The Heart Of A Smith Chapter 4


The Heart Of A Smith

The Heart Of A Smith Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Alcohol Intoxication Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Translation

The next day, Li Sui didn't pany. Lu Shang left before the sky lit up and he didn't wake Li Sui up either. When Li Sui got up, he asked sister Lu and that was when he knew Lu Shang had an iforted Li Sui. "The only probleplicated years of growth, his own s.e.xuality was always a e pick you up later." Aunt Lu hurried Li Sui.

Lu Shang didn't copany. The first thing that greeted Li Sui after he stepped in was a huge blue logo, beneath it was the words "Tong Yan Corporation". The offices for the higher-ups were on the top floors and Uncle Yuen only escorted hie to think of it, I haven't asked yet. Do you pany in the afternoon. Li Sui saw a couple of trucks taking out boxes of chapany, it was evident that these people weren't office workers.

"Thank you for the wait." The second Lu Shang walked in, everyone stood up to greet hie, little guy. Lu Shang can't drink alcohol, but big brother will pour you a gla.s.s." Zuo Chao was the kind of guy who would treat people he first e the second tie on!" He poured the wine out while he was still speaking.

Li Sui stared at the wine that was about to spill out, he ie, coe on, drink it. Give Zuo Chao sofortable. Though he had stayed in a bar for years, this was the first tie here." Lu Shang waved his hand.

Li Sui floated over to Lu Shang like a ghost, when he was one to two steps away froforting hipany. And I'pany's workings, having pany, Lu Shang never cared about what they bought. He just gave them a budget and let them buy whatever they wanted.

As such, he won himself a pack of Okamoto 001.

T/N: (iv) A j.a.panese condom brand.

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