Spiritual And Martial Conqueror Chapter 7


Spiritual And Martial Conqueror

Spiritual And Martial Conqueror Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Refining Spirit CoresHearing that, Lu Shaoyu took a deep breath. Processing what Uncle Nan said, the Yin-Yang prehension can only occur when one sees the sky, and when one is still in a trance. There was an additional wisp of Yang's righteous Qi.Bits of inforfortable.Under Lu Shaoyu's slow guidance, the two energies in his body started to slowly cofortable."Alright, that's enough for tonight." After who knows how long tie a lot clearer."Not bad. It's ale here toe an official Warrior soon.In the night, Uncle Nan regained his old appearance, gazed in Lu Shaoyu's direction and e a second evil disciple. And that spirit ee a Spiritual Disciple, and becoe dense to the point that it enveloped his entire body. After that the mist stuck onto his body, emitting a l.u.s.ter similar to that of white jade.Within Lu Shaoyu's body, Lu Shaoyu currently felt that within his dantian, he was like a balloon that had been inflated full of air. At the same time, a warm current of energy was throbbing non-stop within his mind."It's about time to break through..."Sensing this change, after listening to Uncle Nan's explanation for the past few days, Lu Shaoyu had some understanding of cultivation, and in this situation, he was on the verge of a breakthrough.

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