Reborn As A Dragon!? Chapter 21: Two Rivals Finally Meet Again


Reborn As A Dragon!?

Reborn As A Dragon!? Chapter 21: Two Rivals Finally Meet Again


We both walk over to where the door is and fire our strongest breath attacks which mine can now match hers. The barrier starts to crack and then shatters after around 10 seconds.

(Alderam) - "Let us go..."



As I and Hikari start to head down to the lower floors, I decided to take a look at my status as I believe that it is going to be crazy due to my evolution.

Let's just see how broken my abilities are now... (Sigh)


[Alderam] (Sora):

[Race: Adult - Ancient Darkness Dragon]

[Age: 5 - 10]

[Level 75 - 100]


HP: 142000 - 425000

Attack: 17000 - 36000

Speed: 7500 - 14000 (Flight 24000 - 55000)

Defense: 18500 - 32500

Magic: 30000 - 100000

Intelligence: 1500 - 2000

Luck: 1400

Skills: [Fly](SS) [Fire Breath](SS - SSS) [Soul Tear](S -SS) [Intimidation](S) [Dragon Magic](SSS) [Darkness Breath](SSS) [Appraisal](SS - SSS) [Conceal Status](SS) [Dragons Might](SS - SSS) [Flight Speed](S) [Hover](S) [Air Slice](S) [Communication](S - SS) [Killing Intent](B - A) [Size Manipulation](A - S) [Telepathy](S) [Dimensional Storage](A) [Darkness Slash](SS - SSS) [Human Transformation](SS)

Special Skills: [Accelerated Growth](S) [Darkness Eater](SSS) [End of Creation](SSS) [Darkness Illusion](SS) [Pocket Sand](SS) [Blind](A - S)

Pa.s.sive Skills: [Calmness](SS) [Magic Resistance](SS) [Poison Resistance](SS) [Fire Resistance](SS) [Cold Resistance](SS) [Pain Nullification](A - S) [Dark Affinity](SS) [Dark Aura](E - SS) [Darkness Heal](SS - SSS) [Dragon Language](S - SS) [Sand Throw](SS)

t.i.tles: Baby of Darkness, World Eater, Small Dragon, Heartless, l.u.s.t for money, Alderam, Adolescent Dragon, Compa.s.sionate, Cold-Blooded Killer, Sand Maniac, Underdog, Ohh Shiny


I don't even know what to say at this point in time. Honestly, I couldn't say that I didn't see this coming, but it is crazy to look at how high the numbers actually are. Hey, wait a minute...

Karen, why is skill nullification off of my skill list?

Answer: All of your skills are too powerful to be nullified, so I have removed it therefore the skill [Dark Aura] is now back into effect as an SS skill.

Well isn't this just dandy? I will basically be walking around with my zipper down everywhere I go now. However, the boost in power is so very nice. It was also nice that my height didn't grow at all probably due to my being at my maximum height limit.

If I remember correctly, Parthenia was an ancient dragon, but I guess that me being the literal sp.a.w.n of this world's version of satan made me a lot stronger than her while I am in this evolution.

I just hope that [Dark Aura] doesn't give me away to any strong foes, not that there are very many things in this world that can actually harm me.

Now that I have figured out that the dungeon master of this dungeon is 'TheLegend27' or the Dragonborn in this world, I will need to figure out if he is from my world or not to make sure that he can be reasoned with. h.e.l.l, he even defeated Alduin which I presume to be much stronger than my current form. Leo probably couldn't hold a candle to this dude.

My thoughts get interrupted with Hikari telling me something that I really didn't want to hear at this time considering that I am almost done with my quest of completing this annoying dungeon.

(Hikari) - "I sense somebody a few floors above us who has holy and dark magic. It seems as there are two conflicting forces in their body and could explode at any point in time."

Dark magic? Since when did somebody have both Holy and dark magic? The Dragonborn is below us and I don't remember running into any boss or monster that had that type of magic. They were usually just some brainless monster that fought me and got disposed of quickly by either me or Nightmare.

Nightmare fought when I got bored and he is still p.i.s.sed at me for using him that way. He told me that I am 'blessed' to have a feline like him. I would agree with him if he wasn't annoying as s.h.i.t and could be useful in scenarios other than beating up some poor/weak monsters.

(Alderam) - "Do you want to check it out? We could almost definitely take this being out if we were both there."

Knowing that this could be a better fight than the things we were currently fighting. Don't get me wrong, these monsters were a lot more powerful than the ones on previous floors and I would have to expend some energy to take them out. However...

We have a f.u.c.king Hikari, and she does not take s.h.i.t from anybody trying to hurt me. I fear I have paired up with a yandere. (;-;)

(Hikari) - "Sure, we already spent 5 years together and we have gotten to know one another better and I w-- (cough cough) yes, let us go."

We are currently on the 48th floor and decide to do a complete 180 back up to the higher floors to meet whoever this stranger is. I already cleared out all of the bosses in this dungeon except for whatever may lie on the 50th, so somebody decently strong should be able to get down here with no problems.

