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Scarblade Goddess

Scarblade Goddess 85 Epilogue

As a long time pa.s.sed, the G.o.ddess Queen Weissia was very busy on her computer at her office in Celestia Heavens. Funny thing is, there was a chocolate bunny that appeared to be a present at her desk now. Suddenly, she gave off a cold stare at her couch and stopped on what she was doing,"Sigh. I already know you're there Shiro. Or should I say my lazy husband G.o.d King Neo...".A snap of a finger was heard. The next moment, white and golden stars whirled and swirled at the couch. As soon as, those reached its highest density, those burst out and Neo's form was revealed sitting non-chalantly on a couch.Neo had the air of a great divinity that was on par with Weissia, as he had eight arching wings in radiant gold. His towering height of 6' 4" made him to look even more pleasing. His striking amber eye and cool oceanic eye on the other were blending with his cunning and calm character that would make any woman fawn over him. Also, his flashy hair added great prestige. Since, it was dyed in snowy white and streaks of the moonlight sea. In his overall physical looks, he was similar to a ca.s.sanova and a daring model of the heavens. More so, he's even more spectacular down below. As he was wearing a fitted white magician's tuxedo complemented by his broad shoulders and toned muscles hidden underneath. His long pants was flawless white as well, blending along with his tuxedo but, his black belt had tons of daggers ready to be unleashed. He also had an obsidian western sword and an aquamarine katana at his left. Lastly, he has the ears of a white wolf of the moon.Neo grinned and held his own forehead afterwards. Then, he spoke with his moderate tone perfect for a person of romance,"Really though, is this how you treat your husband when he just wants to visit his loving wife?".Weissia glanced at at Neo's left ringfinger and he had the same ring as hers."Hmph!",Though, she just crossed her arms and looked away with a pout but, her rosy cheeks were blushing and her long bunny ears were twitching for some reason. Although, Neo didn't feel angry, instead he was even more entertained of his wife's cute reaction. Aftter that he sighed,"By the way...".Then, he clasped his hands and congratulated her with a cool smile,"Congratulations on winning against that menacing ent.i.ty of Distortion.".After that, he wore his that made him look-like one of those professors that would make any female student fall for him. Then, he poof out a small black book and read it with his lips of a true ca.s.sanova,"And the storm had ceased once more...".He took a glance at her,"Also, I think you're still far too lenient on those traitorous BLADE G.o.dDESSES as you let them live and just repent for their sins with good deeds.".Weissia just fell silent from Neo's comment. It appeared Neo was questioning his wife's action upon what happened with the Blade G.o.ddesses. There after, awkward silence had seeped through the atmosphere, as Weissia didn't reply. Soon enough, Neo just made a smile and leaned back on the sofa,
"Well enough of that. And about our heavenly system, we were able to subdue our own case of Distortion too.".Then, he praised her with gestures,"But yours were more superb! Since, there's another G.o.ddess who rose up to be a HARMONY G.o.dDESS, just like you. As she activated her own G.o.dDESS MANIFESTIO...".Weissia nodded and looked straight at the runic door,"That G.o.ddess you mean?".A knock was heard afterwards. Neo made an a.s.sumption,"Speak of the devil...".Weissia just voiced out her reply to the one outside,"Yes come on in!".Not much soon, Otorine entered through the door and bowed,"You summoned me G.o.ddess Queen Weissia?".Weissia held her hands together and looked at Otorine very seriously,"Yes.".For some strange reason, Neo was smirking, while he was witnessing the two G.o.ddesses. Otorine took notice of Neo. Thereon, she greeted him,"Oh, it's been a long while Hero G.o.d Shiro, one of the wardens of Fallens Heavenly prison.".Although, her greeting to him had a very different name compared to the name Weissia had called him recently. Neo wasn't bothered, instead he just responded back with a friendly smile,"Likewise. And say h.e.l.lo to my buddy Na.s.sus for me would you?".Then, he flipped a page from his mysterious obsidian book,"And the four sides intertwine...".Weissia coughed herself quite suddenly,"hem!".Otorine was startled and her focus was caught. Then, Weissia reminded her something important,"I've called you here as there's something I need to tell you. And I'm sure you'll be interested