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The Alchemist Path 12 Into The Deep 2

There were a lot of things that Lazuli didn't stop to a.n.a.lyze, from details as where would she sleep, to her psyche and that of the other exam takers that were questing along side her.Let us think about it for her: She's a girl, all alone, in the woods, without any type of means to defend herself, yes some of you may be thinking "hey she just got a recipe for a highly toxic component! she could use that!" like, by throwing it to an opponent? Maybe she could, at least if she were the type of person this kinds of tales use to talk about, the ones that against all odds, with luck and wit on their side climb the ladder to power, fame and happiness becoming G.o.ds of their own making. Sadly if you're looking for such tale you may get disappointed, as Lazuli's mentality is nowhere near the needed one for such a tale of grandeur.A 29 paper pusher pharmacist's soul inside a 16 years undeveloped body, a pampered lady, the apple of the eyes of her parents, used to have someone to relay on, used to Google search for fast information, used to a lawful country where human lives matter, was suddenly dropped on a dog eat dog world. Being real, only psychos would be excited at the prospect of living in a world where killing is enforced as a means to get strong. It's time to face it, her odds of survival are slim at best, she knows it. Adding on the fact that she's still in shock from her pa.s.sing, she's trying to get a hold on herself. Don't be mistaken on how calm she seems, the human brain is a wonderful piece of work, it protects itself and numbs some feelings when the load is bigger than it can hold. While cultivating her mind begins to wander, what if I just die here? would I be able to go back? maybe this is all a dream, maybe I'm in a coma on a hospital bed and all this is just my brain keeping me occupied but what if it's not? Is this is my second chance? Is there no other chance after this? what if I waste it? but what if this is really just a dream and everyday I spend here is a day I miss in the real world? her soul grieves for herself without an outlet for her emotions.Going through the motions, with her mind on disarray, the energy that was circulating in her meridians begins to move erratically, her skin commences to emit heat, cold sweat drenches her back while her chest hurts and her body spams. All those are early symptoms of cultivation deviation, her mind awakes from the stupor as her weak body shivers. Too much energy, too fast without control can kill a person, in severe cases people just explode from inside out.Gasping for air she collapses on the cold mountain floor, some branches pokes her back in the fall, most probably bruising it. Even with the vitality of a red aura an adopted orphan isn't raised on luxury, at least not until they get registered on the family. Her body const.i.tution is weak from years of not eating her full, She wasn't abused but that doesn't mean her new body was fully cared for, without Mina's love she may not had reached the appropriate age for testing, as such is the case for many.
Even so, it was way better than being left for rotten on an orphanage, there's no mercy for the weak here, even if the weak are just undeveloped children. If not for the Empire's policy of free education and rewards for those that "unearthed unpolished gems" for the Empire's prosperity the index of adoptions would be way lower. The powerful rarely wants to empathize with those below them.It's hard to say how much time she took to stabilize herself, but when her eyes opened again and her breathing calmed down, the stars in the sky where already visible and darkness surrounded everywhere. This was the second night outside, the first one alone, without the comfort and distraction of company her mind wanted to wander yet again, it looked like it would be a sleepless night.She looked around, maybe for orientation, maybe in the hope of finding shelter or another being whom could lift the loneliness, or maybe just break the silence. Lazuli felt anyone, anything could be better company than the empty feeling in her chest and the thoughts that besieged her mind, and oh boy was se wrong.A sorrowful cry broke the silence of the night and her body shook, a weeping cat was just a few trees away staring at her with shining green eyes, she couldn't move, the howl had her paralyzed. Had you ever notice the drums of a beating heart? the loud noice it makes when you are frightened, the feeling that it's about to leave your chest? when your ears tingle and even your head starts to cloud, this was how Lazuli reacted to the weeping cat: total unaltered fear. Fear of dyeing and the unknown beyond.Weeping catType: low level magical beast (cub)Curios, almost harmless,Caution: it's howl will affect anything red aura and bellow.Loves sniffing blue periwinkle and sometimes it has been used to successfully tame weeping cat cubs. Not hungry but wants to play. As its a cub it's hunting skills are low, easy to kill with a blow to the head.The now familiar sensation of getting knowledge, as if her talent was trying to save her giving her a little push, a way to proceed, a path to life.Since it was a cub the power of its how was weak, the numbness will soon pa.s.s, the options available where to try to make an escape by running, in the forest, in the dark, to the unknown, from a native or stay and figure a way out.Her hand took a branch that broke below her when her cultivation deviated and waited, maybe the cat will leave her alone, but if it approches she may only have one chance.

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