System Supplier Chapter 1


System Supplier

System Supplier Chapter 1

This novel t.i.tle is System Supplier.

“Brother Yu! Tell us a story!”

In the northwest corner of the Green Parasol Academy, in the servant courtyard, a young man dressed in traditional clothing, about sixteen years old, sits on a stone bench under a tree. A group of young men in his age were gathered around him. 

The azure clothed young man, called Li Yu, has an unmistakable short hair that appears to be somewhat unique among his long-haired peers. 

“Brother Yu, tell us a story!” 

“Yeah! Yeah! The story you shared yesterday about the peculiar student Liang Shanbo, who dressed up as a woman to blend into the Court Ladies Academy, was excellent.” 

“Right! Right! The brave and invincible Great Sage Sun Wukong, with a rod that swept the world, fight Demons and G.o.ds, that story was also outstanding.” 


Li Yu sighed, and his face was full of helplessness, “I'm okay with telling the story to you all, as you are my brothers… But it's just that I'm not even done with the just yet!” 

“What? That's all? Then leave it to us!” 

“Yeah. That's right! Brother Yu, rest a.s.sured. Don't let these get to you. We'll help you.” 

His peers have already offered help for Li Yu. 

“This… are you sure?” 

Li Yu seemed a bit embarra.s.sed and bowed slightly. Of course, if someone carefully observed it, the somewhat upturned corner of the young man's lips completely exposed his inner thoughts. 

“We're all brothers, no need to hold back.” 

“Yeah. That is correct. Brother Yu, you have a weak const.i.tution, you don't have to do these heavy works. Leave it to us!” 

“Then I will take you up on your offer.” 

Li Yu cupped his fists, and with a smile, “Then, I will tell you one about a Women's Country, I am going to treat everyone with this story, you guys okay with this?”

“Hehe. Women's Country? Great!” 

The group of young men immediately showed enthusiasm and become much more motivated to finish the


After the group of young men left, Li Yu let out a long sigh. He was a sigh full of sentiments. 

“Something wrong must've happened when I crossed here!” 

Li Yu looked at his thin body with thin arms and legs and shook his head helplessly. 

“My age regressed. That's not acceptable. What have you done to me in such a tough world?” 

“When I went to the kitchen to do my job slaughtering the chickens, and I was knocked over by it. What kind of chicken is that? I couldn't even hold it properly. No wonder people called it hands-free chicken!”

“People were aware that the chicken was fierce. Everyone should be considering that being able to hold that one or two hundred pounds chicken as an achievement!” 

“If I'm not that powerless, why would I use these tricks and let them work for me!” 

Shaking his head helplessly, Li Yu took the teacup from the stone table in front of him and took a soft sip. 

“System, you have been starting for a few months already, when can you start?” 

Li Yu secretly felt disappointed in the heart.

“There isn't even one percent progress in the progress bar. Who designed this? It lacks common sense.” 

Yes, he had a System. 

Just after transmigrating, Li Yu fell to the ground, and he fell face-first to the ground. Then he was picked up by a servant retainer, Yin Kangming. 

Originally, When Yin Kangming met this kind of person lying on the side of the road, even when he was struck with a good conscience, it was kind enough to give some food and money. But Li Yu, whose body was really in a terrible state, piqued Yin Kangming's interest. 

He wanted to know why a person with a weak bone like a stalk, qi, and blood so fragile like a firefly light can still live till today? Thus, Yin Kangming brought Li Yu to the Green Parasol Academy's servant courtyard. And enlist him as an unofficial servant. 

Li Yu was disappointed knowing the reason for his difficult situation. 

“This body is normal, okay? It's you guys who were abnormal, understand? Small children like throwing stones, but the stones they throw weigh ten to twenty pounds, and each of them can throw it out by at least a dozen feet away, in my world, you'd be called a superhuman, okay?”

In the servant courtyard, Yin Kangming also tried to teach Li Yu some basic methods to train his body. Unfortunately, until now, more than two months have pa.s.sed, but there was no change to Li Yu's body whatsoever. 

Li Yu also did not understand why, as well. 

But the reason was because of this System! A little practice acc.u.mulated qi and blood, but this System immediately absorbed it.

Then a notification popped out, “System is starting …” in Li Yu's mind, and that's it. 

“It's been starting for a few months, when are you going to start!” 

Li Yu reached for his head and secretly sighed again. 

“Li Yu, stop slacking off!” 

A girl in a goose yellow long skirt suddenly appeared behind Li Yu. The tomboyish girl with a fierce personality, especially to Li Yu. 

“Ah, it's you, Yin Luo!” 

Li Yu turned to see the girl, then smiled and said h.e.l.lo. 

This girl was the servant courtyard governor, Yin Kangming's daughter, she just turned fourteen this year. Although still considered a tiny girl, but she was the fantasy of the twenty-seven young men of the entire servant courtyard. 

Okay, this does not include Li Yu. After experiencing the numerous visual impacts from his past life, Li Yu confirmed that he has no love for a washboard. 

“Li Yu, why are you so lazy? You have such a bad bone, qi and blood are so weak, if you don't practice, I dare say, you may die before you're thirty years old!” 

Yin Luo looked at Li Yu with a squint and seemed a little angry. 

Seeing that Li Yu was still acting indifferent, Yin Luo grunted with a “hmph” and tramped her feet, “boom…” 

The strength of her hard leg pushes the ground forming a big hole, followed by a sound “ding ding dang dang,” Li Yu's stone table was shaking. 

Okay, this is the reality. 

Li Yu looked at this seemingly weak girl and suddenly felt his toothache. 

This world is a world of cultivator, and two out of three babies who were born into this world would most likely be born capable of becoming a cultivator. A center of cultivation like the Green Parasol Academy was undoubtedly full of these superhuman individuals. 

“This feeling of being weak is frustrating! System, you start quickly!” 

Li Yu was crying in his heart. 


A jade bottle was thrown onto the stone table in front of Li Yu. 

“This is for you! Hurry up and take it!” 

Yin Luo's angry pretty face appeared again in front of Li Yu. 

“For me?” 

Li Yu reached out and picked up the jade bottle, uncovering the bottle cap, and immediately a wondrous fragrance a.s.saulted their senses. Li Yu felt so refreshed, and each of his cells became fit. 

“What is this?” 

Li Yu knew that the things inside this bottle were very rare. Also, Yin Kangming had forbidden Yin Lou to gave Li Yu this thing secretly. He was afraid that Yin Luo would be in trouble if her father knew. 

“Hey, I'm giving you this Origin Nurturing Blood Pill. Take medicine, and you will feel the strength in your body.” 

Yin Luo looked up at Li Yu's eyes and stared with a bit of concern. 

“Oh, that being said, your body is not strong enough, this medicinal pill is just an external supplement. For this medicinal pill to reach its full potential, you have to work hard. The rest depends on your willpower and effort. ” 

“Okay, if you say so.” 

Li Yu nodded, replied casually, reaching out and pouring out a medicinal pill from the bottle. He believed his body was normal, and he would reach thirty years old with no problem. 

“Will the system startup if I eat this medicine pill?” 

Looking at the pigeon sized medicinal pill in his hand, Li Yu laughed with mirth, and finally ate the pill and swallowed it.

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