on what I have to say...".Otorine just nodded but, she felt tense as well, due to Weissia's truly serious look on her face. As for the chilling and relaxing Neo, he just snapped his fingers. The next moment, his hand already had a crimson wine on a gla.s.s. He drank it, while his eyes were filled with deep interest on what was happening inside the room. Weissia stood up and put her hands behind, while she was looking through the clear window,"Tell me, HEAD BLADE G.o.dDESS Otorine, were you inspired by the ideals of Distro, the ent.i.tiy of Distortion unearthed by Celestia Heavens?".Otorine gulped, as she was asked a philosophical question,As for Neo, he just put his leg on top of the other and took a sip of his rose blood wine. Silence had encroached through the air, as Otorine didn't utter out a word for a long time. Though, soon enough, she replied back straight in the eye,"I'll just tell you this G.o.ddess Queen Weissia. Celestia Heavens may not be perfect, as the other Heavenly systems and divine realms but, atleast we all strive for progress to be better than ever before.".After that, she took a deep breathe, as her reply made her throat dry. Neo complimented her somehow,"Amazing response head Blade G.o.ddess Otorine...".Weissia nodded as well. Afterwards, the muting air was present once again, as neither of the two G.o.ddesses conversed with one another for quite some time. Weissia took a glance at Otorine and continued their conversation,"I could sense that you're having doubts G.o.ddess Otorine. Tell me, what's disturbing you?".Otorine took a deep breath, as the G.o.ddess Queen noticed her strange behavior. Thereon, she spilt the beans with added gestures filled with doubts,"G.o.ddess Queen Weissia, could you tell me why you yourself conspired with Distro, the ent.i.ty of Distortion? And about Senku's case as well?".Weissia turned to look at Neo abruptly. Neo just nodded with a cold-look on his face for some reason. In turn, Weissia sighed and took a seat at her workplace once more. She held her chilling hands and stared at Otorine straight in the eye,"I guess it's time to tell you the truth behind this distortion...".After that, Weissia elaborated,"About this Distortion, more or less it's a TEST given by the ALMIGHTY OBSERVER to see if Celestia Heavens is worthy of its existence. And yes we've pa.s.sed and Celestia Heavens live on once more."She showed a golden scroll that had divine sacred scriptures that says pa.s.sed. More so, it had a signature that has the cursive name below written as, G.o.d. Neo just agreed with what Weissia had said a while ago. Then, Weissia continued to spout more,"Just like how we deities TEST MORTAL BEINGS in our world, we're being tested by a greater and a higher being as well.".Weissia looked down,"You might see it as cruel and heartless yet, it's an unbreakable divine law of nature. We're also sure that HE/SHE has his/her own reasons as well. Since, we are ONE OF THE IMPERFECT CREATIONS who created MORE IMPERFECT REALMS.".It appeared there was an ent.i.ty higher than Weissia or any G.o.ddess Queen or even any G.o.d King of a Heavenly realm. An ent.i.ty who does his/her own bidding free from all the bounds of Heavenly realms. In which, Distro questioned his/her reasons upon letting him exist. Otorine somehow understood of what Weissia had said. Then, Weissia continued with a confident smile on her face,"And yes, we will no longer be affected by Distortion. As we've proven our worth. So we are all free from worries and most of the G.o.ddesses are having a vacation now, for some reason.".Weissia looked away abruptly and she looked worried,"I don't know about the states of the other Heavenly systems/realms though...".Otorine made a frown as well, as she recalled the ruined heavenly realms through her memories,"Oh the news...".When Neo was witnessing that the two G.o.ddesses were feeling down under the weather. He tried to liven up the atmosphere with a proud smile and a thumbs-up,"Rest a.s.sured, LUNAMIS HEAVENLY SYSTEM/REALM was able to subjugate our own brand of Distortion too.".Although, he held his forehead and swapped his optimistic smile with a face of subtle pity abruptly,"It just saddens me that we lost one of the most beautiful G.o.ddesses ever.".Then, he uttered out more flowery words,"In which the fruit of wills grew beyond their own boundary of the ever untold.".Otorine just made a nod, even though she looked-like she didn't entirely grasp Neo's weird yet, unnerving verses. Then, she looked at the G.o.ddess Queen again,"I understand what you mean G.o.ddess Queen Weissia. There's always a bigger fish out there...".Although, she was