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Peerless Genius System

Peerless Genius System Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Resignation.  Xiao Luo naturally has no time to pay attention to who doctors are looking for. [TL: ie the poor soul (intern) that's has "allegedly" f**ked up on the job]  He is now totally immersed in the excitement of the Mercenary King's Const.i.tution brought about by the Peerless Genius System. The iron railing of the hospital bed was twisted and deformed using only his bare hands and physical strength. This is a complete confirmation of the existence of the system, it being bonfide, and is not an illusion made after his concussion from the accident.  "If you don't die in a great disaster, you will be blessed. The ancients did not cheat me, hahaha ..." [TL: tsk... Lucky b*stard]  Xiao Luo laughed maniacally like an idiot. This kind of feeling... He is already seeing himself wearing a red underwear. He is like superman that can fly in the sky right now, it is difficult to use words to describe his excitement at the moment. [TL: the superman thingy is on the original text and I did not add that bit on my own volition... Just saying]  "Hey, Lao Xiao, what's the matter with you? Don't frighten me. Why are you like this, laughing foolishly to yourself?"  Zhang Dashan slapped Xiao Luo hard right on his face. He didn't see Xiao Luo pinched the iron railings of the hospital bed thus he can only claim such.  Xiao Luo looked at his college roommate and brother in front of him and wanted to tell him about the Peerless Genius System. [TL: I beg to differ about your decision... F*cking r*tard]  But on second thought, this kind of thing is simply delusive, plus saying it will only let Zhang Dashan conclude that he has mental derangement. In the end, this is too much of a stretch. Who would believe that such a thing like a system that has come from hundreds of billions of light-years away in a parallel universe and even have a name of Peerless Genius  System merging with him?  "As what I'm seeing, I have nothing to worry about. But tell me, why are you lying in the hospital, old timer? "  Zhang Dashan took his finger and poked Xiao Luo in the chest.  "Alas ...... frustrated in love!"  Xiao Luo sighed, he broke up with Zhao Mengqi prior, and then he briefly explained the accident of driving in the suburb during midnight.  After hearing this, Zhang Dashan sighed, "I lie in the trough. It's really a disaster."  "Can you get to the point?"  Xiao Luo gave him a look. [TL: Here we have a dumb f*ck who cannot understand his bro's words of 'wisdom']  Zhang Dashan immediately scolded: "The point is an egg. What a fart is Zhao Mengqi. It is her loss to break up with you. You are so outstanding, and you got tough back bones. It is said in the Year Book that you are the image of a monarch. Sooner or later, you will be rich enough to make Zhao Mengqi cry." [TL: I cannot think of a better term for, "The point is an egg," so if you have one leave it in the comments below. Original is photo book and I changed it into a year book.]  Xiao Luo laughed and clapped Zhang Dashan on the shoulder: "Dashan, I'll take your lying and efforts to the heart. No one can defeat you in the art of b*llsh*tting."  "F*ck off!"  Zhang Dashan impatiently waved, and then with a serious face, "By the way, do feel uncomfortable anywhere right now?  Do you want to vomit or something? "  "What can I do? I am lucky this time. I only crashed my car and avoided any injuries apart from fainting. I have nothing to do here and can be discharged from the hospital now."  Xiao Luo said.  "Lao Xiao, I am not interested in your 'look at how strong my body is for not having injury' bragging. Our body is our capital. We can't be careless. If you have no money for medical treatment, I have it here."  According to the relationship between the two, Zhang Dashan speaks straight and blunt and couldn't care less about being cryptic.  "I really don't need it!"  Xiao Luo jumped directly from the sick bed. Not only did he jumped three times on the floor, but he also started walking upside down to prove that he was twice as good and really sustained no injuries.  Zhang Dashan's eyes widened. "My darling, when did you learn to walk upside down and hide it from me so deeply?" [TL: his basically doing a handstand to those who don't know]  He was now convinced that Xiao Luo really did not have injuries.  "Ding, congratulations to the host, five points."  Xiao Luo ignored the system prompt, ended his handstand, patted the dust on his palm, and said to Zhang Dashan without a hint of happiness: "Do I have to report to you when I go to the toilet?" [TL: He's talking about not telling Dashan about knowing how to handstand]  "I'm not interested to know if you go to the toilet, but if you have experience with a certain sister, I'd be very happy to listen to, the more detailed the better, hey hey ..." Zhang Dashan obscenely laughed. [TL: just read ecchi then Dashan, also is this a foreshadow for the near future to us brothers (men and women alike) witnessing such detailed s*x?]  "Pah, your sister!"  "Kaka ~"  Zhang Dashan smiled and ran out to handle the discharge formalities for Xiao Luo.  Out of the hospital, they ate a simple breakfast together, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan went to the traffic police brigade, his rundown car was there, the car was seriously bent out of shape, even the engine is broken. Even if repaired, if the car is running on the flat road it would be b.u.mpy as h.e.l.l, equivalent to riding junk.  He had no choice but to apply for it to be sc.r.a.pped.  "Don't worry about it. Isn't just that one car? The old one can go as there is a new and better one to come, and so does a girlfriend. There is always a good car and a good woman in this world that is destined for you Lao Xiao."  Zhang Dashan comforted.  Xiao Luo smiled and said nothing. He now walked away from the sad mood. He saw many things through and was calmer than before, after obtaining the Mercenary King's Const.i.tution and experiencing a near death experience if not for the system saving him.  "Are we going home or to the company?"  Zhang Dashan opened the driver's door of his own Corolla and asked Xiao Luo. [TL: If anyone's interested here's the car, ]  "Go to the company."  "You are really dependable, insisting on going to work after an accident. If I were Ma Yun, I would definitely give you a blessing for your hard work." [TL: Ma Yun also known as Jack Ma is a Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and executive chair of the Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate.]  "Not to go to work, to resign!"  Xiao Luo corrected in a helpless way.  Zhang Dashan frowned, feeling a little excited: "Is it just because Zhao Mengqi is about to resign, but wouldn't it be a bit too unintelligent, old timer?"  Xiao Luo sighed, without explanation, he opened the co-pilot door and got into the car. [TL: lack of term for co pilot suggest in the comments]  In fact, the idea of resigning has long existed. Working in a manufacturing factory is not only repeatative every day, but also lacks challenges and he cannot see the way forward.  He has been doing not particularly satisfactory, if it weren't for Zhao Mengqi also working in Huahai group, he would have chosen to leave, now with the Peerless Genius System, he doesn't need to confine his career to Huahai group.  Zhang Dashan didn't go to invasive about the reason, he got into the driving position, and drove all the way to send Xiao Luo to Huahai Group.  "Lao Xiao, take it easy, we are men, there is no need to be sad and depressed for a woman who does not cherish herself."  Zhang Dashan spoke again in attempt to comfort Xiao Luo.  "Relax, my mind, I can adjust well."  Xiao Luo felt warm in his heart, "By the way, you drive carefully, don't follow my steps and get into an accident."  "Bah, bah ... the dog can't spit ivory out of its mouth, I'll come back to you when I have time."  After saying so, immediately Zhang Dashan stepped on the accelerator, he drove his Corolla away. [TL: "the dog can't spit ivory out of its mouth" is basically, "nice things can't come from a bad source" ]  Xiao Luo watched him leave, until the shadow of the car disappeared. He looked back then turned around. With a work card in hand, he walked into the Huahai group.  It was near noon that his resignation formalities were completed.  Holding a box of his own things, he was walking along the main road of Huahai Group. After three years of work, Xiao Luo had mixed feelings about leaving. This was his first job after graduating from college. He still remembered the pictures of coming here with dreams and ideals. Those scenes pa.s.sed in his mind like a movie.  "Xiao Luo, you, stop!"  Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded into his ears, the tone was with a hint of command.  Xiao Luo stopped and turned back to meet a beautiful face, that is Zhao Mengqi, a fashionable and sweet-looking woman.  Zhao Mengqi was not surprised to learn of his resignation. After all, Zhao Mengqi works in the HR department, and thousands of people in Huahai Group have detailed records in the HR department.  "Why?"  Xiao Luo lightly asked.  Zhao Mengqi stepped with her high heels and ran up, looking at the contents of the box in Xiao Luo's hand, there was a hint of disdain in her eyes. "Xiao Luo, can't you be a little more mature?  I came to an end with you, but is it necessary for you to resign and ruin your career?  Even if you don't think about yourself, you should at least think about your family. You have no source of income after you quit your job. Do you still want to go back and chew on the old? " [TL: At least the bish is filial to argue such things ?]
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