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Strongest Tree 92 Chapter 91

Kence retracted his sword and looked at the other Supernaturals around coldly. The arrogant man's body fell on the ground as dead as he can be. Whether it be the remaining two Mystics or the normal Supernaturals all of them didn't dare move. All of them were just staring at Kence in fearIf he can kill a mid-stage Supernatural that easily how can they put up any resistance? They were just about to control their energy and activate a skill when Kence already made a move and killed one of them. Those who have a better foundation like Kence can attack while his enemies were just about to make a moveThis is the power of Supernaturals that have foundations! It doesn't necessarily make their attacks so much stronger but their energy control would be skillful and easier to activate skills!Kence's sword has some blood left and the b.l.o.o.d.y red color were making the people around to become even more scared. Some even forgot to take a breath as they are afraid that the noise, they would make will make them to be the next target"I was willing to share the blood lotuses with you guys but you just have to act arrogantly!" Kence said coldly and every word he said was like a knife stabbing on these people's heart. A great being like this didn't want to antagonize them but here they are, having the guts to offend himThis was simple courting death!Kence cannot possibly kill all of the fallens or hostile mutated animals on earth. That's why, as much as possible he doesn't want to kill fellow humans so that there are more people that will clean earth from danger. However, if useless s.h.i.ts provoke him then they need to pay for the consequences"S-senior, w-we will leave now! W-we are sorry for offending you" the human with the harpy Bloodline said in fear. All he wants to do now was to get away from this powerful man as soon as possible. Well, that is if Kence will let them leave alive"Heh... you really think I'll let you just leave like that?" The hearts of the Supernaturals trembled violently. Fear was crawling to every part of their body. Who would have thought that a group like this that can make even peak stage Grand Knights scared would be reduced into this pitiful state? Well, it was their mistake for angering someone they shouldn't"S-senior, we are willing to give all of our treasures. Please let us leave!" The harpy plead. As he was this group's leader the responsibility of negotiating fell on his shoulder"Leaving here alive is possible but you all need to listen to my commands!" Hearing that they have a chance to leave the almost forty Supernaturals furiously nodded their headsWhether it be the mid stage Grand Knights or just the early ones all of them were willing to be this man's slave as long as they can leave with their lives intact"Good! If any of you disobey heh...." Kence made a slashing motion on his neck with his wooden sword. This made all of them to gulp a mouthful of saliva in fear and they all vowed to obey his commands
"Help us harvest these Blood Lotuses. You are responsible for juicing it" all of them heaved a sigh of relief. Although they said they would obey Kence but they were afraid that Kence will take them to a suicide mission and with his strength they can only obey. But since it was just juicing lotuses then it made things much easier to them. Just doing a simple manual labor was enough to redeem their lives, this is a worth it exchange!"But I don't trust you!" Kence looked at the harpy man, especially at the wings on the man. With him having the ability to fly it would be extremely easy for him to flee when they are all distracted and busy from the work. "Senior, don't worry I won't dare to run away!" The harpy rea.s.sured as he was afraid that he would be the only one that will die aside from the Mystic that looked lewdly at Anna"And I should trust your words?" Kence said mockingly before looking at the other Supernaturals"Listen! If even one of you escape from here, I will kill the rest! If you want to retain your lives don't let anyone escape. Of course, you can try running away om different directions but it would depend on luck whether you are the one that I will chase and kill or not!"Kence revealed some of the plans of these people. He naturally has a good grasp on human nature and know what they are thinking. The 39 Supernaturals smiled bitterly. They really have these kinds of thoughts before but now since Kence threatened them like this how can they do it?His words made them to have no choice but to guard each other and not let anyone to flee. Their lives depended on whether they will be obedient or not"Now that I said what you should start working! Anna, get away from them" Anna nodded her moved and walk on the opposite direction. With this many Supernaturals if she was surrounded, they can use her as hostage to pressure Kence. Since they got free laborers, she'll be happySeeing everything was set, Kence once again flew on the lake and harvested some Blood Lotus. He tossed it on the Supernaturals and it's up to them to defend their selves and squeeze the juices. Since the lotuses has almost non-existence physical attack none of them will die or get injuredA simple hand covered with energy was enough to do that work. Thus, these powerful Mystics and normal Supernaturals doesn't have any choice but to become manual laborers. If words got out that people as powerful as them would do this kind of thing for others, people would surely laugh at them. Especially the ones back at Harpy CityAs