Princess Too Young, Prince Too Old 15: Frustrated Marquess Vii


Princess Too Young, Prince Too Old

Princess Too Young, Prince Too Old 15: Frustrated Marquess Vii

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It was a night when Mu Nanzhi come to the kitchen last time. In the dim light Mu Nanzhi couldn’t see Lu Zhishan clearly. Furthermore, she dared not to see him too. So she just see the outline of him. Now she was so close to him that she could even see the hair on his forehead. This face was chiselled and his skin was a bit rough and bronze-coloured. His eyebrows were dense and straight. His eyes were bright, not like the weak scholars. A word suddenly came into Mu Nanzhi’s mind and it was machismo. But she still felt that this word was not good enough to describe the man in front of her.

Lu Zhishan was a man of regular features. But his whole face looked really aggressive. This kind of atmosphere was made from a lot of experiences on the battlefield. He was not as beautiful as the third prince. His facial features were not as delicate as the fourth prince either. But Mu Nanzhi simply felt that Lu Zhishan’s appearance was the most impressive.

Mu Nanzhi was suddenly aware of the reason why emperor favoured the first prince so much. He was so outstanding and born with a sense of righteousness. He was gorgeous from head to toe. She was sure that Lu Zhishan must be a distinguished young man who was pretty popular several years ago. Emperor would definitely be happy to have such a son.

“Cousin, have you ever used the salve I brought you last time? Try it if you haven’t.” Mu Nanzhi averted her sight to the cashmere blanket on Lu Zhishan’s legs. It was not so thick and the outline of Lu Zhishan’s legs could be seen clearly. Mu Nanzhi looked at his knees, eyes filled with pity. His cousin was such a great hero. If his legs couldn’t recover, he would only spend his rest life in the Marquess Mansion, which was really pitiful.

“Okay, I will remember to use it.” Lu Zhishan tenderly nodded and then pointed at the lunch box on the ground questioning, “What’s this?”

“Oh, I forgot it. Thanks for reminding me, cousin. Look, there are five-color snacks and a plate of Good Luck Cake,” replied Mu Nanzhi immediately. She then opened the lunch box and explained it to Lu Zhishan. “This is a traditional custom of Northern Di. We always bring two plates of hand-made snacks to express our sincere solicitude. I know nothing about making snacks. So I ask one old maid to make them for me. But I knead the dough of Good Luck Cake myself. I’m not sure whether they taste good or not. Do you want to try?”

“I’m hungry indeed.” Lu Zhishan put the snacks on the table and casually ate one piece of Good Luck Cake. Noticing that Mu Nanzhi kept looking at him, Lu Zhishan smiled and said, “It really tastes good. I think it’s better than the snacks in Fragrance Bakery.”

Mu Nanzhi took one breath in relief, paused for a while and said, “Cousin, you look much thinner than two months ago. It’s really a great pity that my sister-in-law died at such a young age. But you should still take good care of yourself.”

Lu Zhishan wiped his hands and then brushed some paper ash on Mu Nanzhi’s shoulder saying, “It’s late now. Go back quickly.”

Mu Nanzhi’s legs were not numb any more. She bowed to the memorial tablet of Marchioness Duan and then left the mourning hall. As soon as she got out of the room, Mu Nanzhi felt cold. She quickly pulled the poncho on her shoulder and walked to the gate against the wind. As she gradually got far from the room, she suddenly missed the warmth of the mourning hall.

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