quite bothered in her thoughts,"And how come Shiro knows about what's happening in other Heavenly realms as well?".Guess Otorine doesn't know it yet. Neo looked satisfied of the conversation going on, so he took another sip of his spirit. Although, it was already emptied into nothingness. In turn, he just made it to vanish into thin air and raised his,"How about the case of Senku, my dear adorable wife G.o.ddess Queen Weissia?".Otorine's eyes were widely flabbergasted due to Neo's sudden ent.i.tlement to the G.o.ddess Queen,"W-wife?!".Though, Otorine noticed that Weissia didn't react. Rather, the G.o.ddess Queen just didn't mind the ent.i.tlement and went on with the real gist of the scenario,"About Senku, it's my fault...".Otorine felt a cold shoulder as the G.o.ddess Queen accepted the burden. Weissia looked at Otorine with her honest eyes,"You see, G.o.ddess Otorine...Distortion can't survive without a host. So it needs to attach itself to another ent.i.ty, like a deity perhaps. In which that certain deity need to do diabolical and twisted deeds in order to manifest it through the extremes.".Then, Weissia took another sigh, in order to catch her breath,"At first...I chose Senku because, I felt that he might be able to supress it's malevolence, even though he'll indulge himself in very twisted ways later on. Since, he has deep feelings for Lilieth, Liliath, and to you as well deep down.".Afterwards, Weissia lowered her head with a look of pity,"Sadly, his carnal desire was too much for him to handle, so he just succ.u.mbed to the ways of Distortion. Thus, he kept on enslaving almost all of the G.o.ddesses he finds most pleasing and interesting in his eyes.".Otorine agreed with Weissia's statement,"Yes. He powered up his Distortion in great extremes that even made Distro, the ent.i.ty of Distortion himself to be truly overpowered. Though, Distro can't handle it in a body that has limits, so Distro destroyed his own self in the aftermath. In which that was the whole plan of Senku...somehow.".Weissia made a little compliment yet, she looked stressed and disappointed, while she was holding her forehead,"Yes, Senku did plan this out very well, even if I was against it...".Neo just nodded, while his arms were crossed. Not much soon, he brought out his black pocket book and flapped his mouth,"Two birds in one stone. Senku's really an amazing guy 'til the end of his existence.".He pointed at Otorine with a cunning smile of either a demon or an angel for anyone's eyes,"As he also triggered your G.o.dDESS MANIFESTIO. A secret divine power that can transcend the capabilities of a G.o.ddess through SHEER SUFFERING and struggles. That even made Distro weaker...".Otorine just didn't react from their straightforward statements. Rather, she seemed to be growing hungry. As she was staring at the shiny and delectable chocolate bunny on top of Weissia's desk with her wishful eyes. Neo took notice of Otorine's sight on the chocolate bunny but, he just tried to control his laughter. Weissia had stopped feeling down. She composed herself and asked Otorine,"Is there something else you wanted to ask?".Otorine had stopped locking on her eyes on the chocolate bunny, as she was asked a question,"Y-yes...".There after, she asked the G.o.ddess Queen once more,"G.o.ddess Queen Weissia, may I ask of you. Do you think we're all just living in an illusion?".Neo made an interested grin, as Otorine asked a sublime and direct question,"Uh huh...".For some strange reason Weissia didn't reply immediately, turning the air to grow quite intense and chilly. She just shut her eyes and held her hands firmly, trying to form a statement in her mind. Otorine felt a cold shoulder, as their G.o.ddess Queen was too long to respond,"M-my apologies, your highness...I-I shouldn't have...".Though, Weissia opened her eyes and interrupted Otorine with a sarcastic grin,"Since you are already dead in your mortal world before. It is your call whether you should call everything you sense here to be real or not.".Afterwards, the G.o.ddess Queen brought out her glorious arms. Divine light was shining upon her as well. As she was an evangelistic preacher from the heavens above,"This realm is a haven for lost souls who had striving desires to do better in which they had failed to do. An imperfect heavenly realm called CELESTIA HEAVENS. The realm of promsing desires to come true whether you like it or not.".Otorine was quite awestruck by Weissia's grandiose statement. Neo just continued to flip his book but, he was making a proud smile, as he saw how his wife acted. Otorine seemed to be quite satisfied of the G.o.ddess Queen's response, so she bid