Shift Through The Ashes 1


Shift Through The Ashes

Shift Through The Ashes 1

Chapter oneMy name is Harper Lake Walker. I'm 19 years old.I walk out into the cool crisp air. This was my daily routine ever since my parents started fighting. Get up , get dressed and go for a walk. Tomorrow I will be a senior at Ocean view high school. I was about to cross the street when I got a text from my friend Faith. It was about a sleepover tonight. I put my phone in my pocket and headed home. I packed my pillow, a pair of pjs, my phone, tooth brush and toothpaste, and my hairbrush. And finally jeans, black flats and a white T-shirt. Then I left my parents a note saying that I was going out with friends for a while. I walked to Hanover street. And knocked on Faiths door. "Hey Harper", she said when she opened the door. "Hi Faith",I said. "Where is Ava?",she asked me. "I don't know ", I replied. Then suddenly Ava jumped out of the bushes scaring both faith and I. "Here I am!", she yelled. Faith and I hug her. "This is the first time in years that we had a sleepover", said Ava. "I know", faith said. "So lets start the fun!", I yelled. We ran into the house and up the stairs. " Let's have a pillow fight and then do hair and nails", said Ava. "Okay",agreed Harper and Faith. The girls each grabbed a pillow. "One",said Faith. "Two",counted Ava. "Three",yelled Harper. The pillow fight had just started when there was a knock at the door. Faith's mom walked in. Her eyes lit up when she spotted Harper. "It's nice to see you again Harper", she said. "It's nice to see you too Mrs.Cole", said Harper. Just then a boy the age of one ran in. "Harper", he said. "Hi Ollie", I replied softly. Ollie was Faith's little brother. Ollie ran up to Harper. "Up " , he whined. I picked him up. He giggled and clapped his tiny hands together. Faith rolled her eyes at Harper. "What?", asked Harper inccently. "Nothing",replied faith. Harper smiled at Harper. Harper always reminded faith of a mother figure. She liked everybody even if they were mean." Come on Ollie, lets leave the girls alone now", she said. Harper put Ollie down and he ran out the door. The girls stayed up till one in the morning.I wrote a note saying that I had to go to school early. I put on my jeans, black flats and the white shirt. Next I put on mascara and blush lip gloss. I straight ironed my hair. Then it was time to go. I packed my backpack up and slung it over my shoulder and ran out the door.Chapter two: schoolI walked into the school .Everybody stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I looked down and walked into the girls bathroom. That's how nervous I was. I looked at my phone I had two new texts one from my mom and one from Ava. A girl walked in. "Hey are you okay?", she asked. "I'm just a little nervous"explained Harper. "I'm Kate", she said. "Harper", i said. "It's nice to meet you Harper",said Kate. We exchanged numbers and headed to cla.s.s. I had history. Kate had math. I sat down next to a boy with short black hair. I got out my journal so that I was ready to take notes. "Cla.s.s today, you will get to know your desk mate better", said the teacher. I felt like Iwas being watched. I looked up and saw that the boy next to me was staring at me. " You have 10 minutes to ask questions", said the teacher. "Start now". " My name is Zavier", he said. "I'm Harper", i said with a smile. "What's your favorite color?",he asked me. "Blue", I answered. " Do you have any siblings?", he asked. "No". "You?, i asked. "Three", he said . "wow that's a lot of siblings" i said. "I know",he said. We talked for the rest of the day. Then the bell rang , it was time to go home. I found Kate and asked if she wanted to meet my parents. She said yes. We walked the four blocks to my house. I walked in with Kate behind me. "Mom",I yelled. "In the kitchen", she yelled. I walked into the kitchen . " mom this is Kate ". She smiled at Kate. "Hi Mrs.walker ", Kate said. "Kate come on let's go to my room", i said. "Okay". We took the stairs two at a time. My room was filled with blue things: blue walls, dark blue bedset and pillows etc. " I love your room",Kate said. "Thank you", i replied. "My favorite color is blue too", said Kate.
"Really!", exclaimed Harper. Kate nodded.

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