Supreme Lord Chapter 1


Supreme Lord

Supreme Lord Chapter 1

At the end of the Near Ancient Era, the Tribulation of Heavens descended, and countless immortals and devils fell one after another, all of them buried in this tribulation.

Back then, not only the Heavenly World was thrown into chaos, but even the 3,000 mortal worlds were affected to varying degrees, and many places became barren.

Although many years had pa.s.sed since the Tribulation of Heavens, and the spiritual energy between heaven and earth had gradually recovered, even now there were some places that were still barren, and Bloodflame Ridge, which was located in the northwestern territory of the mortal world Bluesky was one of them.

Actually, the Bloodflame Ridge had another name, which was the Emperor Burial Ridge. Legend had it that at the time of the Tribulation of Heavens, the legendary Underworld Emperor, whose power shook the immortals and devils of the latter part of the Near Ancient Era had died here.

Of course, the reason why legends were legends was due to the fact that no one had ever seen them with their own eyes, and naturally, no one took them seriously. After all, over the years, it was rumored that the Underworld Emperor was buried in numerous places.

Bloodflame Ridge was a ma.s.sive barren mountain, with mud, swamps, and valleys, but in the center of it was a completely desolate desert.

At noon, under the rays of the scorching sun, the desert shone like grains of gold.

All of a sudden, a dark purple flame inexplicably appeared in the middle of the desert. It was very weak at the beginning, but it didn't take long for it to soar to greater heights, and the fire spread around the surroundings, turning the desert into a raging sea of dark purple fire very quickly.

After an unknown amount of time, the dark purple fire gradually faded, getting weaker and weaker, until it was strangely extinguished. 

The desert was still as desolate as it was before, but somewhere along the way, a person had appeared in the middle of the desert.

It was a young man around 20 years old, who looked a little beaten down, with disheveled hair, tattered clothes, and was completely covered in blood as if he had just been through a life-and-death battle.

He lay quietly in the desert with faint purple flames burning all over on his body. Those flames seemed like mysterious runes and under the scorching sun, they were swaying, blurring, twisting until they were finally extinguished.

As the purple flames similar to mysterious runes were extinguished one by one, the young man's fingers moved slightly, and then his eyes gradually opened. Possibly because he had been unconscious for too long, he seemed sensitive about the blistering sunlight, and right after he opened his eyes, he closed them immediately.  

After a very long time, he slowly opened his eyes again. Currently, his very serene eyes that seemed like an abyss were full of confusion, "Alive… I'm still alive…"

The young man's name was Gu Qingfeng, known as Underworld Emperor in the world. Right now he appeared a little weak and confused. As he shook his head and looked up at the sky, his pale face was full of confusion and uncertainty.

“Why am I still alive? Has the Tribulation of Heavens ended? "

Closing his eyes, all that had happened in the Tribulation of Heavens was still vividly inscribed in his mind. The sky collapsed, the earth split apart, the sun and moon disappeared, and at the same time, the Heavenly Dao handed down countless judgments, punishing all the sins in the world.

As someone who had beheaded many immortals, slaughtered many devils, successively conquered the thrones of immortals and devils and controlled the Underworld, Gu Qingfeng had long been labeled as evil and was also one of the most important targets that had to be punished by the Heavenly Dao.

The Tribulation of Heaven happened right when the Heavenly Dao's judgment had descended. Gu Qingfeng had his Grand Dao foundation destroyed, his immortal and devil thrones seized from him, his Underworld throne shattered and his cultivation base destroyed. 

All cultivation achievements from his entire life were completely obliterated by the punishment of the Heavenly Dao. In his vague memory, only his mortal body had remained to be punished. So, why was he alive?

Heavenly Dao taking pity on him and sparing his life was an absolutely impossible matter. The Grand Dao was ruthless, and Heavenly Dao was the most ruthless. Even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn't believe that it showed him mercy.

So why was he still alive?

During his moment of confusion, Gu Qingfeng unconsciously saw a piece of bone jade hanging around his neck. This piece of jade seemed to be the size of a thumb and looked more like a piece of ancient wood and a bone than it looked like jade.

