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Sweetest In The Universe Chapter 8

In order to take revenge on Xie Yi for mocking him in front of his fans, Ye Bo, who'd fallen out of his King rank because he lost thirteen rounds in a row, now gave the rest of the YYg teammates a lot of information about the things that Xie Yi did when he was younger.

In fact, the relationship between the two wasn't as simple as what the LpL fans thought it was. They didn't just come from the same town; they practically grew up on the same street. They could be considered as best friends. Ye Bo had skipped cla.s.s with Xie Yi the first time Xie Yi had played League of Legends.

Later on, Xie Yi, like Ye Bo, considered playing LoL as a professional. And so it was Ye Bo, who had already been a professional gamer at the time, who helped persuade his parents.

"At first, he wanted to play as a Jungler too and even wanted to be better than me. But he had no other better skills than me except for controlling the characters a bit better. Fortunately, he realized that playing Jungler was the wrong decision and changed to playing AD. Otherwise, he'd still probably suck so much that he wouldn't even be here." Ye Bo said.

He was older than Xie Yi, and, of course, more prestigious. He also had a great relationship with Xie Yi, which was why he didn't consider anything before saying these words.

But the rest of the people at YYg didn't have the courage to do so. They were shivering, even just as an audience.

Zhou Tian, as the new teammate, wasn't an exception. After listening, she unconsciously looked in Xie Yi's direction and wanted to see his reaction.

But Xie Yi himself wasn't angry after hearing this. He even laughed: "Oh, so even you know that you're bad at controlling characters."

"I'm just a bit worse than you. Anyway, this bad b.i.t.c.h plays the game with strategies, with my brain. Players that only play with hand-speed will never understand." Ye Bo retorted.

"f.u.c.k off," Xie Yi probably realized that continuing to argue with this person would be childish, so he just waved his hand at his friend, while speaking with a tone even colder than his expression, "Don't bother me while I'm ranking."

"Who's bothering you?" Ye Bo thought that the statement was an injustice, "You can go rank or whatever. It's not like I'm going to stop you."

Xie Yi: "……"

He directly turned towards Zhou Tian: "Come."

Although Zhou Tian wanted to have a few more words with her idol, when she thought of the fact that she was the one that called Xie Yi and told him to come back, she decided that she couldn't refuse.

The good thing was that Ye Bo didn't mind anyway. He joked around with the others for a few more moments, then went downstairs to call a taxi back to the tSD base.

After he left, Zhou Tian and Xie Yi played duo ranking for almost four hours. Once again, they played to the latest time out of the entire team.

But staying up late did help them a lot. After playing duo ranking for many rounds, Zhou Tian felt conspicuously that she and Xie Yi were cooperating better and better. Sometimes, they didn't even need to communicate to figure out where the other person was and what they were about to do. Thus, they collaborated well and led the rest of the team to victory.

After a few days, not only did Zhou Tian manage to completely stabilize her new position of number four in the Korean server, Xie Yi's position was also able to come into the top twenty, and it looked like he had a good chance of getting into the top ten.

TL Note: i think this is like server ranking

In the brief break that she took to go back to her room and take a shower, Zhou Tian took out her phone and logged onto Wei Bo as a habit. This resulted in her, as she scrolled down the timeline, seeing a picture that was obviously taken recently in the YYg training room.

@tSD-Delphi: I crossed half of Shanghai to find someone for dinner, and that someone was too busy with ranking and told me to get out. This is ludicrous and makes me very angry. [Image]

Zhou Tian clicked onto the image and realized that Ye Bo took a live photo. It was actually taken when Xie Yi was waiting for the bureau to put him in a server and was telling Ye Bo to get out.

Because of this, the entire discussion section under this post became filled with Xie Yi's fans commenting, "Ahhhhhh!" since they usually never had the chance to hear Xie Yi say such a long sentence.

This was what the scene looked like—

@x.x.xX: Wow, Lord Prophet really does have a good relationship with Daddy Xie. This is the first time I heard Daddy Xie talk in this tone!

@x.x.x: This voice! This hand! This face! I'm going to die!! I really am going to die!!!

@x.x.xx.x.x: f.u.c.k, Daddy Xie's voice is soo s.e.xy! I think I've only put it on replay for just three hundred times or so… If I listen to it one more time, I think my ears are going to get pregnant.


@x.x.xXX: Well, the main thing is, wasn't Lord Prophet the one who crossed half of Shanghai just to find Daddy Xie for dinner?! My G.o.d, these two people, as friends, are really a bit too close!!!

@XX: I really ship them! Really, really! 

TL Note: Shipping is like a term when you support two people to be together

Zhou Tian recognized that a few of the accounts that had a lot of likes on their comments were ones that were commonly seen in Xie Yi's main page. So, she decided to look around in Xie Yi's main page too.

The result was that the people who were cursing her at noon were now cheering delightfully. Everyone was commently crazily about the photo that Ye Bo send and directly forgot about her.

