Sorry For The Inconvenience 1 Prologue 1: Death


Sorry For The Inconvenience

Sorry For The Inconvenience 1 Prologue 1: Death

What comes after death? Is it the judgment or just nothingness?I always asked myself this. This question seems so distant in a normal case, but when death came knocking it can take your entire thoughts from day tonight.I was never a healthy man. When children were wrestling or riding their bicycles, I had to go to the hospital to do my regular check-up. This situation of mine becomes bleaker as time pa.s.sed.Now, I am only 18 years old but I must stay in my personal wards because going out would kill me. It's the fault of a congenital disease of unknown origin that made my body become weaker as time pa.s.sed. My parents cared for me at first, but as time pa.s.sed and my situation worsened, they came less and less. They even had a new child eight years ago, so I can say that they basically gave up on me.I take a look at my scrawny body. There's really nothing to look at. My skin and bone are practically fused together. Taking two steps would make me breathe so hard my heart might stop, I couldn't even see more than a few meters ahead of me without In short, my body sucked and my life sucked. No wonder they gave up on me. I didn't even dare to look at myself in a mirror. My gaunt face could be used to scare children. I sighed as I looked at the smartphone in my hand.In this boring life of mine, I have only two hobbies. The first one being trading. I am very talented at it. I can easily understand the situation of the market just by seeing the candle on my screen. The feeling of making money is so good that it the only thing that allows me to support the pain of all my operations. I even used my own money to pay for my stay and the VIP ward where I live.But this isn't enough. In this world there many people who are suffering more than me. So generally apart from the money I'm saving for my little brother study's and the one I use for myself, I always donate all the rest to diverse medical organizations.My second hobby is watching anime and reading manga, more particularly Shonen like Boku no Hero Academia, Black Clover, Kimetsu No Yaiba, Hachimaruden, and Enen No s...o...b..utai . I also like seinen like Tokyo ghoul and Shingeki no Kyojin. I never missed a chapter of those seven. What is the common ground between all those Manga?Each main character of those mangas try to become a hero in his own way and for his own goal. Watching them fight and struggle for their ideal always make my heart beat so fast that I have to call the nurses and do a check-up. I love their fighting spirit that never crumbles. I love their beautiful hearts ready to give their life away to protect those close to them or the world. They are everything I dream to be but will never be able to.The only thing I can do is give money. Many would think that it's enough, but it's not. Even when I give billions, I can never be sure if millions would be used for the goal they preach. That made me create diverse charity organizations, but even then I can never be sure at 100% that all the money I give is used for the right thing.
Oh well, it doesn't matter anymore, does it? The doctor clearly said that after today, each day I survive will be basically a miracle. My time is already up. So why care?At least the money I gave should have helped some people, even if all of it wasn't used the way I would have hoped. What more, I gave permission to use my body for training purposes. If those interns can become better doctors by studying my body, I will die happy.Ah... I have difficulty breathing, my vision is swaying. Seem like my time is up. Weirdly I am not sad. I have no one to care and no one care for me. I gave my last bit of money some minutes ago and I already my will and gave it to my lawyer. I can say without doubts that few people of my age would as prepared fro death like me.Ah... My vision becomes dark. My senses are dulling, I feel like I'm falling. So that's death. I must say, it's pretty warm. I wonder, does an afterlife exist?-------"18h00, patient 85 Death is confirmed, let give a smile prayer to a kind soul"------I am lying on something hard. I feel like everything around me is warm and calm. The smell of flowers enters my nose and the wind blow on my face.Wait a minute, how is it possible? I'm supposed to be dead.I open my eyes and what I saw made me take a sharp breath. I was in a flower field with a large tree in it. I tried to stand up as I look around me astounded."Is this heaven?"

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"Not exactly, it's my personal domain." A voice answered me from behind.I did a complete turn in surprise and was face to face with something that my mind stops. In front of me was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. It wasn't her face. I couldn't explain her features, she sometimes looked young, sometimes old, sometimes slim, sometimes plump. She was ever-changing, but in my heart, I could still feel that her beauty was outside of this world. A smile formed on her face as she said"Thanks for the compliments"So she can read my mind. I wonder, what is her name?"My name cannot be said in any language you would understand. Just call me Weave Spinner, for this is my duty""Your duty?"Fine threads began to appear in her hands. Looking closely at those threads, I feel dizzy. It was like an unlimited amount of information tried to drill in my head. I closed my eyes and turned my head. She simply answered my doubts."Those threads represent different worlds at different times. My duties are too spin those threads and keep them from becoming entangled."She smiled once again as she looked at me. I was honestly surprised. But hey, I was supposed to be dead. So anything possible. I just wonder why I didn't stay dead." When I spin my threads, I can look at the different worlds and the being in them. Sometimes, if they do things that please me, I will give them a chance after their death. The way you acted all your life really touched me, so I will reward you by giving you a choice and a random wish. Every soul must reincarnate in a random world after their death, but you'll have a choice. Where do you want to reincarnate? "This time I wasn't that surprised. I didn't really like this type, but I read enough isekai to know what was happening. Still, I couldn't just give her an answer without more info. After all, it's stupid to make a.s.sumptions simply because I read some books."What kind of world can I go to?""Any world of your choice. I could let you reincarnate on your home planet in any time past or future of your choice. I could make you reincarnate in a world where magi exist or where science reached the à incredible level. I could even make you reincarnate in the anime world you like so much or in some film. The choice is your""What kind of price do I have to pay?""A price? None. It's in my power to do so and I'm only doing it because I want to. Still, the rules are that you won't be able to reincarnate with your memory. So make your choice well, If you don't wish to die too fast."I began to hesitate. I thought that I could go with my memory. Isn't it usually how it goes? The mc uses the memory of his past life to awe the populace and make any girls wet their panties just by preparing some food from their old world or by Showing their otherworldly knowledge. Even though I don't know how to cook nor did I have knowledge apart from trading.Finally, I decided. Let live a new life. I may not remember it, but I hope the news me will be happy."I choose to reincarnate in an anime world ""Which one ?""Boku no hero academia""Oh... Interesting choice. OK I will grant your wish"She simply took a white thread out of nowhere and put it to the side. Afterward, she took a box and gave it to me"Now open this. Since you choose such a world, going there without enough power might not be to smart. I believe the world you choose use a form of power called quirk. This box once opened will give you some perk that will help you there"I took the box given to me. It was nothing impressive, just a simple black box. When I opened the box though, I was momentarily blinded. A stream of information entered my head. This was followed by the voice of a woman sounding in my head. This voice was somewhat robotic.[RANDOM WISH GENERATED. TWO WISH WERE GIVEN][FIRSTLY, YOU'LL HAVE A BODY ABLE TO SUPPORT TWO QUIRK][SECOND WISH, FROM A SIMPLE LIST, YOU'LL BE ABLE TO CHOOSE TWO POWER THAT WILL BE YOUR QUIRKS]

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