Supernatural Clairvoyant Chapter 1


Supernatural Clairvoyant

Supernatural Clairvoyant Chapter 1

A lifeboat floated down the flood. Fang Shen sat there staring blankly with a sack in his hands.

He was struck by lightning when he collected Chinese medicinal herbs in a mountain. Although he survived a great disaster, he was almost blind.

After he managed to went downhill, an unprecedented flood submerged his village and burst the d.y.k.e. Luckily, he got on the last lifeboat directed by Mayor Su.

"What a bad luck!" Fang Shen patted the sack, "Luckily I still have these herbs, otherwise I don't have money for my sister's tuition fee."

Fang Shen stared blankly, but in others' eyes, he was ogling at the female mayor who stood in the bow of the boat to evacuate the villagers.

"Hey, b.a.s.t.a.r.d, stop staring at the Mayor. To speak plainly, you are not good enough for her. If you keep staring at her, I'm going to dig your eyeb.a.l.l.s out."

Wu Qiang, a strong bodyguard of the Mayor, widened his eyes and scolded Fang Shen.

The female secretary Li Li standing beside covered her mouth when she giggled, "Stop saying that, Wu Qiang. He is almost blind and unable to watch how Mayor Su is…"

Suddenly, the boat swayed violently. Fang Shen grabbed the side of the boat and looked to the river. A giant round wood smacked into the boat due to inertia.

Su Qingru standing in the bow staggered due to unsteady gravity and directly fell into the water.

No matter what a honorable status she had, the merciless flood swallowed her in an instant.

"Ah!" The secretary widened her eyes and covered her mouth as she yelled, "Mayor Su fell in the water. Help her!"

If something happened to the Mayor, all of them were sure to be punished.

Li Li was crazy, "Mayor Su doesn't wear the life jacket. Get down and save her!"

Several guards, headed by Wu Qiang, took a glance at the flood, looked at each other and stepped back.

It was a great credit to save the Mayor, but they were afraid they would lose their lives in the devastating flood.

After Li Li saw n.o.body was willing to save the Mayor, she turned to Fang Shen, "You are a strong peasant. I guess you are a good swimmer."

Fang Shen was about to say that he would not risk his life, but Li Li suddenly pushed him down to the water as if she was mad.

Fang Shen was caught off guard and fell into the flood.

"b.i.t.c.h!" Fang Shen cursed.

The next moment a wave washed Fang Shen to the bottom of the river.

The flood was muddy, yet Fang Shen saw a weak green light at a short distance from him.

He was attracted by the light as he exhausted his last strength to swim to the light.

When he got close to the light, he finally saw what it was.

It was Mayor Su! Her body was completely surrounded by a mysterious green light.

She always affected a superior air, but now she stopped struggling and floated in the water quietly.

Her body huddled like a bow and her hair rippled in the water, giving a sense of unique beauty.

Fang Shen swam to her, and then he held her and rose to the surface of the water.

After a few seconds, Fang Shen breathed the fresh air. He looked at Mayor Su in his arms, and the latter closed her eyes and had white lips.

Fang Shen stretched out a hand to feel her breath, but seldom felt it!

Fang Shen was attracted by the green light surrounded Mayor Su as if he saw water in the desert.

He pressed his lips on hers and felt her lips were so sweet and smooth.

He suppressed his feelings and gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

But Fang Shen was surprised to find that the green light surrounded Mayor Su converged to his eyes.

Meanwhile, he felt he was full of energy again.

"Is it because the green light can be absorbed by me and renew my strength?"

Mayor Su did not respond after several minutes.

'd.a.m.n it! What if she dies in my arms?' Fang Shen kept to himself.

Suddenly, a sharp pain came from his lips as Mayor Su woke up.

The first thing she did after she woke up was to bite Fang Shen heavily on the lips.

"Ouch! What are you doing? I saved your…" Before Fang Shen was able to finish his words, Mayor Su gave him a slap in the face. She spoke in a chilly voice, "Let me down!"

Fang Shen felt both wronged and angry, 'I saved your life, but you bit me and even slapped me!'

He loosened his arms, and Mayor immediately sank into the water.

"Ah!" Mayor Su screamed and held Fang Shen's neck unconsciously.

Fang Shen immediately felt two pieces of meat rubbing his chest.

He lowered his head and clearly saw Mayor Su's bra as her white shirt became transparent after getting wet.

More surprisingly, when they held each other closely, the green light moved to his eyes faster and his eyes felt hotter.

Fang Shen realized that the lightning somehow changed his eyes so that they could see the green light surrounded Mayor Su and even absorb it.

"Stop looking at me!" Su Qingru stared at Fang Shen coldly, and the coldness in her eyes could freeze the flood.

Fang Shen gave a wry smile and held Su Qingru's waist, "Let's go. Hold me tight."

Su Qingru had a lingering fear for the flood. She cast a complicated glance at Fang Shen and acquiesced his moves.

Fang Shen swam towards the boat with Su Qingru in one arm. He was energetic again, but he was unable to control their direction in the surging water. He could only float with the flood and got farther and farther away from the boat.

It drained his physical strength large when Fang Shen fought against the flood with Su Qingru in his arm. When he gradually felt exhausted, a floating board dashed against them heavily.


The board was smashed into pieces, and they were knocked apart and sank to the bottom of the river. Fang Shen searched around and saw Su Qingru struggling in the water not far away, blood welling from a gash in her body. The green light flowed out from her body with the blood rapidly.

Fang Shen directly swam to her and grabbed her. Su Qingru held his neck tightly as if it was a life-saving straw. She hung on his body like an octopus.

Fang Shen had no time to feel the soft body as he saw the green light pouring in his eyes at a crazy speed. He felt rehabilitated again and his eyes were extremely hot as if they were burning.

Suddenly, everything in the front was clear to Fang Shen. He was pleased and surprised to find he was able to clearly see the fishes, floating items and the direction of the flood within a circ.u.mference of ten meters. Meanwhile, a picture appeared in his mind. A black face contour hid in the endless darkness, but a pair of eyes opened and looked at the universe indifferently. The heaven and earth are ruthless.

This pair of eyes were completely b.l.o.o.d.y red. At the first glance, people would feel like being thrown into an ice hole.

Meanwhile, a message appeared in Fang Shen's mind.

"Life and death eyes!

One eye controls life and the other controls death!

The eye skill has been opened: Clairvoyant."


Fang Shen lowered his head and almost got a nosebleed when he saw Mayor Su.

Through her wet clothes, he was able to see everything; her mature body was completely exposed to him.

Fang Shen dared not bury himself in the scene as they were not out of danger yet. He focused his eyes on the flood. The direction of the flow had certain rules. With the clairvoyant, Fang Shen floated with the flow without striking a blowing and he could also control the direction to some extent.

When he swam to the boat, he got tired in the eyes and the clairvoyant almost vanished for several times. But the green light from Mayor Su charged his eyes again.

Fang Shen realized what had happened. The lightning changed his eyes and he somehow got the ability of clairvoyant, but it needed energy to use the ability. Mayor Su happened to have this kind of energy.

Fang Shen lowered his head and took a look at Mayor Su, who kept bleeding and remained unconscious. He sped up, "I need to take her to the boat and have her treated as soon as possible, otherwise I would be screwed if she died."

At the same time, people on the boat who were busy searching for them discovered them.

Fang Shen spared no effort to swim towards the boat. It was not until he touched the boat that Fang Shen felt relieved.

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