could reply.Mu Tianyuan was surprised by the reaction of the elders. He turned to his master and asked "Master, who is this person? Why are all the elders surprised?"His master's expression turned serious and replied "That young man is Xiao Huan. He is not a part of our sect. The sect master found him gravely injured during one of his travel and saved him. Since the sect master saved him, he promised the sect master to stay in the sect for 50 years. He has already stayed here for 49 years. Only 1 more year remains before he leaves. His cultivation has reached an unfathomable level. Even if the sect master and the grand elders fought together they wouldn't be able to defeat him.""Usually he doesn't care about the activities of the sect. Why did he come here today?" the elder muttered to himself.Mo Tianyuan was extremely shocked. Stronger than the sect master and the elders? How's that even possible?Meanwhile, the young man called Xiao Huan came towards the elders and spoke "I'll take him". Naturally he meant Rudra. Before the elders could respond he waved his hand. Both he and Rudra disappeared from the platform.The elders could only smile bitterly. This man had never once accepted a disciple. He usually cares nothing and cultivates in his peak. But today he came and took a disciple in. They thought that Rudra was extremely lucky to be chosen as Xiao Huan's disciple.Mo Tianyuan looked at the direction they left. He felt envy towards Rudra being accepted by a stronger master than him. But then he slowly shook his head and sighed.The disciple selection continued without any troubles. Once the selection ended the elders and the new disciples left for the sect. The city once again regained its peace as most of the people who came to witness the disciple selection also started leaving.

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