Step In Dangerous Love Chapter 1


Step In Dangerous Love

Step In Dangerous Love Chapter 1

Novel:Step In Dangerous Love

Synopsis:Being renounced by her mother-in-law, being cheating by her husband. 5 years, she thought she had a happy family, but in the end it was just a joke and even killed her and her daughter. Waking up again, Tang Anran was reborned as Xu Anran who was the daughter of Xu family and also the wife of Gu Wuyang- senior officer of military area in Yang city .

To revenge for her daughter, Tang calculated in her mind and exhausted her abilities but still fell in his hand. Surrounding by the dark crisis, that man came like the sun after her back, “Tang Anran, I will protect you and keep you safe with the rest of my life.”
Chapter 1  What tricks do you want to play? "Mom, please, please save my kid, please ..." Tang Anran begged to her mother in law constantly, kneeling on the hallway of the hospital.

Half an hour ago, Tang Anran's daughter had suffered a serious traffic accident and had in the hospital for emergency treatment then. However, the doctor said he would do the operation only if she paid the fee. Without having a single penny left on,she could only ask her mother-in-law for help.

"Let go!” her mother-in-law shook her hand off mercilessly, and with a look of anger, she pointed at her and yelled,"you are a never-breeding b.i.t.c.h and can't bear me a grandson in five years.

And now you want my help? Let me tell you, No Way!"

Every day, Tang Anran was humiliatingly scolded by her mother-in-law many times, but she never minded. For now, she just wished her mother in law could give her a hand.

"Mom, Duoduo is your granddaughter, please help her! I beg you, please ...." In front of her mother in law, Tang Anran begged again and again. However, the formal didn't even give her a s.h.i.t.

Meanwhile, the door of Operating Room opened, and the doctor walked out and said with a poker face, expressionlessly, "The patient has died of excessive blood loss, you can prepare for her funeral"

"No! It's impossible!" Tang Anran screamed loudly, trying to rush in the Operating Room to see her daughter. However, a hand slapped on her pale face cruelly as soon as she stood up and made her fall down the ground again.

"Tang Anran, what's wrong with you? Can you f.u.c.king stop being insane?" Li Wenbo glared at her and shouted madly.

"Get away!" Tang Anran pushed him away and wanted to stand up, but Li Wenbo didn't give her any chance to do that and slapped her in the face again and again.

Her face slowly became numb and couldn't feel pain but her heart hurt and felt like to suffocate.

It should be a happy day for her that she was going to celebrate the birthday for her daughter. None of them could know that her husband---Li Wenbo---would bring back his mistress, who had  been pregnant for 10 weeks, and asked them to get out.

She thought she had a happy family, but in the end it was just a joke.

While she was arguing with these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, her four-year-old daughter rushed out, crying and screaming. Tang Anran ran after her daughter and tried to get her back. Only to find her daughter was crashed to the ground by a running car heavily and she couldn't do anything to help!

Her heart twitched, and the pain almost stopped Anran from breathing.

She had congenital heart disease and couldn't stand any stimulation at all.

The scolding of her mother-in-law echoed in her ear and the fists of Li Wenbo kept hitting on her body one by one. Tang Anran slumped down the ground, breathing heavily and having no power to hit back.

She vaguely heard that they were calling the doctor in a panic. But the last memory was everything went black and then she just lost her consciousness...


Tang Anran opened her eyes. Not until she regained her consciousness, her arm was caught tightly by a man and she was pulled up. 

Tang Anran widened his eyes and looked at the strange man in front of her.

He wore a black suit, tall and physically fit. But at this time his handsome face was full of anger.

"Xu Anran, My patience is limited. You'd better not challenge it again!" He yelled at Tang Anran loudly while his hand that caught her arm was getting tighter.

Wait!  Xu Anran? Excuse me? Tang Anran totally got confused.

"Sir, maybe there is something wrong. I'm not Xu Anran!"

Tang Anran tried to explain. However, he didn't listen to her and just pushed her to the bedstand. Then he grabbed her by the neck and said, " Xu Anran,what tricks are you playing?!"

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