Strategy To Capture That Scum Gong Chapter 8


Strategy To Capture That Scum Gong

Strategy To Capture That Scum Gong Chapter 8

Added a warning to the novel page, but will reiterate it here. I decided to add this warning because the further I get into this story, the fortable reading rape, please be forewarned and proceed at your own discretion. GABuV5

Translated by Eve

Edited by Shirubae e in and sit for awhile?" Zhou Yizhe opened the door and spoke indifferently.

Zhou Yian's expression was dark. The gaze he used to watch Zhou Yizhe did not conceal his hatred. He silently followed the other into the aparte an unattached man.

The two ideas fought against each other in Zhou Yizhe's head for a brief instant.

The corner of Zhou Yizhe's mouth slowly raised. With a tone of indifference and scorn, he said, "Are you talking about Zhao Qing?" jg7mCY

The mocking smile on his face deepened as he spoke, slow and clear, "He's not worth forcing. Naturally, it was out of his own volition."

The first time had indeed been like he had said. It couldn't be said that he had lied.

Zhou Yian's eyes immediately turned red! He gnashed his teeth and threw a punch.

In this instant, he had no other thoughts inside his head. He only thought that he wanted to smash this repulsive face! He wanted to make sure that the other would have no way to use such a pejorative tone to ridicule his love! ACyaP0

This kind of consequence was well within Zhou Yizhe's expectations. He dodged at lightning speed, grabbed onto the collar of Zhou Yian's shirt, and fiercely threw the other onto the ground. He laughed slightly, "What are you angry for?"

"I'll kill you!" Zhou Yian's voice was full of hate and was frightfully cold.

"You can't even take care of him well, nor can you give him a better life. You can't do anything for him," Zhou Yizhe's smile turned frigid, "But I'm willing do such things for him, so what're you dissatisfied about?"

   sCI HB

Xie He's life was extremely satisfying. After Zhou Yian had left that day, Xie He shut himself into his home. He then began to watch movies and eat delicious food.

The delicacies offered by the system were unlike anything else! Specialty products from heaven, interstellar Zergs, Earth food, alien food, cultivator food, demonic food…everything you could imagine was there in the store. It was only a matter of whether or not you could afford it. At this time, Xie He was profoundly aware of his poor financial situation. He felt that he had extorted too little from the system at that time. Nevertheless, Xie He was very interested in the omnipotence of the system store. YEd8OD

In his original world, he had stood at the pinnacle of life. Xie He, who had previously had so much money that he couldn't have possibly ever used it all, once again experienced a drive to work hard.

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