He found this thing in an ancient Buddhist vestige and had worn it ever since. When the  Tribulation of Heavens descended and Heavenly Dao started its judgment, all his powerful magic treasures were destroyed and only this Nirvana Bone Jade had survived.

"Nirvana Bone Jade…It was definitely this. Only this thing could've saved me."

Gu Qingfeng had studied this Nirvana Bone Jade for a lifetime and yet couldn't find out what it actually was. However, he was already disinclined to think about why he was still alive or whether the Nirvana Bone Jade truly saved him or not.

Looking at the surrounding desert and the scorching sun hanging in the sky, he knew that he had escaped that terrifying Tribulation of Heavens, "It ended… the tribulation ended."

Gu Qingfeng slowly stood up and sighed helplessly, "I've fought against humans, immortals, devils, the future and the past, but in the end, I couldn't fight against the Heaven."

This was his greatest feeling after the Tribulation of Heavens. A somewhat complex expression appeared on his cold face and muttered, “It doesn't matter, it's alright since I've survived. As long as I'm alive, there's hope."

As long as he was alive, there was hope. He could regain his cultivation base, establish his Grand Dao foundation once again, conquer the immortal and devil thrones one more time, and could recapture completely everything.

Gu Qingfeng had never been afraid. If he was, he would not have gone against Heaven to conquer the immortal and devil thrones, not to mention becoming the Underworld Emperor, which had always been regarded as a thorn in the Heavenly Dao's eyes.

Looking at the scorching sun in the sky, he smiled contemptuously, "Haha, Heavenly Dao… Even if you took away everything I had and beat me back to my mortal body, there will be one day when I will come back and take back ten times what you have stolen away. “

He did not know how long had pa.s.sed since the Tribulation of Heavens, neither did he know where he currently was. He took a deep breath and took his leave, and after pa.s.sing through the desert, he arrived at a barren mountain.

The environment of this place was very bad. Not to mention the spiritual energy, but even the air was very dirty, and there were ferocious beasts everywhere. 

Fortunately, Gu Qingfeng's body had been tempered by the Underworld's ancestral fire, and every one of his strands of hair, skin, bones, meridians, and even internal organs were extremely extraordinary.

Even though his cultivation base had been completely shattered by the Heavenly Dao's judgment, with his physical strength alone, he could destroy an entire mountain with just one punch. Unfortunately, despite all of his strength, he could only use his two legs to walk. 

With his cultivation base shattered, he did not have an ounce of spiritual force inside his body and couldn't even use a simple movement skill, much less manipulating the wind to fly.

Most importantly, he had just awakened and his soul and spirit were extremely weak and tired. He must first find a place full of spiritual energy that would allow him to recuperate for a while.

He walked aimlessly in this completely barren place, but the more he walked, the more familiar he felt with this place. Some unknown reason told him he was familiar with this region.

"This isn't Bloodflame Ridge, is it?"

Bloodflame Ridge was the place where Gu Qingfeng cultivated in his younger days and was also the place where he matured and where he first became famous in this world. It could be said that Bloodflame Ridge carried all the memories of his adolescent years in cultivation.

Recalling carefully what happened in the Tribulation of Heavens and how miserable he was under the Heavenly Dao's punishment, he left the Heavenly World and hurried back to his hometown in the Bluesky World. 

At that time, he thought that even if he died, he would die to his hometown, in the place where everything began. Bloodflame Ridge was the place where he was born, grew up, and even set foot on the cultivation road.

Thinking of this, Gu Qingfeng's heart began to thump and he murmured, “I remember, this is really Bloodflame Ridge.” Looking at the barren mountain region, he felt very complicated because he didn't know whether the Bloodflame Ridge was destroyed in the Tribulation of Heavens or not.

With a sigh, he continued walking until he arrived at the foot of the mountain, and to his surprise discovered a huge cemetery. The cemetery was open and looked simple and dilapidated. 

Some of the buildings seemed to be broken and many people went in and out of the cemetery and came to a stone tablet in the middle of the cemetery as if they were worshipping something.

