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The Cultivation God

The Cultivation God 4 My License

'HEY MORTAL NOW WAKE UP AND TEST OUT YOUR OTHER ABILITIES' Jiang Feng groaned and rolled out of bed. He rolled out of bed he walked to the middle of Tianwa town. "I am going to try to go to the registration range to get my hunter's license." 'OK MORTAL I WILL STAY HERE 'Jiang Feng went out of the house to take the examination. There was a young girl sitting at the counter. "Hi, I am Ling Xiao I take it that you are taking the hunter license exam right? She asked cheerily. "Yeah." Jiang Feng told her. "Right this way sir" She informed him Jiang Feng followed her to the range. It was more of an arena ."You have to kill at least 100 common beasts, 10 uncommon beast or 1 rare beast. The more you hunt the greater your license will be. You can take more examinations later but the pa.s.sing mark will be higher." "Got it can I start now?" "Yes, you can. "Jiang Feng stepped into the arena and thought about a sword and one immediately appeared in his hands. Nice, he thought what else can this do. He imagined the sword pure black with thorns and gleaming skulls embroidered on it.

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And lo and behold it appeared in his hands he charred towards the nearest beast but found it hard to inhale it. He tried again but imagine it incredibly sharp and found it easier to penetrate the beast then he thought back the sword as before and pulled out. A mournful wail emerged from the beast mouth as a large chunk of flesh got torn out from the beast side.He carried on like this and soon all out the beast turned into lifeless beings but after a while, he felt tired and decided to rest but when he did so all the dead changed into skeletons and Jiang Feng felt refreshed.He walked back to the girl who stared at him in shocked "So I presumed I would get my license now ." He asked cooly "Y..yes ." She stammered "Follow me"

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