Son God Marvel Chapter 1


Son God Marvel

Son God Marvel Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Family Issues in New Life

  ”Ah..” A very sharp scream, and the boy who was still in a state of squeaking rolled down from the bed in a moment, then slammed and fell heavily on the floor.

  Anyone who is so irritated in a comfortable sleep can hardly maintain a stable sleep. Juveniles easily set off the sleeves of their pajamas and decided to give a good look to the guy who disturbed his rare vacation.

  ”Ah..” The piercing scream is still going on. Zhou Yi has pushed the door of his bedroom and walked to the other door with the teddy bear. He knocked on the door and said loudly.

  ”Su, if you can't give me a good reason, believe me, I will let G.o.d know, how serious it is to disturb me to sleep.”

  ”Don't come in, go away!” The cries of the girl's sobbing came out of the room, and the crying sound immediately burned the fragile fuse in Zhou Yi's mind.

  ”What happened in the end, Su, hurry to open the door, I am your brother, I have to know what happened to you!”

  ”No, don't, go away, I don't want you to see me.” The crying in the door immediately rose and then became sobbing. Obviously the girl had already covered herself with the quilt.

  Zhou Yi, who doesn't know what happened, is more and more anxious. Now the adults at home are estimated to have gone to work. The only thing left is his brother and Su as a sister. So in any case, Zhou Yi feels that he must have to see what happened to his sister.

  In this arduous state of mind, Zhou Yi also refused to take care of private things. He hold the door handles and violently used force, and immediately the door got broken.

  Inside the door is a typical girl bedroom, with dolls and puppet toys everywhere, but at this moment, the owners who originally loved these things threw them all over the place. Su, who was the initiator, was like a frightened little hamster, burying herself firmly in the quilt.

  ”Dear, what happened in the end, Su, tell me immediately.” Zhou Yi strode to the bed and slammed his sister's quilt. Then he stunned and said something. “d.a.m.n, what the h.e.l.l is this?”

  Sister who is familiar with the memory in the quilt has completely changed into another appearance. The brown hair has completely turned into wine red, the blue eyes have turned into quirky emerald green, and the strange patterns around her eyes. Certainly this is not a man-made thing, but a texture that grows naturally.

  This is not the most terrible thing. What surprised Zhou most is that Su's ear turned into an elf-like pointed ear. His half-sister is actually an elf. G.o.d, you are definitely teasing me. At this moment, Zhou Yi can only comfort himself with such a spit type. However, he knew very well that something big happened.

  ”We need to believe that the mutants, the species lurking in our human beings, are a potential threat to all human beings in the world. Their superpowers not only destroy the balance of nature, but also there is also a potentially huge risk to our law and order and social stability. We call on every citizen of the United States to be vigilant against the mutants around him.”

  On television, the spokesperson from the military faced countless reporters and said with impatience. Zhou Yi, who had nothing to do with this kind of remarks, now only thinks that this military spokesperson can almost reach the extreme.

  What a Mutant or something might be a threat. Zhou Yi calmed down his sister who was shivering in his arms. Looking at the obviously fl.u.s.tered mother with a very firm look, said: “The current situation is that even if Su is a mutant, she is still our most important family, just for her, I think we should also move to New York.”

  Zhou Yi's mother Zhou Wei is a Chinese-American who looks very young and beautiful.

When she was young, she was in love with a military officer, and then she had Zhou Yi, but unfortunately, like all the people who set up FLAG, Zhou Yi's father said before a mission, "We will return to our hometown after I complete this task." Then he never came back. Therefore, Zhou Yi and Zhou Wei together became a single-parent family.

  This state has lasted for eight years, when Zhou Yi was eight years old. Zhou Wei and a banker from Los Angeles, Anthony Ferguson fell in love, and two quickly married in less than a year. There is the current Su Ferguson.

  Unfortunately, Anthony Ferguson suffered misfortune in an airplane accident. This made Zhou Yi, who was once very uncomfortable with Ferguson's surname, change back to his original name. In the same way, Zhou Yi and Zhou Wei, as well as Su, once again formed a single-parent family.

