The Alchemist Path 14 The Important Sprouts


The Alchemist Path

The Alchemist Path 14 The Important Sprouts

As it often happens the the contestants are being monitored by the group of representatives. Not all of them off course, but the ones deemed interesting where.Even if someone wasn't picked in the first part of the exams they might be in the middle of the forest path, since all it took was a fortuitous encounter to change a life, maybe a hidden gem could shine amongst the common ruble. In Lazuli's case it wasn't because she was deemed important, but the bet the man in dark garments proposed automatically made her a person of interest.A of now she had joined the forest trial, so the four representatives owed him a drink, the latter part of the bet was dependant on her pa.s.sing the trial, so even if she did something amazing the four of them were determined to look the other side and ignore her, hopping the immortal would stay for a year.Even so, her figure was in the viewing mirror for them to see and just in case someone thought that cheating his way out of the bet was a good idea the immortal made one of his familiars follow her for surveillance."When would you like your drink Lord Drei?" the immortal representative asked in a humble tone. "Well, since we're going to stay here watching the sprouts it may be a good idea to do so while enjoying a good beverage, it so happens that I'm been craving phoenix dew for a while".The four people faces paled thinking of the price of phoenix dew, It could be said that Drei was being nice as it wasn't a hard to come by commodity, it was just insanely expensive for low grade administrators like them.Even with the four of them chipping in it would be almost half a year of salary for a normal sized gla.s.s. But since they dared to bet it's only fair to pay."Mr. Jun it seems like the little whelp might want to follow you, she's already absorbing life of a Weeping cat" said Drei after looking at the mirror."Not necessary my Lord, just a moment ago she was cultivating in the way of the immortals, even had a deviation from what we could see, the ignorant la.s.s seems to be trying the fool's way" Answered Jun of the Asura path."Better than a mindless berserker" Said the mage spitefully, as his school was the smallest of the empire and their resources always find a way to end somewhere else the rivalry between the mage tower and the Asura school wasn't beneath petty provocations between them.

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