Quick Transmigration Of A Rotten Meat Chapter 5


Quick Transmigration Of A Rotten Meat

Quick Transmigration Of A Rotten Meat Chapter 5

THE ESTRANGED MOTHER AND SON X THE SON WHO YEARNED FOR MOTHER'S LOVE (5) What the h.e.l.l! Why do I have to have a very healthy physique? Is it because I'm too dirty, or is the system having some other scheme? It's a pity that no matter how Lin LuLu asked and called, the system wouldn't answer a peep. At last, Lin LuLu also decided not to tangle herself with this situation!

–Rong Yan's perspective–

Rong Yan hastily walked all the way without a shred of his steady appearance like before. He didn't care the attendants who called out to him from the back, because he's walking while pondering how he actually could have that kind of feeling to his own mother.

Simply because he walked in a hurry, he unconsciously b.u.mped into a servant girl on the way to his room.

Looking at the servant girl whimpering with a wronged look, "Aah, it hurts!" as she caressed her own head, her eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears, and her clothes in a mess because of the colliding, revealing a part of her delicious shoulder… She moved with an extremely teasing gesture, like she had practiced it a lot of times already.

If it was the usual him, he would surely call his attendants to drive her away, but because he thought about that pair of small feet, his heart was agitated all of a sudden and he can't refrain to see if all woman possesses that kind of creamy and exquisite small feet.

Thereupon, he feigned a cough and said, "Open your shoes…"

The servant girl paused for a bit without any reaction, thinking that this development was really too quick! After that, her heart felt joy as she thought to herself: XiaoXi said that Young Master is an indifferent and cold person that there is simply no one that succeeded in seducing him!

She didn't expect that she was successful in just a little bit of time, thinking that she would become the Marquis' wife, she couldn't wait to see this cheap slave XiaoXi be tormented to death by her! She madly laughed inside her heart.

"What's wrong? Quickly take it off!" He said in an anxious manner, making the servant girl hastily took off her socks, and in her joy, she forgot that she hadn't took a bath in several days. Thus when she took the socks off, she herself became aware of her feet's heavy, acidic smell. Rong Yan who enjoyed high position and lived in comfort, when he smelt the acidic, foul odor just like a rotten and moldy food, although he never smelt it before, he just knew that it would definitely be like this one. He couldn't help but vomited out what he ate this morning. In a great rage, he roared, "Get out! Get out from my face! Don't let me see your face again!" Instead of being the same as those translucent small feet in his imagination, that servant girl's feet looked big in size. Although not as big as his, but those dead black skin around the ankles, not at all fair and translucent. Furthermore, that extreme body odor made him lose his appet.i.te immediately. In his heart he silently compared both of them, and thought that his own mother was beautiful, bewitching… No, I shouldn't think like this! This isn't right, yeah, it isn't right... Rong Yan's mouth murmured in a low whisper continuously, like he was hypnotizing himself. He didn't look and care how the servant girl bolted out like a frightened dog because of his roar.
    ………………     ……………………     ………………………… When Rong Yan's consciousness returned, he felt that there were a pair of feet in his hands… He was in a daze, he didn't care whose, he only wanted to fondle tenderly and softly, rubbing and pinching those pair of feet between his fingers until it became ruddy and glistening, just like those cherries…

Because of his constant rubbing and pinching, the young girl let out a sweet a cloying moan just like a nightingale's, "En… Ah…", Rong Yan felt an incomparable satisfaction at that moment, he felt his own heart palpitating and jumping out of order, his body boiling hot.

Looking at those feet struggling out of his hand, he felt anxious. But when he anxiously thought the pair of feet wanted to part from him, it instead stroked the hot shaft in the middle of his body.

When the tender and delicate small feet touched his prided rod, it immediately jumped up hard with a rigid stance, the middle of his white trousers faintly damp with a sticky liquid the color of milk, filling the air with a debauched and alluring sweet smell… Rong Yan let out a low groan all of a sudden, "Nnghh…"

TL NOTE I'll translate this novel only until the first part, because apparently the raw is stopped in the middle, so I don't want to waste my time translating this unfinished novel.

And, this chapter will be the sacrifice to appease your hungry heart, because I'll be busy for a while and couldn't update anything. I'll be back with a long chapter of Fortunate Wife and chapter 7 of Taking My Elder Brothers As Husbands next week. Probably. Maybe. No promises.

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