  However, compared with other single-parent families, Zhou Yi is a relatively wealthy career because of his high-paying career in fashion, coupled with the rich legacy of Mr. Ferguson and the huge compensation from insurance companies.

  Especially after Zhou Yi's proposal for stock investment received huge feedback, Zhou Yi's family basically did not worry about money anymore.

  Since there is no problem in money, Zhou Wei's opinion on moving is not very concerned. She just looked at her son with some doubts and asked her unfortunate little daughter.

  ”I know that moving for the safety of Su is necessary, but why we have to go to New York, we have a lot to choose.”

  ”I know what you mean.” Zhou Yi sighed. “If you go to the west, it may be safer, but we can't let Su stay in that country for a lifetime. Relatively speaking, I hope that Su can be accepted by normal people, so I hope to bring her to Professor Xavier's Youth School, where she could learn how to get along with normal people.”

  The Xavier Talented Youth School, in his explanation, is a school that is specially designed for Mutants of young people to cultivate a society that let them integrated into the society. For the current family, it is undoubtedly a best choice.

  ”Well, as long as you think so, for you and Su, I agree to do this.” Zhou Wei spread his hands and picked up Su, and some said with distress. “Oh! My poor baby, you must be frightened, rest a.s.sured. Mom and your brother will protect you, come! Let's go to sleep, everything will be fine after getting up.”

  After that, Zhou Wei walked into his bedroom with Su. She believes that her son can handle things well. In fact, since the summer, she has been playing the role of brother and father. Although he is only eight years older than Su, in the eyes of Zhou Wei, he can be compared with those successful adults.

  It is unkind to say that this family, speaking more weighty, is only the sixteen-year-old Zhou Yi, not Zhou Wei who is already the mother of two children. Zhou Yi's mature thoughts and meticulous thinking from the urine made him play a more important role in this family. It not only helped Zhou Yi to organize this single-parent family, but also as the only man in the family to block the family in a lot of ups and downs.

  This point, Zhou Wei knows well, so she has only unlimited pride and trust for her son.

  Looking at Zhou Wei and Su closing the door, Zhou Yi some impatiently turned off the video on the TV. Zhou Yi did not care about this, just staring at the dark TV screen and speaking to himself.

  ”Mutants, X-Men, and the Brotherhood, it seems I have to come into contact with you.”

  At this moment, his eyes seemed to have a flame to burn. Formerly in this world, some things that have been recovered will never allow anyone to destroy.

  Under the arrangement of money, Zhou Yi quickly sell off some of the industries in his hands and then bought two quite nice apartments in the Upper East Side of New York through a familiar broker. The two high-rise apartments in the vicinity of Central Park, despite the surprisingly high price, are still within the reach of Zhou Yi, who has taken a lot of IT stocks.

  For the stocks in hand, especially technology stocks, Zhou Yi did not see very important, except for some shares of Stark and some stocks of Osborne. He almost sold the technology stocks in his hands. Of course, this is also a good way to avoid risks.

  The problem of arranging a.s.sets, Zhou Yi began to arrange the trip. Although he would like to take Su to the Xavier Talented Youth School as soon as possible, Zhou Yi also knows that a mutant profile will easily become the target of some people.

  In memory, there are many mutants who are imprisoned as experimental products. Zhou Yi does not believe that those people are all brought out of prison.

  Therefore, it is impossible to travel by plane. Without a private jet, strict security inspection will completely expose the ident.i.ty of Su.

  Thinking about it, Zhou Yi still decided to buy a car to solve this problem. Although it is slow, but it is safe enough and secret, it is enough to have these two points.

  After the toughest problem has been solved, the rest is not a problem.

  Su's current situation is not suitable for farewell to friends, of course, Zhou Yi also does not see her friends. Zhou Wei is engaged in fashion, and it is a profession of soy sauce. In addition, there are no friends who are not good enough, so naturally there is nothing left.

  As for Zhou Yi, he can only say that he has a previous memory and he is completely out of touch with his age. The circle of friends now created is not a pity for him even if he throws it away. Anyway, he has not invested in anything of value.

  Then, the only thing left is to set off. When the sun comes out tomorrow, people here may be surprised to find that the neighbors around them have disappeared.

  This is no big deal. Maybe for some people, it's still a good thing.

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