Super Devouring System Chapter 6 - Devouring System


Super Devouring System

Super Devouring System Chapter 6 - Devouring System

Chapter 6: Devouring Systeplete!”

Following these strange noises, the pain that Ye Xuan felt disappeared silently. When Ye Xuan regained his senses, he realized that his own Dantian had disappeared and was replaced by that golden ball.

“What's going on? Why is e an ordinary person again…” Ye Xuan shouted loudly. However, he suddenly realized that his cultivation did not drop. “Could it be that this golden ball is my Dantian, and from now on, the spiritual energy will be stored inside?”

Such a thought flashed across Ye Xuan's mind. He frowned. Sure enough, a trace of spiritual power surged out from the golden ball. This was truly his Dantian, the golden Dantian! But a Dantian formed by a golden ball, what was the difference between this and an ordinary Dantian?

Ye Xuan suddenly thought of another question. He had clearly heard a strange voice just now.

“The Devouring System merged with the Dantian… What the h.e.l.l is this Devouring System? Could it be this golden ball?” Ye Xuan suddenly revealed an expression of enlightenment.

Was this the benefit of his transmigration? Immediately, he shouted in his mind, “Devouring System!” Sure enough, some extraordinary things appeared in his mind.

“Normally, there would be a mysterious cultivation technique or system after I transmigrated. It seems like my luck is not bad and I won't be true trash for a long time. So, this is the benefit of transmigrating. This golden ball is the Devouring System. ” Ye Xuan was pleasantly surprised, and when he finished reading the description of the Devouring System, his eyebrows twitched, and he continued to mutter, “Good stuff, what a good thing! It can actually devour everything and transform it into spiritual energy. This is much easier than cultivation!”

The Devouring System, as its name implied, relied on devouring to increase its power.

Ye Xuan still had a lot of questions in his heart, but he didn't think much about it. He immediately got off the bed and used his right hand to pick up a vase on the table.

“The reward for devouring this item is zero. Host, are you sure you want to devour this item?” These words resounded in his mind.

“Zero profit?” Ye Xuan was a little helpless, this was clearly discrimination, so what if it was a vase? “Confirmed!” Ye Xuan replied in his heart.

“The host's position isn't right, it can't be swallowed!” The system prompted.

“Wrong posture? Could it be that you want me to swallow it? ” Ye Xuan rolled his eyes, then really brought the small vase to his mouth, opened his mouth wide and inhaled, sitting there.

A strange thing happened. Black energy wrapped itself around the vase, and soon after, the vase began to shrink before being sucked into its mouth.

Ye Xuan was so scared that he almost died, he quickly covered his throat and coughed twice.

“No… No way, if I really swallow the vase, can I digest it?” Ye Xuan was extremely shocked. If he were to use this move, it would definitely shock the entire world.

At this time, the System's Prompt Tone sounded in his mind again.

“What the fxck! It didn't give anything as expected… It seems like I need to eat some Dan or something precious…” Ye Xuan suddenly remembered that he still had a Spirit Gathering Pill on him that was worth millions of silver. He put it to his mouth right away and muttered in his heart, “Devour it!”

This Spirit Gathering Pill was the same size as the vase and was sucked into Ye Xuan's mouth.

“Host, you have successfully consumed a Spirit Gathering Pill. You will receive a bit of Devouring Points!”

The Spirit Gathering Pill was successfully swallowed and transformed into a large amount of Spirit Qi that was sent to Ye Xuan.

“Holy shxt, a Spirit Gathering Pill is worth a million silver, and it is normally used to help the sixth stage Martial Dao Warrior breakthrough, but now, you aren't even going to give me a rank up?”

Ye Xuan was helpless. He estimated that he would need at least another Spirit Gathering Pill to break through to the middle of the fifth stage of the Martial Way.

Right now, Ye Xuan had already discovered two drawbacks of the Devouring System. Firstly, he couldn't cultivate normally, and secondly, he needed to devour a large number of things.

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