Small Village Tridente Chapter 10


Small Village Tridente

Small Village Tridente Chapter 10

h.e.l.lo! 9 would like to thank Pikdupany feels like it, not just our pletely different froe a place worthy of calling a village. However, there weren't any signs of people.

「Just like I thought, everyone really doesn't feel like logging in.」

Or pletely blown away with Seirsan's appearance.

「I'pany said in that conference, I haven't really felt it at all~. Just as the NW Coe stronger, right.」

「Seirsan, do you plan on living in this world?」

「If the world is copany has to say. How about you, e back~」

「Even though you looked really worried, "I'll be watching you fropany.

「There's an apany. But it seepany's plan were being answered as e 0.

But even if your HP does becopany was copared to earth right now… there's also those worries.

While I was talking to Saya, a lone fee to inforplete victory, but because Saya declined the position, President Suzukawa was ulties like this.

「Hey, Kanzaki-san. I do not think it's possible… but the person you were searching for, who resee to think of it… at that tipany who broadcasted that absurd delusion to the whole world.」

「Y-you pany said being crazy, but NW is fun, you know!」

Saya and I both told the president about our experience with it so far. About the time we first logged in, about how we both met, about our fun making a village, and about the battle that everyone cooperated in to win. And before I'd noticed, the president was in a daze as she listened.

「Hmm……Then, will the Student Council President not try and play it?」

Saya looked at the president with a teasing smile.

「……Well, since both of you seem like you really want me to, I can not help but play together with you.」

「Can't help it☆?」

「Then, Kanzaki-san. Please teach me from now on.」


「Just wait a minute, what about me!?」

「There is nothing to learn from what you can teach me!」

「Why not~!」

I ignored the two who were playing around and looked at the time.

「Ah, lunch break, it ended a while ago…」

Chapter 10 END

G.o.ddess bless

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