Sweetest In The Universe Chapter 7


Sweetest In The Universe

Sweetest In The Universe Chapter 7

After one hour, the other teammates woke up, and also enjoyed watching the advertis.e.m.e.nt video that the LpL officials sent. However, the comments below were just a bit too complicated to be described. 

"To be honest, Xie ge, you shouldn't have reposted it," Yin Yuanxia said, after sincerely looking at the discussions on Wei Bo. "Now that you've reposted it, your fans will hate Yuzhou— I mean, Zhou Tian, even more.

TL Note: Again, to remind you, Wei Bo is a social media similar to Facebook and Twitter.

"Why?" The others didn't get the hidden logic there.

"Who'd like to be reb.u.t.ted by their idol?" Yin Yuanxia said while rolling his eyes, "Especially, the ones who felt sorry for Xie ge were mostly female fans. They were scolding Zhou Tian enthusiastically for a good reason. But now that Xie ge reposted, now they can't berate her, and are going to get mocked by other fans. Who would like that?”

TL Note: The reason it's a “good reason” is because Zhou Tian took the cover spot when it was originally supposed to be Xie Yi

Zhou Tian heard his honest and serious explanation about what the fans were thinking. He looked even more serious than when he was practicing in the simulation compet.i.tions. She, however, was both surprised and amazed.

But amazement still did not change the fact that she still did not get his logic, and so she kept on asking: "But why would they hate me more?"

"It is of course because Xie ge posted that to defend you!" Yin YuanXia told her, "Although his fans were a bit too enthusiastic, it's because they like him. They, of course, wouldn't hate him after being reb.u.t.ted. So instead, now they'll hate you more than ever. I just glanced at his hot-topic-discussions and saw someone theorizing that he was probably ordered by the team manager to repost it."

Zhou Tian: "…" The team must feel so unfair with this treatment.

w.a.n.g Ren, who was standing beside her, said her thoughts out loud for her: "That's so unfair, though. Who would dare to order Xie ge to do what he wouldn't want to do?"

"I know, right!" Yin YuanXia sighed, half lying down on his chair. He looked as if he was about to slip down any second.

"Alright, stop talking about random things," Xie Yi, who didn't share his thoughts until now, finally spoke. "Time for training."

Even the development of the eSports industry had to start from scratch. However, nowadays, all of the most famous and largest teams all had very detailed and completed daily schedules for training.

Old and compet.i.tive teams like YYg were basically role-models for the entire league. They had an entire a.n.a.lytics team that would use information from simulation compet.i.tions and pieces of training to properly a.n.a.lyze their data. Then, they would review and give feedback to the players.

In the past two days, they'd fought against two powerful teams from two different gaming districts without any rest.

Training was always the most important thing in YYg. So, everyone immediately turned their attention away from the official advertis.e.m.e.nt video and focused on training after Xie Yi spoke up.

Zhou Tian didn't dare to relax either. She immediately adjusted the height of her chair and focused on training.

But after hearing Yin Yuanxia's explanation, she felt curious about Xie Yi's fans' reactions.

So when they finished training, and the team was waiting for their late-night snacks, she took out her phone, logged on Wei Bo, and clicked into Xie Yi's account. 

A scenery of crying comments in the discussions section entered her sight—

@x.x.xX: Ge, if you've been kidnapped, then just signal for help!

@XX: *cries* Daddy Xie is such a good person. The officials don't want to be the good guys, but he still wants to keep people from complaining about the officials? Then here's a question. Can he get a pay raise?

@x.x.xx.x.x: Alright. So now that he's shown his opinion, then let's wait for the Yuan Yang Guo's summer compet.i.tion results. If this new and inexperienced Jungler is a team-drag, then I'll curse at her, no matter who she is.

TL's Note: Yuan Yang is a kind of mandarin duck? ‘Guo' means pot. Yuan Yang Pot is a kind of popular hot pot.

Yuan Yang Guo is a nickname for the YYg team. At first, it was only because YYg's, (Young Yaw Gaming), first two words' p.r.o.nunciation was very close to Yuan Yang, so some of their fans called them that way for a while.

Later, the old boss sold the team to a new boss. The new boss expensively supported the entire team, just so it could show his presence. He found a new person to re-design the logo. The designer came up with a good looking logo with black, white, and gray. But the new and rich boss thought that the three colors looked unlucky, so he told the designer to change it to gold and red.

And so, now YYg has a circular logo that really looked like Yuan Yang Guo. The nickname that people had come up with earlier, had now become more widely used.

Zhou Tian scrolled through the comments, intrigued, until w.a.n.g Ren came downstairs with the snacks and told them to come over and eat. Therefore, she had to put down her phone to join them.

"Look, it's the stone pot barbeque." w.a.n.g Ren declared with a loud voice, "I ordered Han ZiLiang's favorite ‘Grilled Flower with Pickled Peppers!'"

"Is there MeiMao meat in it? It's very delicious!"

TL's Note: MeiMao meat is a kind of meat on a pig's shoulder that's very popular in China. For more information, search it up. ?

"Yeah, of course. It's enough for everyone to get ten."

Zhou Tian had a bad feeling when they were unwrapping the takeout box. When Yin Yuanxia turned around to hand her barbeque sticks, she knew that she was right after all. She couldn't eat the barbeque that w.a.n.g Ren ordered.

"…I can't eat this," She raised her hands, "I'm allergic to pepper."

"What? That's awful!" Her teams were surprised but empathetic, "Then, are you going to order something else?"

Zhou Tian thought about it, then told them that it was fine, and that she wasn't hungry anymore.

"Oh wait, where's Further?" She looked around and was a bit confused when she didn't see his familiar figure. He was still here when they were ordering take out!

