Star Wanderer Chapter 8: Fallen Paradise (2)


Star Wanderer

Star Wanderer Chapter 8: Fallen Paradise (2)

For five thousands of years of intellectual develope the Federation’s backbone. Soe the true ruler of the Federation.

This was like the dark witchcraft used in ancient tifortable with his stare and ill intention in his eyes.

 “Hi, panies which we should talk about.” Carlphnae to e to municator off her head.

She looked at Phushouching, who was sitting in front of her, and told her what Sannahliva just told her.

It took Phushouching a while to take in the news before she said, “His power may be more than estimated. But why does the change take place when the s.p.a.ceship was in negative s.p.a.ce at ultrspeed? Normally no human nerve system would operate in that extreme case.”

Chiwheuve had a serious face, said, “What should we do with such a man? Even the nerve cannon couldn’t cause any damage to him. He can simulate our physical condition. Besides, all our machines don't work on him at all.”

“Then it is critical whether we treat him a person or an experiment object. If it is the latter, I can dig out all his secrets.” Said Phushouching, with a weird look..

Chiwheuve’s face turned pale. After a while, she said softly, “Can we meet him first and then make the decision?”

“It looks like it is the only choice. But we’d better take more guards, otherwise we cannot imagine what he could do if he escapes to our world. ” Phushouching said.

Chiwheuve nodded and looked up into the starry sky over the transparent canopy, with a weird feeling in her heart. How many things were there beyond human imagination in this vast universe? Sannahliva looked right into his firm eyes, controlling her mind, asked, “Do you have a name?”

His eyes got darker. It seemed that he hid his soul and everything deep down somewhere in his heart.

Sannahliva was already an expert of emotion control but couldn’t help thinking, “How could there exist such appealing eyes and dedicated expression in this world?”

His eyes lit up again, sparkling with profound wisdom and persistent willpower. He answered with his bewitching and manly voice, “I've just given myself a name. My name is Ark One Fang, Ark for short.”

Sannahliva took a deep breath and struggled to fight against his aggressive eyes, tried to say with a calm voice, “How could you speak our language? It is a new language we have invented in recent 3000 years.”

“Sorry, I cannot answer that question.” Ark said.

Sannahliva felt hurt but tried to conceal the feeling because he was just an experiment objective. He was forbidden to get attached with. She had always done a great job in this way, but now she barely controlled her heart. That man had great spirit power.

After quite a while, she calmed down, “Why can’t you? You don’t want to cooperate? ”

Without changing a little bit of his tone, he looked into her eyes and said, “I will if you pay me back.”

Sannahliva was startled and looked back into his eyes.

The feeling in his eyes was even stronger. It could be permanent love, or love for life in his eyes, so strong to melt her soul and devour her heart.

She tried to look away from him but failed. Some kind of exciting feeling ran through her body.

Ark said with a hint of sweetness on his lips, “It has to be you because you are the only thing I want.”

Sannahliva woke up in a shock and said with an unpleasant tone, “Do you know it is immoral to make a deal with a person?”

Ark showed the attractive and thoughtful look again and said, “I don’t accept your theory. In our Flamingo, whatever we do, we got results or rewards. If there is no good rewards, I won’t do anything.”

Sannahliva proposed, “You lose your freedom now. Would you cooperate if I give your freedom back?”

“I won’t answer your question. I repeat once again. I want you!” Ark stressed.

Sannahliva made a quick guess that he might have the ability to get out of here, or he could not resist her proposal. What should she do? This strange man was immune to any kind of medicine. The microwave laser gun tied on her legs could damage him with ultrhigh heat and radiation from a nuclear reaction. If he could get out, what should she do then? All of sudden she felt that she was so fragile in front of this man. Instead of her, this man was having everything under control.

Who could be powerful enough to ground him? The Giant Whale trembled and apparently slowed down at this time.

Sannahliva was relived because they were entering into the atmosphere, meaning that this man was going to be their wise president’s responsibility.

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