The Cause-and-effect Relationship Between Beauty And Teasing 1 One-Sho


The Cause-and-effect Relationship Between Beauty And Teasing

The Cause-and-effect Relationship Between Beauty And Teasing 1 One-Sho

A stream of moonlight pa.s.sed through the crystal-clear gla.s.s of the window, landing on the still figure of a sleeping man. Even though the blanket covered most of his body, from the visible half of his face, one could tell that he was extremely handsome. His short, darkly coloured hair with hints of silvery sparkles was soft and finer than silk, his eyelashes long and slightly curling at the end, giving him an innocent look, and his pale skin was fair, fairer than many girls, and it was even faintly glowing under the radiant moon.Beautiful. Exquisite.His name was Zhou Zekai, the name of the indisputably number one player of Glory. Or at least, according to the PR sector of the Glory Professional Alliance.Next to him was another man, who was prompting himself up using his elbow and gazing down gently at the dreamy figure. Although this man's hair shared the same deep tone of black as Zhou Zekai's, his hair was shorter and slightly thicker, a few strands of grey hiding themselves among it. Ye Xiu was neither as young nor as striking as this figure, but there was something extremely alluring about the older man, an invisible yet unusually rich something that made him no less attractive than the man currently lost in the land of dreams.Knowledge, perhaps. The wisdom of one who had lived for a long time.His talent and experiences shone through that layer of skin, and so radiant were these intangible factors that Ye Xiu always carried an aura of mesmerizing power. Real, undiluted power, not the faked arrogant att.i.tude he wrapped himself in or the barely discernible traces of the endless wealth that he had been born into, that would always be part of him regardless of his constant denials.Both of them lived with Glory, breathed in Glory. For that reason, they found beauty in each other's soul, and they fell in love with that beauty.Ye Xiu's fingers subtly traced across the other man's bare skin, the tips of which were seemingly fully embedded into the softness of his flesh. A wave of untainted satisfaction washed through his mind as the corners of his lips slowly curled up.His boyfriend was still soundly asleep after a while, so he moved his fingers a bit lower.The other man slightly turned, mumbling. "So… ticklish…"

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When those flexible fingers delved even lower, his eyes were suddenly wide-open and he gently trembled. His pale lips separated, leaving a tiny gap in between, and he looked as if he wanted to speak but was unable to find the correct words.
"Cold…" Zhou Zekai gritted his teeth at his boyfriend's teasing.Ye Xiu merely smiled, his eyes brighter than a sparkling star in a cloudless night. "Little Zhou, don't you feel warm under that thick blanket?"A faint blush coloured the younger man's face. He lifted the edge of the blanket and covered the other man as well."Much better," sighed Ye Xiu in contentment, even as his fingers continued the action. "I never knew you have the habit of pulling the blanket when you sleep."Zhou Zekai felt a ripple of emotions, guilt acc.u.mulating in his heart."…Sorry…"Looking at his boyfriend's lowered head, his shame-filled expression more endearing than any mewling kitten, Ye Xiu sensed a contradictory mixture of feelings inside him. On one hand, he was a little remorseful due to his myriad of playful behaviours that always affected Zhou Zekai deeply; on the other hand, he was just so… incredibly elated because of the same reason.Tonight, that tiny bit of remorse won out."Sleep, little Zhou. You have an event tomorrow," he retracted his fingers and patted the younger man's head.But tomorrow… perhaps not.

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