The General Loves To Collect Little Red Flowers Chapter 14


The General Loves To Collect Little Red Flowers

The General Loves To Collect Little Red Flowers Chapter 14

That night, Ji Fengyu took some of his good friends to live in his big villa. The villa was a bit deceptive, it still couldn't stand to protect them from the wind and rain. Since they own the villa, they thought about having other things.

For example, incense sticks, as well as poker cards, mahjong, other food and entertainment items. These were all the things they were currently lacking. No way they could endure it. Ghost life was so long and really boring if there was nothing to do. They needed some fun too.

So when Le Yao and Xu Yao returned to their house, there were already three ghost brothers inside. One of them was Ji Fengyu. Needless to say, there were two new ghosts that Le Yao didn't know.

One of them was Song He. He died at the age of 32, had a big body and a bald head. He looked like a butcher. Before he died, he had opened a supermarket chain. His supermarket chain, 'Songhe' was said to be very popular at that time.

The other was w.a.n.g Feixia, 28 years old. He sold spicy crawfish. This man was the opposite build of Song He. Song He stood there as strong as an iron tower, while w.a.n.g Feixia was as thin as a bean sprout.

The two died more than 20 years later than Ji Fengyu. So, Ji Fengyu looked very young, but they were still all brothers.

Hearing Ji Fengyu's introduction, Le Yao said to Xu Yao, “I'll go to the bathroom first.”

Xu Yao also happened to have something to check, so he casually “Hmm”. But what he didn't know was his little wife just entered the bathroom and began to “talk” with “another man”!

Xu Yao couldn't hear Ji Fengyu's words. Naturally, Ji Fengyu didn't have to hide his voice. They spoke directly to Le Yao. But Le Yao was concerned about Xu Yao, so he wrote the words with his fingers on the floor.

Le Yao: Have you received the house?

Ji Fengyu: “You still ask? Actually making me a house with random paper box! Are we still brothers? There are so many random things there.”

Le Yao: That's still good. Let's make do with it first. The original owner of my body borrowed some money and didn't pay it back. Today, the company deducted all the money in my account and made me owe a debt. I'm in trouble now. Do you have any good ways to make money? I can't afford to buy you supplies without money.

Ji Fengyu: “Can't you change this house for a while?”

Nonsense! Who told me that Omega didn't have any moral integrity? Didn't you know that I am Omega now? I burned you this house yet still didn't satisfied!

Song He then asked, “Is it convenient for Xiao Le to say how much you owes?”

Le Yao: 2.3 million.

w.a.n.g Feixia: “That's just a little.”

Le Yao: “…”

How could you say it was just “a little”? That was a lot okay!

Ji Fengyu: “Did your family doesn't care about you?”

Le Yao: It's hard to say. My stepmother is like a snake and a scorpion.

They said that the original body was a loser. But he wasn't like that at the beginning. It was Jiang Xinduo, who was strict with his own child, but only knew to say good things to the original body and indulged in everything he did. Jiang Xinduo bought what he wanted to buy, and she was very caring to him outside, which made people think that she was a rare stepmother in the world. But what about reality? Taking advantage of Le Feishan absence at home and busy working, the woman provided a child who still so naive, everything he wanted and pampered him.

Later, as the original body became bigger, he spent more and more money. The woman secretly dug some hole for him. However, Jiang Xinduo's worst was not this one. When Le Yao was 17, she suddenly began to reduce his pocket money by large amount.

The original body has been used to luxury since childhood. In school, he was always the most remarkable person. He ate the best food and wore the best clothes. And now with 95% less pocket money, he couldn't do the same again. He didn't know if it just 5% of his pocket money,  so he felt it was not enough. It was strange if he didn't bounce back. He began to borrow money from his cla.s.smates.

At first, he knew that Jiang Xinduo would help him pay back the loan, but after a few times, Jiang Xinduo began to refuse. She was not only refused, but also told Le Feishan that she had persuade Le Yao at first and didn't want Le Feishan to worry about this matter. She wanted to help him return the money so many times but the original body still didn't grow up. Not only didn't understand her hard work, but he also angry with her.

Le Feishan came to think that his son was so unruly. Couldn't he be angry at his behavior? On the same day, he called the original body back from the school and scolded him so much that he was so shocked. After that day, the relationship between father and son was completely frozen.

Anyway, Le Yao didn't expect anything from Le Feishan now. He just wanted to make money by himself.

Ji Fengyu said: “It's a pity that we don't have money here now, and even if there is, it won't be valid in the living world. Otherwise, you can send something to the underworld. There is a market there.”