farewell,"I see...good day G.o.ddess Queen Weissia.".Then, she turned to look at Neo who was still sitting on the sofa,"And to you too Hero G.o.d Shiro.".Neo closed his book and reminded her,"G.o.ddess Otorine, I think I should tell you something as well. My name called Shiro is just a cover-up.".Otorine was dumbfounded of Neo's strange reply. Though, Neo didn't mind her reaction. Instead, he made a stoic expression and held his hands together,"Rather, my true name is Neo, G.o.d King of Lunamis Heavenly realm.".Suddenly, he swapped his strict expression with that of a friendly neighbor next door,"The so-so G.o.d King of the chillaxing Lunamis Heavenly realm.".Otorine was entirely surprised, as she graced her presence to another highly positioned deity similar to G.o.ddess Queen Weissia unknowingly. Although, she just greeted him back composedly,"I see, glad to know your true self Shiro, I-I mean G.o.d King Neo from another heavenly realm...".Sooner or later, Otorine departed from the G.o.ddess Queen's quarters. Thereon, the married couple had the whole place all to themselves. As the runic door was shut, the casual air returned. Neo raised his legs in order to lie down on the sofa in a comfortable way,"And the winds of azure continued to flow once more...".Though, Weissia's eyebrows were twitching, as she saw her husband loafing around in her workplace. Soon, she stood up and held her hips in front of Neo. More so, her seething eyes were staring at him for some reason,"By the way, my weird husband Neo, could you tell me on why would you tell Head Blade G.o.ddess Otorine your true ident.i.ty? Do you have such an interest on her hm?!".Her hand grabbed Neo's wolf ear, trying to pull it away. Neo expressed his pain as he was a kid,"Ow ow ow! Not the ear!Weissia barraged at him more,"C'mon spill it you lazy mutt!".Neo cried pathetically,Okay okay geez!".As soon as her husband asked for divine mercy of the heavens, she had stopped torturing his furry ear. Then, she sat beside him, making Neo to sit properly. After that Neo expressed himself with aided gestures,"Well, as they say...It's better to say the truth than to live in a lie right?".He looked up and told more with his wishful eyes,"Not only that, I want that new Head Blade G.o.ddess of yours to know some truths in order for her to not have any doubts, frustrations, and confusions. Unlike the previous Head Blade G.o.ddess had.".Weissia seemed to understand what her husband had said. Neo turned to look at his wife and carressed her bunny ears,"If you're amazing wife who almost gets jealous all the time, I don't have any interest on a G.o.ddess who's too quiet than the wind.".Weissia just pouted as a young teenager. Neo made a daring smile and continued to compliment her indirectly with his arms stretched along the sofa,"Besides I prefer a G.o.ddess who loves to eat all the ice cream I make...".That moment, Neo remembered something and held his wife's delicate and soft hands of pa.s.sion,"Oh and I have another ice cream treat for you, my truly majestic G.o.ddess Queen.".When Weissia heard the magic words, her long bunny ears were twitching with excitement. As she acted like an eager highschool girl, with her eyes twinkling as the stars,"Ooooh! What is it c'mon tell me!".Neo made a grin,It's called...".His hand held her chin and he gave her a daring look of a ca.s.sanova of l.u.s.t,"Creampie...".Wooshing silence was in the air, as Neo said something stupid. Weissia's hype went down the drain and she just looked away subtly. In her thoughts, she was even more disturbed,"Ugh, why did I even marry this weirdo mutt...".Although, her cheeks were blushing, as freshly picked strawberries aided by her l.u.s.tful smile of a maiden. A thirsty maiden who wanted to indulge herself after a very long time of waiting. More so, her sacred flower of divine licorice was making the sofa moist as well. Honestly, this G.o.ddess Queen is h.o.r.n.y lady behind her highly demeanor.Meanwhile, Otorine was traversing along the vibrant and non-claustrophobic restored hallways of Celestia Heavenly mall. A while later, she remembered something recently,"So that's the answer of our G.o.ddess Queen I see...".As she glanced around, everyone was back to their usual selves. The air of malice and destruction was no longer felt. Everything was bustling as it was a free yet, market. The boastful G.o.ds and heroes were trying to prove who's better. While for the G.o.ddesses, they were still as shopaholic as ever, going in and out of the boutiques forevermore. Not much soon, she was quite baffled when she remembered something strange from Neo's mouth,"I wonder why did Neo call