The Heart Of A Smith Chapter 1


The Heart Of A Smith

The Heart Of A Smith Chapter 1

The Heart of a Sfortably on the sofa.

"A twenty plexion changed; he had a feeling what Li Yan was about to say e ask plicated, he barely pliparable to us, the Li fapletely gone out of his control. He was playing right into Li Yan's hands, but at the sae up with a better solution.

"The plot of land I have in the countryside pared to your work in Tong Yan."

Lu Shang slowly poured tea for the both of thee a convenience or trouble, that Sun plicated expression as he nodded his head.

The two sat in the roopany. On the surface, the copany, shutting it down, and opening a pany instead. He handed the copany, are you interested in investing?" Li Yan said fropletely unrelated to the question, "This kid looks quite nice." After saying that, he looked at Li Yan and said, "Give e buy him back once he had money. But the client never came back. As such, this kid was left here in the bar, not knowing his name, age, nor hometown. He didn't seem like he had received an education before, looked weak and frail, had no intelligence nor strength, so he could only do jobs that no one wanted to do. No one really cared about him. Until today, Li Yan, who had worked in the bar for half-year now, had no idea of his existence.

Looking at the kid now, Li Yan couldn't help but admit that Lu Shang had sharp eyes. The person's overly long bangs hid half of his face, but under the lights, he did have really shiny black eyes.

Li Yan dropped his hand, looking at Lu Shang and contemplated for a while. "If Lu Lao Ban likes him, how about I give him to you?"

The crowd around them started to mumble amongst themselves, there were even some unfriendly laughter.

Lu Shang remained his usual self, calm and bland, not showing any special expression on his face. He didn't refuse the offer either, just slightly nodded his head and raised his hand at the driver. "Then you have my thanks."

As he said that, the driver went directly into the crowd and picked up the kid, putting him onto the backseat of the car. The manager wanted to block the driver from leaving but was stopped by Li Yan instead.

"I will return the favor later." Lu Shang said blandly as he closed the car door, directing the driver to go.

"Well, he certainly has no qualms whatsoever." The manager said angrily as he looked at the car leaving from afar.

Li Yan, however, seemed very happy.

"Boss Yan, how can we let him leave like that?"

Li Yan laughed, "Ha, what do you know?"

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