Le Yao: What you said doesn't help.

At this time, Song He said, “In fact, it's not completely wrong. We don't have paper money now, but we have something valuable from living world.”

w.a.n.g Feixia: “You mean…”

Ji Fengyu: “Burial objects?”

The friendship of the three over a hundred years had cultivated a kind of tacit understanding. Ji Fengyu said that, the other two nodded.

Song He said: “Although our generation has no funeral objects, some old guys still have them. They've been hungry for so many years. It's no use for the dead to guarding their things now. As long as they can get some incense and new clothes, they will definitely hand over the burial objects.”

Le Yao: You want me to sell tombs?!

Ji Fengyu: “Otherwise? Le Yao, first of all, you need to find us some incense. We also need to find something valuable for you.”

Le Yao: The question is how can I sell it? I'm Xu Yao's wife in name now. If I sell Chinese antiques, it surely will trouble him ah?

Song He said, “Let's find you something that can't be identified, such as precious stones and jade stones.”

Le Yao: That's right, it will do!!!

w.a.n.g Feixia said: “It's not hard to find valuable things, but brother Xiao Le, you have to think about how to sell them. There is no p.a.w.nshop here. ”

Le Yao: How can I sell it? Let's get the things first. It's too late today. Tomorrow I'll think about how to make the incense. What else do you want? I'll see if I can do it for you.

The three ghost brothers almost said at the same time, “Poker!”

Le Yao: “…”

After lying on the bed for a long time, Xu Yao didn't see Le Yao come out from the bathroom. He shouted, “Le Yao Yao, did you fall asleep in there?”

He still wanted to tease his little wife before go to sleep. Why hasn't he came out?

Le Yao replied quickly, “I'm not! But I have to take a bath, you… you go to sleep first!”

Sleep? Xu Yao had no grievance today. He was very light and didn't feel sleepy at all. So after a while, Le Yao, who had just finished taking a bath and opened the door, welcomed by a guy with a long black knitted pajamas which exposed his strong abdominal muscles.

The scent of the pheromone, which belonged to Xu Yao, vaguely penetrated into Le Yao's nose. Other people's pheromones were like sea salt, pine, mint, lemon, etc., but Le Yao felt that the taste of this man was like the smell of war, unconsciously with a strong aggressiveness.

Le Yao was locked in a cramped small s.p.a.ce. His spirit, which was born weaker than alpha, was somewhat affected. When he spoke, he was unconsciously a little weak: “Do you also need to go to the bathroom?”

Xu Yao didn't answer. His eyes pa.s.sed through Le Yao and fell behind him, squinting slightly.

There was nothing there, but it was strange that he felt someone looking at him.

Song he looked at the man's wolf eyes and didn't feel good for a while, so he quickly drifted aside and said, “Brother Xiao Le, your husband is too alert. You must be careful in the future.”

Le Yao blinked as if said that he would pay attention. At this time, Xu Yao took back his eyes and looked at Le Yao thoughtfully. He stroked his gland slowly and went out from the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, Le Yao breathed a silent sigh of relief, and then waved to Ji Fengyu to hurry back.

Ji Fengyu was also busy looking for things, but he didn't stay for long. He just told Le Yao the eight characters of the birth of Song He and w.a.n.g Feixia, and then they quickly drifted away.

Le Yao went to get a set of pajama and then went into the bathroom.

He thought that he would take a bath for a long time today, but in fact, he only did it for less than five minutes. He was scared by a message in his communication and hurriedly wiped his body and out of the bathroom. He stared at the one million extra coins in his account. He sat down on the bed and asked the other person who had already been lying on the bed, “You, how can you transfer so much money to me?”

Although it seemed that he owed less than 200 yuan to Uncle Ming, if it was just for living expenses, this amount was enough for ordinary families to have a good life for three or five years.

Xu Yao said, “I will give you living expenses from now.”

Le Yao was so glad that he immediately promised to him, “Ok! You can rest a.s.sured, I won't spend it for anything useless!”

Xu Yao's heart itched when he looked at his cute little rabbit. Maybe it was the inferiority of men. Seeing such a pure and beautiful person, he couldn't help but have some evil thoughts. But he was not that bad at controlling himself, so he just smiled and said, “It's alright. Besides buying vegetables, you can buy whatever you want with it. Isn't it natural for your husband to spend money on his wife?”

In a flash, Le Yao blushed, “Umm, no, anyway I'm sure I won't spend it too much.”

Xu Yao lit another cigarette and said, “Well, I believe you.”

“Thank you,” said Le Yao.

