Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually-?! Chapter 12


Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually-?!

Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually-?! Chapter 12

translator: xiin
editor: juurensha

Wu Jin was waiting outside the room. As soon as he heard the door open, he instantly snapped to attention.

His little eyes sparkled and glowed, "Big brother--"

Wu Jin's voice stopped abruptly. He stared, dazed, inside the room.

Wei Shi had obviously just taken a bath. His features deep and icy, and he only had a white towel wrapped around his waist. The cold contours of his naked upper body were submerged in shadows, his shoulders wide, waist lean. The curves of his eight pack seemed carved into his abdomen, and aged knife and bullet wound scars were scattered across his chest and right arm.

Steam poured out of the room as the door opened.

Wu Jin suddenly thought of his teammates's earlier words--

Attractive and good at fighting.

Wei Shi carried the little rabbit spirit inside and raised his eyebrows to signal him to start talking.

Wu Jin was well-behaved and honest, "The South Tower is closed now…"

The redhead who was to one side slapped his thigh, "Hey! What time is it now, Brother Wei, quickly go to bed…"

Wei Shi's line of sight swept down, his eyes glanced over at the redhead, and the redhead immediately jolted upright, shrinking to the side to push himself into the corner.

Wu Jin stretched out his head and peered inside, full of the curiosity of small animals, "Big brother! I just came over to squeeze in! I won't take up s.p.a.ce…"

For some reason, the redhead sent Wu Jin an admiring look at this.

Just then, the terminal on the coffee table suddenly rang out.

While Wu Jin watched on, wide-eyed, Wei Shi tossed aside the bath towel, revealing a figure that was almost completely naked but for the pure black underwear over his crotch. He casually pulled on a robe and picked up the terminal before turning back to glance at Wu Jin, "Wait here."

Wu Jin nodded repeatedly.

Wei Shi took the terminal to the terrace, and the redhead beside him finally came back to life, jumping and bouncing around everywhere. He swiftly packed up his things while saying earnestly to Wu Jin, "I'm going to live next door. Ah, don't sit on the chairs, that dust is left over from last season. The bed's already made, the right side, yes, the bed on the right side. Alright, everything's ready! See you tomorrow…"

The small room soon fell quiet.

Only then did Wu Jin take note of the furnishings in the room.

North Tower 201 and Wu Jin's dormitory room faced two completely different directions. It had all the necessary facilities, and apart from the bathroom, everything else was all in one room, with two beds set against the wall furthest away from him.

Through the dim light afforded by the window, an unfinished reality show arena could be seen. It was rumored to be for the second or third elimination round of this season's Crosson Show.

On the terrace, Wei Shi was communicating with someone on the other end of the terminal. It was mostly the other side giving a report, with Wei Shi only occasionally grunting in reply, his voice deep and smooth.

While listening to it, Wu Jin could no longer keep his eyes from losing focus and turning misty with drowsiness. His body slid down in compliance with his will, flattening itself on the bed.

The pillow carried a very comforting masculine ** scent, mixed in with a familiar flavor.

Wu Jin thought to himself, the redhead was such a good person! He even offered him his own bed…

The pillow was uneven and b.u.mpy on one side. Wu Jin could feel his forehead pressing down against something.

He turned over, his hand slowly shifting to grope under the pillow and finally pulling out an ice cold object--his sleepy eyes quickly grew huge.

… Gun.

…… Gun, ahhhhhh!!

It was stated clearly on the Crosson Show show that guns were only allowed during matches and training, and that players were strictly required to comply with Federal laws and regulations.

Wu Jin stared in consternation at that ** and was just preparing to stuff it back in when the door leading out to the terrace opened from the outside.

Wu Jin was shocked back into full alertness and stuttered, "Big brother, on my bed, there's a, a, a…"

Wei Shi glanced over, "That's my bed."

Wu Jin froze. He looked, and sure enough, Wei Shi's player number was on the bed-post. He jumped up and flitted about in a panic.

Wei Shi crossed his arms over his chest and watched. The originally flattened sheets were wrinkled in several places, and Wu Jin had wrapped himself up in the quilt. Contestant Wu clearly hadn't bathed yet, and he could smell the fragrant, milky rabbit scent even from the bathroom door.

He was quite capable of building a nest. Wei Shi tsked, then spoke up, "Enough, just sleep there."

After speaking, he walked over to the bedside and gestured to Wu Jin, "Hand."

Wu Jin blankly stretched out his hand.

Immediately afterwards--his index finger was clasped by two calloused fingers, his palm filled with a searing heat, and the Browning gun that he had pulled out unconsciously fell into Wei Shi's hands.