they are the top expert of the city, this made them become arrogant and offend a lot of people who can't fight them. Those people would be delighted to see this scene. It was fine if they are doing this to personally use the juice but to do it for only a single person.... heh they are really pitiful!Time pa.s.sed and Kence almost sweep 1/4 of the Blood Lotuses when a flock of birds appeared. Kence wondered why the creatures he encountered since discovering this lake would always be blood red in colorThe Blood Lotuses and the snakes were all b.l.o.o.d.y red. Now, even the birds are the same!Some birds dove down and caught a Blood Lotus using their beak and swallowed it directly. It seems like these birds' diet were also the blood lotuses. Sure enough, a lotus with this kind of effect are extremely attractive to a lot of creatures!The flock of birds has at least thirty members. The leader is a Grand Knight while the rest are Warriors and Knights. Even this kind of force was not something Kence would fear. Kence looked at the Supernaturals who became hopeful if this is an opportunity for them to escape but Kence's smirked made them to hesitate. They all looked at the Harpy, their leader unsure of what to doBut the harpy man decided to trust his intuition and not recklessly made a decision concerning their lives. "Let's watch for now how things will turn out" something was telling him that if he flees then he won't be able to leave aliveThe others don't have a choice but to wait and see. Some of the birds decided to attack Kence and flew towards him. Kence was not afraid though and has a smirk on his face'Hmm, it seems like he's quite smart!' Kence thought at seeing the leader didn't immediately gave the order to flee. If they flee, then Kence won't be able to kill all of them but he would fight them first before dealing with the birds. He may not be able to kill them all but a lot of them would die hereKence waved his arm and a pair of yellow crystalline antlers appeared his hand. It was warm and packed with a lot of sunlight energy. He didn't used it before as he can deal with the enemies but now was the perfect opportunity to test its power. Naturally, these birds weren't enough to endanger his life but it would give the Supernaturals a chance to escape. If the sun crystal can take care of these birds then that would be for the betterUsing the Sun Crystal to attack was easy, you just need to control the energy inside with your soul. It has rich amount of energy and for Kence, it might be more than enough to finish all of these birds"Show me your strength Sun Crystal!" After saying it Kence controlled the crystal and it shot out dozens of sunlight beams. It doesn't matter if they are Warrior, Knight, or Grand Knight b.l.o.o.d.y red birds. All of them gained a hole on their bodies when the beams of condensed sunlight hit themEven Kence was shocked at this development. It will take him a few minutes to personally deal with these birds but not even a minute pa.s.sed and all of them are now dead! The sun crystal easily disposed of them like weak fragile gra.s.s! Even the Grand Knight bird was not an exception! Powerful! The Sun Crystal is too powerful! No doubt it was a great treasure. No wonder that to have it one must kill a Supernatural Deer that's even more powerful than normal peak Grand KnightsOnly a treasure like this would be worth the trouble. The 39 'manual laborers' took a sharp breath at what happened. They all looked fearfully at the crystal on Kence's hand but no one dared to have any thoughts of stealing itThey all saw that Kence just waved his arm and that treasure appeared on his hand. Who knows what other powerful treasures he can bring out? The harpy's decision was extremely wise, if not then all of them will lose their livesThe Blood Lotuses on the lake had a feast and ate the birds' corpse that didn't become an Energy Pearl after dying. This filled Kence with confusion as all the creatures he killed here inside the tower turned into energy pearls. Why are these birds different?But when Kence decided to check if these birds has great use the system only said that their bodies can be use as an Alchemy or weapon materials. There's nothing outstanding about them as almost everything in this world can be use as materials. Kence just decided to throw the blame on the Blood Lotuses. Since the tower will give them treasures to improve their strength then doesn't that mean that it wants to make them stronger? If that's the case then since the Blood Lotuses has direct effect on them maybe the tower wants to make the lotuses even more effective by letting them eatIt's just that Kence wonder can how the operation of these towers were maintained? When the phase 2.5 of the apocalypse was announced it was clearly the Angel's voice that Kence was familiar withCould she be that powerful and can control even the tiniest little things inside this tower? If that is the case then just how powerful was, she? This was like something that only a G.o.d can do!What he didn't know was that everything on the tower was handed to the Voice of the World that Kence only use to identify things. If he knew of this just what would his reaction be?However, thinking about this for now was a waste. He's still too weak compared to the being that made this place. It's futile to think much, all he needs to do was to make himself stronger!With that thought he harvested another batch of Blood Lotuses and let the Supernaturals put the juice inside the ugly wooden bucket

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