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Surviving In My Novel Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: 50
'Sooo . . . this is what a big city looks like in real life . ' Simon thought as he walked through the modern architecture of the Reaper town . 'In all honesty, Reaper town is more of a city than an actual town . It's funny, everything is different when you see it in person, even if I thought up all of this . ''But d**n, it's so boring . What should I even do here? The system and Xander still haven't come back, and I am just here wondering what I should do in the meantime . ''Actually, when I think about it, the year is 12444 . I did write the start of my novel in 12454 . . . To be honest, the events also cover 10 years back, including what's happening today . ''I've been doing to much f***ing training . I've barely even considered the actual year and time before the story starts . But, meh . It might just be that I have to wait a couple more years until Xander shows up again and starts talking . Maybe the system will naturally come back to accompany me? Who knows?'Simon continued walking through the thick crowd of commoners, until he finally reached an ornate-looking clothing shop . With black marble walls and clear gla.s.s, the store looked simple yet beautifully well chiselled; enough for a demon to just stop and admire . After entering through an open door, Simon was greeted by a devil in his Middle Ages, possessing a pair of blue blesbok horns . "Greetings, young knight . " The man cheerfully greeted as he usher Simon into the shop . A thing peculiar thing to note is that the devil's horns weren't exactly what a typical blesbok would possess, instead, it seemed that the horns had been chiselled to form charter points . This gave an atmosphere of refinement and 'sharpness' . "Fufu . . . you have good eyes . " Simon said as his white paste disappeared, revealing his grey horns .
"I have an eye for such things, and it also seems you are rather young . Perhaps not even old enough to be considered an adult . " The man warmly spoke as he guided Simon into the silent setting of the shop . "This shop is known as 'Black Circle', we only handle a single customer at a time, and pride ourselves in our private and homely customer service . Every once in a while, a homeless devil may come here just for a chat . They always leave with a smile . " The man continued . "Do you know why?"Simon listened intently and knew exactly what this opening speech meant . It is a test, a test for a potential customer . This shop isn't just a normal shop after all . This is Simon's favourite establishment from his novel . And that didn't change when he arrived in this world . It more homely than home for starters . 'This is more of a test than a simple question . '"Because there are no homeless devils, the ones that come in are but disguised demons . You leave their mouths st.i.tched together with a smile as you send them to the custodians . " Simon laughed .
"And that is why this store is named the Smiling Needle . " Simon finished with a grin . "CORRECT!"
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"I am indeed impressed, little customer . I see your ears are refined and your senses are keen . That is what I love in youth . It is quite laughable though, we don't mind the odd homeless demon, but we still are disgusted at those that steal the devil ident.i.ty . It is a rather terrible sin . " The man warmly declared . "You have pa.s.sed the test . I will now guide you into the Needle's den . Also . . . while we are at it, I shall greet you with my devil name . ""I am"'Nidal Tuskan . '"Nidal Tuskan . ""Here is your valued customer badge . " Nidal smiled as he handed a black metal badge to Simon . "This will allow you to enter my shop even when I am not here . In any case, an employee of mine will guide you and help you pick out your favoured piece . ""Thank you, Tested Senior . " Simon respectfully responded . "No need, no need . You are a valued customer . " Nidal said as he opened a hidden door in the wall using his devil magic .
"You probably have never seen this before . This is devil magic, magic that becomes stronger as a devil Gains tiers in their horns . My magic is rather laughable compared to the Viclars and so on . " Nidal explained . 'Hmmm . . . I didn't write about that, it was a revision from the system . I honestly didn't like this revision since it complicates things, but it's rather interesting . ' Simon noted . "Thank you, please guide me . ""As I will . This room is my master embroidery room . I create the finest of wear here . "Pointing towards another door, Nidal smiled . "And this here is my headwear room . It is only for customers that I deem to be fit for it . Say . . . I think you qualify . ""Why don't we sort out your primary attire first, and then we can move onto the more special business . ""As you recommend . " Simon answered . "Very well!" Nidal exclaimed as a mirror appeared out of nowhere . Instantly, the mirror blinked in front of Simon, resting 2 meters away from him . "Also, each set of attire comes at a flat rate of 100 blood coins . It is quite affordable and definitely cannot be beaten in quality across the devil world . But for you, you get a one time 'freebie' because I say so . " Nidal joyfully explained as a set of golden needles started to levitate around a pile of fabrics and silk-like thread . "I see from your eyes . . . orange eyes of complex intensity . . . that you desire something that spells 'I am not to be trifle with!' I rather like this, it means you will survive as a young n.o.ble . ""I will create a set of attire according to what I see in you now, it will only take a few minutes . And don't worry about measurements, I have been in business for an entire century . "***Author: I say . . . I rather enjoyed writing this chapter . It feels . . . different . Cheers . Also, if you aren't reading on Webnovel . com, then you are reading on a pirate site . Please don't continue if you are reading on a pirate site . Filing a DMCA takedown notice is really annoying you know?Cheers . . . again .

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