Leo P.O.V.

I am starting to wonder if the dragon is even down here considering that I am already on the 42nd floor. No bosses are to be seen which implies that he probably flew past this as easily as I did. Even though he is a child, he should be strong enough to take out the enemies that I found on the way down here.

It is then when I feel a dark presence that makes my body shiver for a few seconds. Seems like whatever is at the bottom of this dungeon is seriously bad news. I will not go to the 50th floor as I believe that this 'thing' all of the foes that I have faced so far.

I have darkness in my arm now, so I have a pretty strong affiliation with dark magic, but I can feel the side effects as I have been coughing up blood. My holy magic has been trying to fuse with my newly acquired dark magic, but it seems that it is not as easy as I thought it would be.

My strength has risen a considerable amount due to this and I feel as though I have gained new senses. Dark magic is dangerous considering that I can now sense dark energy and have increased strength during the night or in dark areas such as the dungeon.

A smile appears on my face as I feel as though I am getting closer to my goal. I have never failed a mission in my entire life and this will not be the first.

(Author - Shut up, people don't like your expositions)


I turn all the way around me and can't find anyone.

(Author - I think I am the G.o.d of this world considering you are my character)

(Leo) - "I will continue on my journey, but if I find you, I will kill you for speaking in this way towards me."

I make my way towards the 44th floor but I feel the same dark presence from before coming up the stairs. I ready myself to what comes out of that staircase by taking my sword out and backing up a few meters.

I start to see a large white dragon that is extremely beautiful. The creature is truly majestic and elegant.

(Hikari) - "Hey, who the f.u.c.k are you human?"

Those markings on its body, how the dragon looks, it can only be her. Hikari the dragon G.o.d of light. That is the presence I sensed earlier, but to find out that she was radiating off dark energy is mindblowing.

(Leo) - "M'lady, I am the holy knight Leo, I have come to get rid of the child of the darkness dragon, your sworn enemy. I have come to believe that he is in this very dungeon and I would be gratefully appreciative if you could help me locate this evil."

(Hikari) - "So... It's you huh?"

(Leo) - "Hmm?"

(Hikari) - "Hey darling, is this the man you were talking about?"

As she says that, a large black dragon about the same size as she emerges from the staircase as I am in awe. The dragon looks to be an ancient dragon and to see that the dark and light are paired up amazes me.

Alderam P.O.V.

Holy s.h.i.t, it's him! I start to shiver as I get nervous from looking at him again, but stop as I realize that he might be weaker than me right now considering that I have gained so many increases and evolutions from the last time he saw me. It seems as though he does not recognize me anymore by the look on his face which shows pure confusion and respect.


[Holy Knight] (Leo):

[Race: High Human]

[Age: 42]

[Level 183]


HP: 225000

Attack: 22000 (+1200)

Speed: 12000 (+1250)

Defense: 24000 (+2250)

Magic: 70000

Intelligence: 2200

Luck: 2500

Skills: [Swordsmanship](SSS) [Intimidation](SS) [Killing Intent](SS) [Speed Boost](SS) [Reinforce Armor](SS) [Dark Magic](S) [Holy Magic](SSS) [Critical Slash](SS) [Holy Spear](SS) [Apraisal](SS) [Conceal Status](SS) [Holy Slash](SSS) [Dark Slash](S)

Special Skills: [Sage Art Storm Release: Light Fang](SS) [Lions Pride](SSS) [Sword Burst](SS) [Darkness Bind](S)

Pa.s.sive Skills: [Calmness](S) [Pain Nullification](SS) [Darkness Afiliation](S) [Holy Affiliation](SSS) [Poison Resistance](SS) [Magic Resistance](SS)

Equipment: Holy Sword (Attack +1000), Holy Chestplate (Defense + 1400), Holy Leggings (Speed +250, Defense +750), Holy Boots (Speed +800), Swordsman Gloves (Attack +200, Defense +100).

t.i.tles: Holy Knight, G.o.d Slayer, Swordsman, Leo, S ranked Adventurer, Dragon Slayer, Sun G.o.d Leo, Corrupted Magic


He is still pretty strong considering his stats. His arm seems to have grown back but I can sense nothing but pure dark energy coming off of it. He replaced his arm with dark energy which is why his stats probably doubled because he would've wiped the floor with Parthenia if he had this power.

I can see that his level has increased as well and has aged by one year which means that I got my 5 years before he could enter the dungeon to stunt my growth into the beast that I am now.

However, his growth compared to mine is...


Leo changes his look at Alderam from a one of respect to a one of anger.

(Leo) - "What was that you said you overgrown liz---"

(Alderam) - "It's me, Alderam, you dumba.s.s!"

(Hikari) - "What the f.u.c.k were you just about to call him!?"

The color drops from my face when Hikari nails Leo in the chest with her tail and he goes flying into the wall. Thank G.o.d that I didn't fight this lady.

I walk over to Leo as he is planted in the wall and I say...

(Alderam) - "Meet" I struggle to get it out because I just can't say it.

(Alderam) - "...Wife Hikari."


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