"He went out to take a phone call," Yin Yuanxia answered while taking a bite of his barbeque, "He's probably having dinner with a friend. What, do you need him for something?"

"Oh, I was going to ask him if he still wants to play duo rank with me, tonight." Zhou Tian replied honestly.

"Then just call him," Yin Yuanxia said, then paused for a moment, as if he suddenly realized something, "Oh, wait, you don't have his number, do you?"

Zhou Tian: "…We only followed each other on Wei Bo. I don't have any other way to contact him."

Yin Yuanxia: "Come, come over here. I'll give you his number along with mine, Han's, and w.a.n.g Ren's."

After two minutes, Zhou Tian finally had all kinds of ways to contact everyone, and was pulled into a group chat that contained all of her YYg team members.

"Xie ge never looks at his cellphone when he eats. If you want to find him, then just call him," Yin Yuanxia told her, "That's the fastest way to reach him."

Zhou Tian nodded, then dialed his number without another thought.

Xie Yi picked up immediately: "h.e.l.lo? You are..?"

"I'm Zhou Tian!" Knowing that he didn't like people who were slow to get to the point, Zhou Tian quickly told him what she wanted to ask about, "I was going to ask you about whether we were still going to play duo ranking together tonight or not. Well, the others said that you're currently having dinner together with one of your friends."

After explaining, she heard another person's voice.

"Who is it? It can't be the insurance guy again, right?"

Zhou Tian: "…" Wait a moment, didn't this voice sound a bit familiar?

"Yes, we are." Xie Yi replied just as she was wondering, "I'm returning in half an hour or so."

"Oh okay, then I'll wait for you." She answered, after coming back to reality.

"I'll end the call," Similarly to as if they were having a face to face conversation, he was still speaking in very short and simple sentences.

But before he ended the call, Zhou Tian heard the familiar voice again.

"s.h.i.t, it's so hard for me to have and schedule a dinner with you, but now you only gave me half an hour. You're really so cold…"

She couldn't hear the last few words, but could still imagine the content.

Comparing it to this, she was still very curious about who was the person who accused Xie Yi of being cold. Why did he sound so familiar?

After half an hour, when Xie Yi brought back his leftovers and his friend, her question was finally answered.

It was actually Ye Bo?!

It wasn't Ye Bo's first time at the YYg base. He familiarly greeted Yin Yuanxia and the rest of the team as soon as he entered. The team wasn't surprised at his presence either.

Only Zhou Tian, as a true-hearted fan of Ye Bo, was shocked the moment she saw him enter the training room.

Ye Bo finished greeting the others, and then his eyes stopped on her. He looked at her for a long time and didn't move on.

"Aye, I'm finally meeting the real person," Ye Bo said at last, "I was very curious for the past few days, especially after watching that video today."

Zhou Tian wasn't able to respond to his last sentence, before Xie Yi responded first.

Xie Yi said: "So you used dinner as an excuse to come over?"

"…Didn't I pay for dinner?" Ye Bo couldn't resist but reply, "What more are you not satisfied with?"

Xie Yi gave him an expression that showed his lack of interest in talking to him, then turned around to face Zhou Tian: "This person kept on saying that he wanted to meet you, and came here without my invitation."

Zhou Tian: "!!!" G.o.d, am I dreaming?

Xie Yi: "If you don't want to meet him, then just ignore him."

"f.u.c.k, you're so annoying. I should've recorded what you said before, and let your fans hear." Ye Bo said, then nudged Xie Yi, signaling for him to step back. Then, Ye Bo stepped up and reached out his hand for Zhou Tian to shake, "Then, uh, I don't need to introduce myself, huh? I remember you saying in the interview that you started playing LoL because of me."

Although Zhou Tian did say that: at this moment, when she heard her idol repeat her words to her, she was still felt very embarra.s.sed.

Her face instantly reddened: "O-Oh, yeah, I even read your 'Beginner's Guide For Junglers,' and I learned a lot from it."

"Why are you so nervous?" Ye Bo laughed and waved his still outreached hand at her. "It's not like I'll eat you."

Zhou Tian finally came back to reality and reached her hand over to shake it.

Although Ye Bo had been famous for many years, in private, he was still a gentleman. When he noticed that she was still very nervous after shaking his hand, he started talking about the game with her.

Reality showed that this choice was very appropriate. To any professional gamer, the game itself was the best topic when it came to discussions.

"I saw you playing with Qin Tongying before, and you played very well, with good strategies and good controlling. Also, that Sword Demon you played with a few days ago…" After chatting about the current version of Jungler heroes, Ye Bo praised her, "I look forward to seeing your performance in the summer compet.i.tion!"

TL Note: Qin Tongying is a kind of Jungler hero. For more information, go find your best friend: Google.

"To be honest, the equipment and the costumes I put on Qin Tongying was a copy of yours." Zhou Tian finally relaxed a bit and explained while scratching her head, "Before, I never thought that there was a possibility that it'd be good, but later, I found that it was actually very helpful, after trying it for a few rounds."

"That's because you have good understanding and good controlling skills, just like me." Ye Bo didn't forget to praise himself while praising her, "Average players can't do it even after watching me use it. They wouldn't have this type of effect, and would only end up dragging their teammates behind."

Zhou Tian, who was praised by her idol, was ecstatic and couldn't resist the urge to smile.

Xie Yi, who was standing beside them, couldn't stand it anymore and interrupted: "Stop it, she's already number four in the Korean server What about you?"

Ye Bo: "…"

Xie Yi continued to coldly mock his friend: "You lost thirteen games in a row when you played solo rank, and now you've dropped out of your King rank again."

TL Note: king is a kind of rank you can achieve in LoL at a certain amount of wins. its probably a rather high rank too

credits: sydney & katimu

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