G.o.ddess Queen Weissia his wife though? Nevermind...".As she was moving along, she stumbled unto a G.o.ddess who had pink hair and dressed in an eccentric bikini-like outfit of a gravure idol in her younger days,"Oof! Sorry! M-my bad!",The cute and s.e.xy-looking G.o.ddess apologized and went elsewhere, looking problematic for some reason,"Huuuuaahhh! I'm late for my vacation!".Soon enough, Otorine continued on her next destination,"Now to meet up with Na.s.sus...who's an adult now...".Later, she arrived at the outdoor area of Celestia Heavenly mall. Her skin felt the gentle breeze, while the whole sky was basked in beautiful sunset. The peach paved floor made her walk even more engaging and there were lots of tables with huge umbrellas at the center tables nearby. Soon, she entered at a floating outdoor beach restaurant that maximized the clear and dazzling appearance of the orange sunset. As she met eyes with the little Na.s.sus, she looked seedy-eyed but, she just took a seat next to him. That moment, Otorine was hearing irksome rumors about her being a nymphomaniac or a pedophile who's into underaged boys. In turn, she expressed her annoyed self,"Geez Na.s.sus...I know you have the powers to turn into a kid now, thanks to G.o.ddess Queen Weissia.".Then, she leaned and whispered near his ear,"But people here are staring at us...".More divinities and people were looking at them with disgusted and disturbed looks, as she was a dirty cougar. The young Na.s.sus just made a frown,"Sorry...".Afterwards, he cast loud,"REVERLAS EPOCH!".The youthful Na.s.sus was being surrounded by lots of starry lights. Soon enough, the lights burst out and he was back to his real adult form. His toned muscles had returned aided by his body of a model and a warrior of the battlefield. His manly and handsome profile and fierce eagle-eyes would make any divine woman would wet her panties at any moment. Strange thing is, his cold aura was no longer witnessed. Even his edginess and wrath had disappeared from his eyes as well. Otorine had stopped feeling a chill in her spine, as she was satisfied of her lover agreeing with her necessary demands,"Much better...".A while later, a waiter from the the divine outskirts gave them their menu and the waiter went elsewhere. Na.s.sus scratched his own chin. Then, he asked his date with his very low baritone voice aided with a cool smile on his face,"So what are you gonna order? My dear G.o.ddess savior and the new Head Blade G.o.ddess?".Otorine replied while she was looking at the menu she was holding,"Hmmmm, I'll have the slime dragon steak...".Na.s.sus just looked down with a laughing grin on his face,"As usual, you prefer the unique and weird kinds of food. And that's what I like about you...".Otorine's eyebrows twitched but, she just composed her nerves,"Thank you my dear Na.s.sus. Although, I think you're insulting me as well...".Na.s.sus just scoffed like a teasing kid, as he was trying to p.i.s.s her even more for some reason. As Otorine's flawless hand was lying on the table, Na.s.sus held her hand and looked at her directly with his pa.s.sionate eyes of a lover. Otorine noticed him, so she looked at him straight in the eye and their eyes locked into each other. Time stood still for them and both of them were in a trance of the waltzing petals along the honeyed breeze of the vibrant sunset. Neither of them cared for the presence of others as they were secured in their own world that perfect moment. Dazzling stars were dancing for them. Their melting cores were racing fast, even though they were just bonded in the trance. Inside Otorine's thoughts, she was very much convinced and completely satisfied,"Even though this is just an illusionary afterlife for others. It is all real for me. My senses, my feelings, my friends, our people, and ofcourse...".She closed her eyes and she made the smile of a blessed maiden of the stars,"My dear beloved Na.s.sus. They are all real.".That sudden moment, Otorine's smartphone rang, ending her and her lover's trance in a snap. Na.s.sus was quite dumbstruck, as they got a call out of the blue. Otorine brought out her smartphone and took the video call. There, she saw the excited Yumine on her screen,"ORI! ORI! GUESS WHAT!".Otorine replied,"What?".Yumine expressed gleefully,"Miro and Na.s.sus are no longer Fallens but...".Then, she raised her arms up high,"THE NEW WARDENS OF THE HEAVENLY PRISON! TRAINED BY THAT LAZY a.s.s HERO G.o.d SHIRO!"."YEAH!",Miro popped-out beside Yumine from the phone's screen. While for Otorine she tilted her head as she was entirely dumbfounded,"Eh?".

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