Put Your Head On My Shoulder Chapter 3


Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Chapter 3

Finally it's chapter 3! In this chapter, Situ Mo finally meet with Gu Weiyi. What do you think will happen? t.i.tle: Put Your Head on My Shoulder (致我们暖暖的小时光)
Author: Zhou Gangan
Translation credit: Jia Chapter 3
Having clearly said to go at 10 o'clock, w.a.n.g Shan, a woman with a springy heart, had to get up and toss at 8 o'clock. She looked at the mirror and dolled herself up. n.o.body would say anything if she didn't make any noise, even if she is painted herself like a big cat. But she mustn't and kept dropping her eyeliner and liquid foundation. What's worse, she would give voice to every action - ‘Oh, my eyeliner.' ‘Oh, the eyeshadow dropped.' ‘Ah, foundation solution.'

Hu Niu, who had a shallow sleep in the dormitory was not happy, ‘You have been muttering endlessly, just to meet a lover brother!' Hu Niu's original name was Jiang Xian, a very small girl from Dongbei province, who is different from the northeastern girl in our impression. So we all decided to give her a strong nickname to show that she comes from northeast.

‘Don't say nonsense.' w.a.n.g Shan is also in a coy mood.

Situ Mo take a look at her cell phone, and the time is only 8:20! Her anger came up in a flash. She did not sleep well last night, because w.a.n.g Shan had been tossing and turning over the whole night. What's wrong with her this morning? Did that face deserve two hours?

Taking two deep breaths, Situ Mo opened her mouth and said, ‘w.a.n.g Shan, if you're in such a hurry, you can go first, there is need to wait for me. You'd better go out as soon as possible. Don't leave your friends waiting. We'll make up for sleep then.' After that, she turned over and went to sleep again.

w.a.n.g Shan was very aggrieved. Her nose was sour and she wanted to cry, but she did not dare to. Then she went on with her makeup. This time, she made little noise.

At about 10 o'clock, Situ Mo was awakened by a cry of ‘Mo, Mo'. Opening her eyes, she saw w.a.n.g Shan standing at the head of the bed and asked carefully, ‘Mo, it's 10 o'clock. You're not getting up?'

Situ Mo looked at the pitiful girl, and sighed in her heart. She said while getting up, ‘Wait ten minutes.'

Situ Mo sent a message to Fu Pei upon getting on the bus. Fu Pei called back quickly and said, ‘Mo, I was trying to call you again. Be careful on the bus. Call me two stops in advance.'

‘Ok.' Situ Mo was too sleepy to talk with him and hung up the phone.

She leaned her head against the gla.s.s window and looked at the rows of high buildings retreating back. All of a sudden, she was wondering on how she could be in this city. A strong sense of wandering suddenly surged into her mind. This feeling had happened to her in her freshman year, when she fell asleep in a public cla.s.s and woke up a little confused, as if she were still in the high school cla.s.sroom, the countdown of the college entrance exam could be seen with a turn of the head and… Fu Pei's smiling eyes.

Shaking off her dull head, Situ Mo turned her head and saw w.a.n.g Shan fixing her makeup with a mirror. In fact, w.a.n.g Shan looked very good, with fine eyebrows, eyes and mouth, and grace that comes from the south of the Yangtze River. She seemed like a girl who's coming out of an ink painting, but she had too heavy of makeup, making her look not very coordinated, like a mixture of ink and oil paintings. Suddenly, Situ Mo wanted to laugh, because she remembered the words in Mulan, ‘ By the window l combed and coiffed my cloudy hair, before the mirror l adorned my forehand with a yellow pattern'

It's sure enough that women dress up for their beholders. Looking down at her casual clothes, she shouldn't have cared about it long time ago.

Before getting off the bus, Situ Mo received another call from Fu Pei, ‘Didn't I ask you to call me? Where are you now?'

Well, she's forgotten to call him.

Situ Mo hung up the phone, jumped out and waved to Fu Pei at the station. He rushed over in a rage and said, ‘I have tried to call you every minute, but I don't get your call, neither could I get through to your phone.'

‘Calm down, calm down. My cell phone had been that way since it fell. I'm here right now.' Situ Mo stood on tiptoe and patted him on the shoulder. ‘Let me see, it's quite a beast in a bachelor's uniform.' This is true. Fu Pei has dashing eyebrows, phoenix eyes, tall and straight nose and slightly thinner lips, which makes him charming.

Fu Pei stared at her and looked around to see the person behind her. ‘Who did you bring?'

‘My roommate, w.a.n.g Shan.' Situ Mo pulled w.a.n.g Shan out of her back. ‘She has friends from your school who took graduation photos today as well.'