The man's movements were skilled and practiced as he proceeded to smoothly pull out a miniature revolver from under the sheets and a tiger claw knife from the corner near the bedpost.

"Feet." Wei Shi gave another order.

The faint moonlight streamed in through the window. Wu Jin reacted, and two pale, tender feet quickly retracted back into the quilt.

Wei Shi stuffed Wu Jin a little further in, then lifted up the spring mattress. Wu Jin was bundled up and rolled back as he pulled out an intact particle gun.

Wu Jin was so shocked his mouth almost dropped open--He had no doubts at all that Wei Shi could storm the entire reality show base by himself…

Finally, he couldn't help but ask, “Big brother, these guns…”

Wei Shi asked very casually, "What guns?"

After the lights were turned off, the darkened dormitory room was quiet and peaceful, and there was no sign of the big boss's a.r.s.enal from two minutes ago.

Wu Jin immediately realized, "Nothing! I was mistaken…"

--And then, he watched as the big boss once again used contraband to set up a line of fire.

Wu Jin's eyes were wide open as he thought to himself, it wasn't like he was blind…

When Wei Shi turned back, the corner of his lips seemed to have raised slightly, "Sleep."

In the darkness, Wu Jin's eyes were darting everywhere, seeming a little excited when they landed on Wei Shi, yet not daring to speak up out of the blue.

The note from earlier flashed across his mind amidst his chaotic thoughts.

Big boss had brought that redhead over. Big boss seemed to have a lot of little followers… It looked like he would have a lot of compet.i.tion!

Big boss was hiding his strength, and big boss's champagne--

Wu Jin nearly opened his mouth to speak up several times but finally swallowed his words back down.

He also didn't know if the big boss had fallen asleep or not.

In the darkened North Tower room, a pair of amber eyes brightened, then dimmed, then brightened again. It went back and forth like this for a long time before finally slipping shut, his breathing evening out and turning quiet.

Three hours later.

In the darkness, Wei Shi suddenly opened his eyes. His dark, light-absorbing pupils carried no trace of emotion, and his right hand locked around the complex Browning's trigger in a flash.

Within the trainee dormitory, the low-hanging curtain left him momentarily unable to distinguish dreams from reality.

Wei Shi's eyebrows twisted in distaste. He reached out and came up empty before remembering that he hadn't brought the cat.

He sensed something and looked across the room--

The small, north-facing window was half open, letting in the gentle summer breeze. There was a slight stir from nearby, and the sounds of Wu Jin's shallow and slow breathing quietly rose and fell.

The cat wasn't enough; the rabbit spirit was a barely acceptable alternative.

After listening for a long time, Wei Shi's heartbeat finally relaxed and returned to normal.

Wu Jin slept very well.

When he woke up, the sky had just begun to brighten, but the bed opposite was already empty.

Wu Jin hurriedly climbed out of bed. There was a set of toiletries left in the bathroom; the other set had already been opened up and was set neatly to the side. Not even a single drop of water could be seen.

Before leaving, Wu Jin carefully folded up the quilt, stuffing the note that he had used to knock on the door yesterday back into his pocket.

The training schedule for the day was plastered all over the display area in the downstairs area beneath the twin towers.

Wu Jin was nibbling on his breakfast while using the map to find the entrance to the cla.s.sroom when a blonde man walked over from the distance.

"Little Witch!" Caesar clapped Wu Jin on the shoulder. He looked very obviously satiated.

"……" Wu Jin stared fixedly at this person who was the culprit behind his homelessness.

"Where did you sleep last night?" Caesar was very curiously, "It can't be the one who sent you the champagne… Ah, I'm joking, joking!"

Wu Jin froze, "……"

Caesar slowly swaggered past him, obviously in high spirits as he reminisced about last night, "Anyway, you might even have gotten the better part of the bargain if you had gone, that body…"

Wu Jin froze again, "……"

Caesar finally moved away from the topic. He glanced at the agenda and was about to open his mouth again when he was suddenly interrupted.

Zoe was smiling broadly as he walked over, greeting Wu Jin with a mild, "Little Witch, that advertis.e.m.e.nt was pretty good."

Wu Jin suddenly recalled the bunny pile advertis.e.m.e.nt from last night, "Brother Zoe, where did you see…"

Zoe was startled, "You don't know? It went out last night along with the replay of the evaluation match--the platform's traffic levels almost exploded."

Juurensha: …so Little Witch is basically like Wei Shi's emotional support pet right now?

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