At this time, his communicator rang another message tone again.

App of a credit company: Dear user, we have successfully deducted 1.000.000 yuan from your account, and your current debt is 1.304.722 yuan.

Le Yao's brain made s “buzz ~” sound. The two red blush on his cheeks that just came up directly covered by ice and snow. He clenched his lips and looked at Xu Yao. He wanted to cry angrily and swallowed the communication device.

Xu Yao asked him, “What's the matter?”

Le Yao said with no confidence, “I… can I talk to you about something?”

Xu Yao flicked the cigarette ash, “Say it.”

Le Yao: “Umm, can I borrow some money from you first?”

Seeing that Xu Yao was puzzled, Le Yao confessed, “I borrowed three million yuan from the credit company a few months ago because of something, and I have to pay it back when it is due. But when I came here, my father only gave me a million. So, anyway, I still owe more than two million yuan. Then the one million you just transferred to me was reduced directly by the credit company.”

When Xu Yao transferred money, he knew it would probably become like this, because the credit company of Tarot Empire has always been allowed to reduce the account amount by themselves. But he didn't immediately agree to Le Yao's request after hearing it. Instead, he asked Le Yao, “In what name would you like to borrow the money? As a new acquaintance or my wife?”

Le Yao stammered, “T.. That.. what's the difference?”

Xu Yao said, “Of course, it's not the same. If it's just someone I know, they have to pay interest. One million dollars in interest. But if it's my wife… ” Xu Yao sat up and leaned on the back of the bed, “I shouldn't charge interest to my wife, right? But since it's my wife, don't you have to do something first?”

Le Yao's brain quickly calculated that if he borrowed one million yuan with one million yuan of interest, his just transferred one million yuan was also equivalent to borrowing. In total, he had to pay back nearly five million yuan?!

My G.o.d!!!

When Xu Yao saw that Le Yao was as angry as a puffer fish, he tried to resist the urge to trample him under his arms, “Say, how would you borrow it?”

Le Yao discussed and said, “I will make you delicious food every day. Can't you make the interest cheaper?”

Xu Yao said without thinking, “No.”

Le Yao: (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴

Xu Yao said, “So, do you want to be my wife?”

Le Yao stared at him as if to say in his eyes: Just knew a few days! No wife!

Xu Yao twisted his cigarette's end: “Well, I'll send you back to Xingdu tomorrow. We'll divorce.”

Le Yao was almost bite this man and shouted, “No!” Then he realized that the tone was wrong and softened, “I, I mean, we only get married a few days ago, shouldn't we cultivate our feelings first? If you send me away, our feeling can't be developed! ” The most important thing was I would leave my best friend here! And what should I do if I really in love with you?

“In other words, in the name of my wife?”

Le Yao told himself to calm down and said, “You'd better talk about what I want to do first.”

Xu Yao said, “I'll tell you when you lie down.”

Le Yao was so nervous that his heart would pop out from his throat, “You, you'd better say it first, in case I… Ah!”

Without waiting for Le Yao to finish his sentences, Xu Yao suddenly pulled him over and pressed him down with his body. His face slowly approached. Le Yao could hear his heart beat faster as Xu Yao face close their gap. He couldn't help but turn his head sideways so as not to look into those burning eyes.

However, the expected kiss didn't fall down, and Xu Yao's low bad laugh rang in his ear, “Coward, how could you afraid. Is my self-control that bad?” With that, he let go of the man under him, and shouted calmly, “Leslie?”

A clear male voice came from the communicator: “Yes, general.”

“Another two million for my wife,” said Xu Yao.

“Yes, general.” said the male voice.

Xu Yao got into the quilt again, and at the same time, it seemed that he was going to sleep with his back to Le Yao. Le Yao realized that he was being teased. At this time, he couldn't help wanted to beat Xu Yao's back silently. Of course, he didn't really beat on Xu Yao. Every time his fist was about one or two centimeters away from his back, he stopped.

Who knew that when he just swing his hand to beat Xu Yao, he suddenly whispered, “You want to murder your husband without pulling the curtain?”

Le Yao looked up and his eyes widened! The window reflects what he just did!

Xu Yao turned his head and looked at Le Yao with his raised eyebrows. Le Yao was so afraid and quickly buried his head into the pillow and pretended to be dead.

On this dark and windy night, an ostrich named Le Yao lost the courage to live.

The author has something to say:

Le Yao: I'm an angry ball!

Xu Yao: Come and let me poke, lest the wind blow away.

Le Yao: (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴

This chapter is so long, please tell me if there's mistake yo ~~

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