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Sword God In DxD 8 Bloodline Cleansing, New Power, Joker

Ari- Lina? I thought you were asleep…Lin Is that really the first thing you say to me when I wake up?Ari- You had a very cute sleeping face.Lin I-Idiot… that's not what I meant...Lina's face turns tomato red at my teasing. But I know what I have to say to her though…Ari- Lina, Thank you. I would be dead if you weren't here.Lin Thats more like it, partner. So back to what i was saying you wont be a devil for too long as your Dragon G.o.d bloodline will purify weaker bloodlines.Ari- Ok, so what about the Evil piece inside of me?Lin...Ari- Lina?Lin Weeeeeelll, actually i don't know. This piece wasn't in the series so i don't really know about it. But what i do know is it's not similar to any normal evil piece. From what I can see evil pieces have the aura of the person who puts it in you. Yours doesn't have that.I ponder about what Lina says while rubbing Ophis' head. She makes a weird purr sound but i guess she likes it. We stay like this till she falls asleep and then I gently put her on my bed.Lin Oh yeah, before i forget i had to mess with your system a bit so it's currently being updated. But that's not what's important, let's test out your new power.Ari- New Power?---4 hours later---Right now a red glow could be seen in the night.Ari is right surrounded by a giant red rib cage with two arms.Ari- So this is the Susanoo. I should have watched Naruto this pretty cool.Lin Oh this is nothing. The Susanoo will get even bigger but I gave you a unique Susanoo. The only problem is usually Susanoo's get weapons but I forgot to add some… but that shouldn't be a problem we'll just have to make some.Ari- If i'm going to make a weapon it's going to need to be pretty big… guess i need to find some materials…----Next Day after school----Rias- Wait for a minute Aries-kun someone wants to meet you.Rias caught Ari walking in the halls after school.Ari- So? What does that have to do with me?Rias- Well it's about the evil piece inside of you and now that you're a part of my peerage…I tuned out everything else she said although I am interested in the chess piece. Ari- Whatever lets go…Arriving at the front door of the cla.s.sroom I spot a young man appearing in his early twenties, with light blue eyes and green hair that is slicked back. He turned to me with a look of excitement, like a child looking at a new toy.???- Oh? So this is the new Joker? I see you must have a really strong bloodline…Ari- Joker????- Ah! Where are my manners my name is Ajuka Beelzebub. I don't have much time as being a satan is a very busy task but to make a long story short your bloodline is a lot stronger than a low tier devil bloodline. The evil piece recognizes this and transforms your piece into a wild card. All it really means is that while not being a part of a peerage you can partic.i.p.ate in rating games for any peerage. h.e.l.l, if you wanted to you can switch sides mid game. There have been a few cases of this happening but not many people know about it as it's rare.
A little noise can be heard from his watch.Ajuk Well that's my time. I should really be heading back now.A magic circle envelops his feet and he disappears.He really came and gone but that's not really my concern. I look over at Rias and see that her eyes have lost a little light. While i do feel bad for her (Not really) it is true she saved my life so i do need to repay her somehow.Rias- Not in my peerage…Ari- Hey Rias although i'm not in your peerage i am thankful you saved so i will give you three favors of me usable at any time be grateful.Hmm? Did I just say something weird?Rias looks over at me shocked and despite sadness still embezzling her face a trace of joy could be seen as well but not giving her a chance to say anything else. I left the room.Walking down the hall wave of red tints my face.Ari- But f.u.c.k it really is humiliating that a Dragon G.o.d of War got killed so easily why am i so weak?Lin That's probably because you don't have G.o.d of War bloodline yet. Ari- G.o.d of War bloodline?Lin Yes i was waiting till you unlocked your mangekyou sharingan because you would be too weak otherwise. And would die taking the trial.Ari- So How do i get this bloodline.Lina we will talk about this later first we need to get materials to create your blade for susanoo.

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