Sweet Wife in My Arms Chapter 647 - The Hanging Woman


Sweet Wife in My Arms

Sweet Wife in My Arms Chapter 647 - The Hanging Woman

“Sit,” said Old Master Lu. Is he going to make me say it the third time?

However, Su Qingdong still did not dare to sit down. He was afraid that the Old Master Lu would say that he had no manners if he sat down.

“Sit,” Old Master Lu exclaimed with the urge to hit the table.

“Do you think that I have strong bones hence, you want me to look up at you?”

Su Qingdong hurriedly sat down.

“Say it,” Old Master Lu uttered while he was still holding onto his pot. Every day, he mourned for his seven broken cups.

“Old Master Lu, the thing is……”

Su Qingdong started telling Old Master Lu the reason for his visit.

After listening, Old Master Lu understood right away as it was said in a straightforward manner. He would be an idiot if he did not understand.

“It is truly a blessing to Lu Qin that the Su family took a liking to him.” Yes, it was indeed a blessing. According to the ancient rules, Su Muran who was the young madam of the Su family had married herself down to Lu Qin who was b*stardy.

“That’s because Lu Qin is outstanding. The Lu family’s children are all excellent, be it Lu Qin or Lu Yi.”

Old Master Lu felt that Su Qingdong was b.u.t.tering him and he did not like it at all. He was just being a hypocrite.

“What do you think, Old Master Lu?” Su Qingdong asked the Old Master Lu, hoping to get his approval.

“Do as you please,” Old Master Lu replied with no intention to refuse. Lu Qin could never get a better marriage arrangement than this one. Moreover, the second son’s family never had good backing. With the support of the Su family, hopefully, the second daughter-in-law could possibly stop messing around.

They were a family, but now they were drawing clear lines between themselves. The eldest son and the second son. He had never thought of pulling the two families together, but they should at least not be like enemies. Well, they were enemies now.

Just let the second son’s family have some backing or else the second daughter-in-law would mess around all day.

However, he seemed to have forgotten that the Su and Ye family never got along with each other well. If the second son’s family really had relations with the Su family, it might worsen their relationship. The situation would be even worse and in the end, everything would be turned upside down till one party collapsed.

Su Qingdong was, of course, relaxed and overwhelmed with joy due to Old Master Lu’s approval. He did not have to worry about anything else other than getting Lu Yuanyang’s approval. With regard to Qin Xiaoyue, she would not disapprove. She would willingly accept Su Muran into the family. She would even agree if Lu Qin had to follow the Su family’s name after marriage.

Lu Qin knew it was the right time when he heard the news from Su Qingdong. After discussing with Su Muran, he spread the news.

The whole internet was all about the flood now, but they chose to announce their wedding at this time. They were trying to gain popularity or fortune to the family through this calamity.

“Whack,” Lei Qingyi threw the newspaper to the floor.

“How could this family be so shameless?”

Yi Ling picked up the newspaper from the table with a hint of redness in her eyes. With just a glance, she crumpled the newspaper and said, “Can’t they wait?”

Lei Qingyi moved his lips and wanted to say something, but could not bring himself to let out the words in his mouth.

Lu Qin was going after the fortune of the Lu family. By announcing the news now, he was trying to settle this before anything happened to Lu Yi. Hence, n.o.body would criticize him within these few years. Su Muran was a woman with high standards, she would never fall in love with Lu Qin. Hence without any doubt, she was going after the Lu family’s wealth.

He had a headache now. If something really happened to Lu Yi, Lu Qin that garbage would definitely go after the Lu family’s fortune, maybe even Linlang.

Thinking of Linlang, Lei Qingyi looked down and laid his hand on Yi Ling’s shoulder. Then, he heaved a sigh of relief. “Yan Huan has worked hard in supporting Linlang. It can never fall into Lu Qin’s hand no matter what he is plotting.”

Yi Ling was the other owner of Linlang besides Yan Huan. Worst comes to worst, at least they were still around if the eldest aunt could no longer live in the Lu family since the Lu family was now under the coercion of Lu Qin.

He really could not believe that Lu Yi and Yan Huan were gone.

However, the truth was that they had already gone missing for a day. Leaving everything aside, no one could survive without eating and drinking in a day. The water was so cold that it would be impossible for humans to stay alive. Not to say a day, even a few seconds could lead to death.

The Sea City had the highest flood flow since the day of the deluge, but nothing was broken besides a guardrail. Apart from certain areas of the Sea City, the flood had destroyed most of the farms and houses. There were still many people who got injured and went missing.

It was a blessing in disguise to the Sea City as there were still no casualties due to proper care and handling. The flood was also slowly starting to retreat.

One centimeter, two centimeters, half a meter, a meter.

The entire Sea River was back in peace, just like how it used to be, peaceful and quiet.

“There’s someone there!” All of a sudden, somebody shouted. Then, an unkempt woman who was tied to a telegraph pole appeared when the Sea River revealed its original look.

n.o.body knew how long had this woman been immersed in the water. Meanwhile, her head was hanging down as if she was dead. Her arms were wrapped in cloths and a male belt was tightly tied to her waist, almost fixing her to the pole. If it were not for the belt and her hands being tied, she could have been flushed away by the flood.

At that time, her hair, body, and clothes were covered in sand. She had even lost her shoes. Both her bare feet were puffy as it had been immersed in the water for a long time. She looked like a ragged doll hanging there.

The fire brigade and ambulance arrived in no time.

“What did you say, a woman tied to a pole?” Lei Qingyi stood up with the phone in his hand. He then clenched the phone so hard that it was unable to be controlled or understood.

“Her hands and legs were tied. Her waist was also tightly tied to the pole with a male belt?”

“Yes, sir. That’s her condition. She has been sent to the hospital. Even though she’s still alive, her breathing is very weak.”

Which hospital? Lei QIngyi licked his dry lips. He was suddenly feeling parched and his tongue was scorching.

A woman was tied to a pole in the flood.

n.o.body was capable of doing this except Lu Yi. He could not f.u.c.king think of anybody else.

He was about to leave when the person over the phone told him the exact location, but he thought of something.

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