The stone tablet was very high and as majestic as a mountain peak, and there was a poem carved on it.

Gu Tianlang, the genius of a generation,

Shocked everything under the Bloodflame Ridge,

Buried immortals on the Mad Devil Road,

Proudly laughing, the Bloodheaven shook the world,

One song to punish the world to death,

Henceforth, there shall be no Sovereign in the world.

When Gu Qingfeng walked into the cemetery and looked at the inscription on the stone tablet, he just froze on the spot, because Gu Tianlang was his real name, which he used when he was in the mortal world. Sovereign Bloodheaven was the t.i.tle he used after he had conquered the Immortal Dao's throne.

"Is this my own cemetery?"

Gu Qingfeng never thought that this was his own cemetery and he was so surprised that he could not speak for a very long time, and just stood there stupefied, looking at the stone tablet.

“I can't believe that after so many years have pa.s.sed, there are people in this mortal world that still remember the name Gu Tianlang.”

His cultivation road was extremely b.u.mpy, and he successively faced the punishment of the Immortal Dao, Devil Dao, and Heavenly Dao. It could be said every time he managed to get up, he would get knocked back down again. 

Gu Tianlang was his real name which he used when he cultivated in this mortal world during his young and crazy years that were both brilliant and dim. In his brilliant days, he would be laughing proudly in the world and everyone worshipped him, but in his dim days, he was as lowly as dust, and no one cared about him.

After ascending to the Heavenly World and leaving this mortal world, he decided to forget everything and changed his name and never used his real name again.

“In my younger days I've offended a lot of people and I faced the punishment of the Immortal Dao. I don't know who praised me so much and even built a cemetery like this for me in my hometown, Bloodflame Ridge.”

Standing next to the stone tablet, Gu Qingfeng looked at all the unfamiliar people who were coming and going. Some of them were praying, some were worshiping, and a few others were sighing in regret for some reason, and of course, many people were here just to visit this place.

Gu Qingfeng looked at it for a while until the conversation of two women caught his attention. 

One of them was beautiful and full of mature charm, dressed in a red dress, similar to a courtesan while the other one was a pet.i.te girl that looked about 18 or 19 years old, tall and exquisite, dressed in white military attire, looking extremely valiant. 

After entering the cemetery, the pet.i.te girl looked around and said with a hint of sadness, “Auntie, there seem to be fewer and fewer people who come to the cemetery to worship… A lot fewer than one month ago… “

The beautiful woman looked at people around the cemetery, sighed slightly, “It has been a hundred years since the tribulation pa.s.sed and the Near Ancient Era ended. In the world, geniuses are emerging one after the other, creating one legend after another. How many people still remember the eternal glory of Sovereign Bloodheaven from the past… “

“The youngsters from today are extremely arrogant. But if they have some qualifications, which one of them would not be arrogant and domineering? If they go out on their adventures and gain a little fame, they wish everyone in the world would know about it, and some ignorant young people even compare themselves with Sovereign Bloodheaven. That's ridiculous. “

Looking at the stone tablet, the beautiful woman's eyes were full of admiration and worship.

"Back then, how domineering was the Sovereign when he trampled on all the geniuses of the world on the Stairway to Heaven?"

"Back then, how majestic was the Sovereign when he barged into the Mountain of Demons by himself and pointed his sword at Demon Heishan?"

"Back then, how unrestrained was the Sovereign when he fought all alone against the experts from all the sects?"

"Back then, how overbearing was the Sovereign when he stood high in the clouds and sang, his power shaking the Immortal Dynasty?"

"Back then, how demented was the Sovereign when he stained the entire Wasteland with blood for his brothers?"

"Back then, how affectionate was the Sovereign when he split the sky with one sword for his women?"

“People who have not experienced that era simply cannot comprehend that Sovereign Bloodheaven was an existence that roused worship right down to the marrow of people."

“Auntie, you don't seem to have experienced that era either…”

“d.a.m.ned girl, I grew up listening to the legends of Sovereign Bloodheaven.”

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