Peerless Genius System Chapter 5


Peerless Genius System

Peerless Genius System Chapter 5

Chapter 5: A Little Girl's Begging.

Xiao Luo's right foot firotive, flew upside down and landed on a solid ground four or five pletely stayed rooted on the spot, with her eyes wide open. Xiao Luo's body right now has a certain atparable as a souvenir.

She replicated that she couldn't say anything. It was like she was losing a very iing back, the man put the folding knife in his pocket, then he went to the little girl and looked down at the broken bowl where the little girl was begging. He was furious and kicked the little girl aside. “Motherf*cker, you are only going to work for this much after asking so much money? You don't want to eat today, do you?”

“If you dare not ask for money from those tourists, I will teach you a lesson today!”

The angry man with a ferocious face rolled up his sleeves and rushed up, grabbed the little girl by the hair and lifted her up in mid-air.

“Pain … pain …”

The little girl's feet were lifted off the ground, and the severe pain made her cry bitterly.

“Cry! Whats the use, cry again, let me teach you lesson!”

The man slapped the girl down with a big “pa” before sending another slap. One slap after another bombarded the little girl in the face without scruple.

The little girl only endured the pain and gritted her teeth to prevent herself from crying aloud, but her tears kept pouring down and her face swelled up at the speed visible to the naked eye.

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