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Paradise of Demonic Gods

Paradise of Demonic Gods Chapter 803: Consecutive Breakthroughs

Hearing this, the countenances of those in Allen's group changed. The werewolf leader then said, "Allen Douglas, are you still going to struggle? If you join us now, our master will bestow you with supernatural powers, eternal lifespan, and endless wealth."

Allen Douglas was an old caucasian man who was about 60 years old and had spa.r.s.e blonde hair. As the head of one of the wealthiest families in the United States, he had experienced many things in life and was like an old but strong and ferocious tiger. Although he was surrounded by werewolves and his face was deathly pale, he still did not panic.

Instead, he tried hard to calm down. While looking at the monsters before him, he said, "Don't be rash. We can negotiate anything. If you kill me, it'll do no good to you or the Gambino family."

"As expected of a big boss who is afraid of dying," the werewolf sneered at Allen. Then he continued, "Don't worry. As long as you cooperate with us, not only will we not hurt you, but our master will even bestow you with benefits that go beyond your imagination."

Regardless of whether it was Allen or Diana who was right next to him, both of them had extremely grim countenances. As well-known people in the upper society, when had they ever been threatened like this? However, confronted with this pressure from pure martial prowess, they were in a sorry plight like never before.

The wealth, authority, and connections they had always been so proud of now appeared weak and useless before blatant power.

Just as Allen and Diana were both feeling uneasy, a phone rang. The werewolf shrank and returned to his human appearance. It was Fossa—the leader of this group of werewolves who had fought against Legend on the rooftop of the building. After returning to his human appearance, Fossa took out the cell phone in his pocket.

The werewolves' pants were clearly specially-made elastic pants which could still wrap around their bodies after they transformed. The pants would not burst just because of their transformations.

Looking at the incoming call display, the werewolf smiled. "Mister Allen, it seems that there's news about your daughter."

"What do you guys want?" Hearing this, Allen Douglas said furiously, "I can promise you anything, just don't harm my daughter."

At the thought of Catherine, Allen felt very worried. He had been trying to call and email her ever since the start of the battle with the Gambino family, but there had been no reply from her at all. Allen could not help but think, 'Could it be that she was captured by these werewolves earlier on?'

Although Catherine's physique was amazing and she was also an extraordinary human who possessed a system, how could she possibly be a match for these werewolves?

Thinking of this, Allen Douglas' eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked at Fossa.

"Don't worry, I didn't get people to harm her." Fossa shrugged. "It's just in case. I was afraid that you'd be too stubborn, so I sent people to pick up Miss Catherine and bring her here. They are probably on their way here now."

After saying that, Fossa picked up the call and said, "h.e.l.lo..."

However, it had not been long since Fossa picked up the call that his countenance changed drastically. His eyes were burning with fury. "Say that again?!"

15 minutes ago, outside Catherine's manor.

"We've found her."

"I understand. We'll bring her back in a while."

After hanging up the call, Imphy sniffed, and a hint of a smile curled up at the corners of his lips. "They're in there. Go in and seize them. Kill everyone other than Catherine."

As they spoke, Imphy and the five people behind him transformed at the same time. Their shirts and suits were instantly turned to shreds, and their muscles bulged out. Amidst a dark brown color, the black fur of the werewolves grew out. The six of them instantly turned into werewolves with a height of 2.5 meters.

Although they did not look as muscular and strong as Fossa, they too possessed superhuman strength, agility, and recuperating abilities.

The six werewolves leaped and dashed into the manor like black lightning bolts. Their noses twitched and their leg muscles kept expanding and contracting, releasing explosive powers. A minute later, they followed a scent to the lawn.

They saw a total of seven people—Catherine, Linda, Jack, White Lion, and the others—floating in midair, with their eyes shut tightly as if they were asleep.

Even in their dreams, they continued cultivating sword techniques over and over again. As they cultivated in their dreams, their physical bodies also displayed similar physical reactions. It could be said that they appeared as if they were sleeping, but they were in fact undergoing extremely effective cultivation.

This was especially the case as they were more focused in their cultivation when they were dreaming. Each pa.s.sing minute and second felt like a few days, or even a few months. The effects of the cultivation were apparent.

This method of cultivating in their dreams was something which Fang Xingjian had arranged. It allowed him to conveniently observe the reactions of their various systems during the cultivation process while also increasing the efficiency of their cultivation. Right now, Fang Xingjian was constantly transmitting cultivating information to them through his martial will.

Seeing this scene left Imphy and the other five werewolves surprised and bewildered.

Imphy looked at Fang Xingjian and asked, "Who are you? What are you doing?"

Fang Xingjian sensed the arrival of the six werewolves but did not look at them. He only scanned with his martial will and immediately understood who they were.

"Not extraordinary humans who possess systems but just people bestowed with extraordinary powers?" Fang Xingjian instantly felt he could not be bothered with them and tapped White Lion on the forehead with a finger.

White Lion instantly woke up with a scream as if he had been pierced with a sword.


The few days' of cultivation had White Lion and the others in full admiration of Fang Xingjian. To them, he was like the deep and unfathomable sea.

Additionally, the effects of the cultivation took White Lion by great surprise. He could sense various physical attributes increasing qualitatively in leaps and bounds.

Fang Xingjian threw him an indifferent glance and said, "Kill them all and then bring their boss over here."

After saying that, he did not take a second look at White Lion and the six werewolves. Instead, he fully focused on the others who were still cultivating in their dreams. Fang Xingjian was extremely fascinated by the changes to their systems as well as the various reactions to the ether particles.

When Imphy and the other five werewolves heard what Fang Xingjian said, they were all enraged, "You're courting death!"

As they shouted, they turned into six black lightning bolts, with two of them pouncing toward White Lion while the remaining four pounced toward Fang Xingjian.

"Impudence." Seeing that they were going to disturb Fang Xingjian, White Lion became enraged, and streams of platinum sword Qis burst out from all over his body. With a punch, violent sword Qis gushed forth like a laser beam, slashing two of the werewolves into two in two swooshes.

Seeing this horrifying scene, the remaining four werewolves let out startled yelps and retreated several tens of meters as they looked at White Lion in great astonishment.

"This..." Even White Lion was in disbelief as he looked at his palm.

He did so until Fang Xingjian's voice rang out from behind him.

"Why, have you forgotten what I taught you?"

Instantly, everything the White Lion had learned in his dreams started appearing in his mind. He mumbled, "This is my Killing technique—Golden Slash."

This was the sword technique which Fang Xingjian had created based on White Lion's metal evolution system. It was a Killing technique which made use of White Lion's metal body to create plasma sword Qis through electromigration.

To Fang Xingjian, this might seem like a small and insignificant creation, but it had unleashed the full potential of White Lion's system. This was why Fang Xingjian deemed that White Lion no longer held any value and decided to send him out to deal with the enemies. Simultaneously, Fang Xingjian also wanted to test out White Lion's actual battle prowess.

The White Lion felt that this battle prowess had improved qualitatively in leaps and bounds.

"Kill them all."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's command, White Lion broke into a savage smile as he looked at the four werewolves. He chopped out with his hand, and a stream of platinum sword Qi tore through the atmosphere. The laser-like sword Qi was not something which a body made of flesh and blood could fend off, especially since it dashed about to and fro like a small and agile snake.

In an instant, the four werewolves were almost only able to see a flash of white light before their heads were sliced off and sent soaring into the sky.

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