Although she had a calm vibe while being insulted by Xie Yi's fans, it didn't mean that she felt good about being berated. Now that she saw that Xie Yi's fans temporarily forgot about her, she was finally able to relax a bit for the time being.

When she lied down on her bed, she hesitated for a moment, but still decided to thank Ye Bo, who'd unconsciously helped her get out of her awkward status.

Coincidentally, at two o'clock in the morning, Ye Bo wasn't asleep either. He not only replied after receiving her grat.i.tude, but also told her some unexpected news.

"Oh, to be honest, Ah Yi told me to post that. He said that he didn't expect that you'd be cursed at even more after he posted that message. He was afraid that your training would be affected and he regretted posting. But it wouldn't be okay just to recall it either, so he asked me if there was anything I could do to solve it."

TL's Note: Ah Yi is basically Xie Yi. People add Ah (阿) in front of others' names because they were close to them.

Zhou Tian had almost closed her eyes due to exhaustion, but after seeing his response, she became extremely cautious.

And Ye Bo, on the other side of the chat, continued his explanation.

"I didn't know what to do either, I didn't even understand why his fans were scolding you so crazily. So, I had a conversation with our tSD team's advertis.e.m.e.nt department. They normally spend a lot of their time studying the fan circles for their advertis.e.m.e.nts, and they said that the best thing that could be done at the moment was to direct the attention of Ah Yi's fans away. So, I thought for a while and decided to come over and have dinner with him."

At first, Ye Bo only wanted to just take a picture of the two of them having dinner. But after he followed Xie Yi into the YYg base, he thought that he could take a few more pictures and see if they'd be better. Then, he unintentionally took a live photo of Xie Yi talking. He felt as if it was much better than the previous photos.

The effect that occurred after he posted the picture was obviously much more amazing than he thought it would be.

After seeing this picture, Xie Yi's fans wouldn't think much more about who was on the cover of the advertis.e.m.e.nt video. Instead, they'd all come over to praise their "G.o.d!"

The startled Zhou Tian stared at the long explanation Ye Bo sent and didn't come back to reality until Ye Bo sent her a new message.

Ye Bo said: "Ah Yi is just cold on the outside, but truly, he's a very good person on the inside. The press just likes to make use of his anti-social personality. But he really isn't actually that cold, it's just that he cares too much about compet.i.tion results, so he doesn't really joke around on some issues. But then again, doesn't every single professional player care a lot about their compet.i.tion results? Right?"

Zhou Tian laid on her bed, bit her lip, then typed a short response— Mm, I know.

She could feel Xie Yi's obsession with winning ever since they first played duo rank together past midnight.

But just like what Ye Bo said, he was already playing the game for his career, so of course he wouldn't just play it for fun.

To all professional gamers, if you played the game, then you had to win.

Zhou Tian was glad to become his teammate when she became a professional gamer, because she realized Xie Yi had a strong desire to win. She was also a bit touched and delighted when she learned how he had helped her without her even knowing.

She opened her DM with Xie Yi because she wanted to thank him. But she couldn't think of any satisfying word choices, so at last, she ended up falling asleep with her phone still in her hands.

The next morning, when she was awoken by her alarm, she thought of the grat.i.tude message that she hadn't sent last night and immediately unlocked her phone to check on it, but was instead stunned by what she saw next.

She unconsciously pressed a lot of weird b.u.t.tons and even sent it to Xie Yi!

What's even worse was that Xie Yi hadn't fallen asleep yet and instead responded with question marks.

Zhou Tian: "…" Oh f.u.c.k, this is so embarra.s.sing. I really need to explain what happened when I'm downstairs later.

The duo left their bedrooms at around the same time and met on the same floor.

Zhou Tian had already thought of what she was going to say, yet when she actually saw Xie Yi in person, she was at a loss for words.

In the end, Xie Yi noticed her hesitating expression, which was different from before, and then frowned at her: "What do you want to say?"

Zhou Tian stared for a brief moment. Was her thinking really that obvious? But in the end, she still took a deep breath and nodded her head, then quickly explained about her midnight message.

"It's… It's just that I was too sleepy, and I didn't even know what I was pressing." She was standing beside the stairs and was trying to explain in a soft voice, so that she wouldn't wake up her other teammates.

"Yeah." He said, "Guessed that."

Zhou Tian scratched her head, then said: "I was originally going to thank you. Ye Bo already told me."

When Xie Yi heard the first half of the sentence, his facial expressions didn't change at all. But then when he heard her say that Ye Bo had already told her, he lifted his eyelids while frowning a little bit. He looked unhappy.

"So nosy," He said, then realized that his speech had probably made her mistake something. So, he then coughed before adding: "Not you, though."

Zhou Tian : "Um….."

She wanted to say "I know," but didn't get the chance to, because Xie Yi spoke first, even before she had said the "I."

"Go down and have breakfast,"

Zhou Tian: "….." Okay then, the universe was big, Earth was pretty big, but the game was the biggest. He really was the "most emotionless rank bot in the entire LoL professional gaming circle."

credits: sydney, hill, & katimu

yes good job hill, welcome to the team

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