‘Hey, remember me?' w.a.n.g Shan greeted shyly.

‘Beauty, How could I forget?' Fu Pei said with a smile, ‘You have graced our school with your presence.'

w.a.n.g Shan smiled behind her hands while Situ Mo rolled her eyes.

‘Come on, let's take photos.' Fu Pei said while trying of putting his hand on Situ Mo's shoulder, but he had to put his hand down because Situ Mo was glaring at him.

Fu Pei's school was really a well-known Polytechnic school. Although not brilliant, at least it's magnificent. There are many people selling flowers at the entrance. It is estimated that they are temporary sellers for the graduates.

Fu Pei ran over and soon came back with two bunches of flowers. He handed one of which to w.a.n.g Shan and said, ‘This one is for your friend, wish her a happy graduation.'

w.a.n.g Shan took the flower with a red face and whispered, ‘Thank you.'

Situ Mo wanted to smash his head with flowers. It seems that the man would die if he didn't pick up beauties in a day.

After a few steps, Situ Mo met the friend of w.a.n.g Shan. A girl with an ordinary appearance, but seemed hot and arrogant. The girls who were slightly better looking in general polytechnic schools all had this problem, because of boys' favour.

w.a.n.g Shan followed her friend and turned to look back at each step, as if her friend was going to sell her to a brothel.

‘Your roommate's friend is very famous.' Fu Pei handed the remaining bunch of flowers to Situ Mo.

‘What is her famous for?' Situ Mo did not accept the flower, but was interested in the gossips.

‘As soon as she entered school, two brothers fought for her, and it was heard that someone had committed suicide for her.' Fu Pei stuffed the flowers into her arms. ‘Just hold these and give these to me when I take photos, so I can gain face.'

Situ Mo held the flowers and asked curiously, ‘How wonderful it is, what about the follow-up? Do you know her?'

Fu Pei knocked her on the head and said, ‘You're in charge of other people's affairs. Why should I know her?'

‘Because you'd rather kill the wrong than let it go.' Situ Mo shook her head twice.

‘Idiot.' Fu Pei reached over and rubbed her head.

‘Come on, don't you want to take photos.' Situ Mo tilted her head to avoid his hand.

There were people in black robes along the way. Fu Pei stopped many times to say h.e.l.lo. He took photos with different people. It seemed that he had a better popularity after he went to college. Finally he led her to stop in front of a group of boys.

‘Now, let me introduce her.' Fu Pei clapped his hands vigorously, arousing the attention of the boys who were playing, ‘This is Situ Mo, my baby.'

Situ Mo held flowers in one hand and pinched him at his waist with the other. At least, these are future elites of our motherland, how could he destroy her market.

‘h.e.l.lo, everybody, just call me Mo.' Situ Mo smiled and nodded at them. Situ Mo didn't like to be called her by name, because her surname was antique, like the heroine in kungfu fictions. She would always feel that in the next second, she had to draw a sword from behind her to start cutting demons, eliminating evil spirits, enforcing justice on behalf of heaven, helping the strong and supporting the weak, robbing the rich to help the poor, and so on.

‘You are the baby Mo who has been hidden by Fu Pei for four years?' A man sitting on the gra.s.s patted himself and stood up. ‘He describe you properly. You're really a great beauty.'

Looking at him, there are only two words left in Situ Mo's head - amazing. His thick eyebrows wrinkled slightly with a pointed and pedantic stare, and his s.e.xy lips raised lightly to reveal a mocking smile.

Mo was confused, when had she offend such a handsome man? Why had he talk in such mean way and stare at her in disgust?

‘That's right. Our Mo has always been beautiful.' Fu Pei put his arm around Mo's shoulder and sounded very proud.

Mo looked up and smiled at him, thinking that Fu Pei, oh, you're the only person who would think he was praising me sincerely. Her brows frowned even tighter when she saw the super handsome boy in the corner of her eyes, and her heart was crying. No wonder I haven't heard about Fu's new girlfriend lately. Has he been entangled by male compatriots?

‘h.e.l.lo, I'm Gu Weiyi. Nice to meet you,' said the handsome boy, who came with evil intent.

‘Ha ha, nice to meet you.' Mo gave him a gentle handshake. It was strange that she hasn't been well adapted to shake hands since she hasn't stepped out of school yet.

She looked at him once again. He had a temperament to wear a black scholar's robe with a distinctive taste.

Gu Weiyi was also looking at Situ Mo. Is this Fu Pei's unique treasure? She's barely beautiful, and there's nothing particular about her, except those bright eyes which were very attractive.

Next, Mo got to know Eyegla.s.ses, Big Fat and Ak in turn. Ak's skin is dark, so people translate black into Chinese, and call him Ak for short.

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