One Piece: Journey With A System 19 Today Zoro Joins My Crew.


One Piece: Journey With A System

One Piece: Journey With A System 19 Today Zoro Joins My Crew. Town…Reo who just got down from the roof of a big building spotted Nami among the common people and started following behind her with an interesting face in the of knowing what is she up to but after following for quite some time he saw her entering a restaurant and decided to enter as well.Entering the restaurant he saw Nami drinking tea and after a long day he also started feeling hungry so he thought of eating as well coming beside the table he asked with a smile "Miss is this seat taken? "Hearing his question who is thinking about something while looking at a small book in hand did not pay much attention and just shook her head "Sit if you want to no one is stopping you. ""Then I will thank you in advance for letting me sit here. " Reo said with a nod and sat on the chair right in front of Nami and ordered some meat and oranger juice."Here is your order. " a middle-aged woman served them their meal with a smile."I am really glad to meet you right after arriving in this town but were you following me by chance? " Reo asked while drinking some water.

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"Why would I? " Nami who was reading a notebook that she made herself while gathering information in the hope of collecting 100 000 000 berries to free her village from that hateful Fishman looks with an angry face hearing some stranger say such words to her when she is really busy but finding the man whom he was dreaming to meet once again after escaping from Marine she swallowed back her curses and retorted back at him "Hey wasn't it you who arrived behind me and asked me to let you have that seat? "The"Yes, that is correct. " Reo nodded with a smile."Then how did I follow you? Shouldn't I say you are following me? " Nami asked with a smile thinking she won."Now why would you think that I came after you? " Reo asked acting confused by her words while thinking 'Well she has a point and to be honest I was really the one following her before. '"Is it not how it works? " Nami asked confused by his words what is this guy wanting her to understand the first one in the front is following the guy in the back."Well normally it is how it should be but in my case, I arrived on this island before you, so you are the one following me. " Reo replied with a confident face.
"How do you know you are the one who arrived before me? " Nami is now feeling curious from his way of reasoning."Enough of this useless talk you have yet to introduce yourself to me. " Reo said while shaking his head."Right I haven't introduced myself to you have I? " Nami nodded with a smile remembering her promise before they departed."Yes you promised to tell me now is a good time as ever. " Reo said and took a short knife and a spoon to start eating."My name is Nami and to tell you the truth we have a similar kind of work. " Nami said with a smile."Is it now? " Reo didn't understand wasn't she a thief and he, on the other hand, is a Marine so how can they have a similar line of work."Well you see similar to you I also need to travel around to do my work. " Nami nodded with a smile." Now I am really interested in your work. " Reo"I am a map maker and my dream is to make a map of every Island around the world. " Nami replied with a serious face."And my dream is to gather all the history from every Island around the world. " Reo said with a smile."See even our dreams are even similar to one another? " Nami couldn't believe she can find someone with similar kind of dream as her and more importantly he was the man she likes."How about you join me and we can fulfill our dream together this way you neither of us will be lonely in our way of fulfilling our dreams. " Reo suggested with a wide smile making Nami's eyes form the love looking at him."I don't know but if it is you… " thinking his proposal isn't that bad or getting attention from him  Nami decided to agree with him when the door of the restaurant opened with a loud sound of kicking a guy in a black suit with yellow hair kicked the door and entered the restore with two Marine guardians behind him.After entering he went straight to an empty table and sat on the chair beside it while putting his legs on the table while saying "I am hungry being us everything you got and keep the change to yourself also bring me a bottle of your finest moonshine or whatever c.r.a.p you serve, and don't make me speak too much I don't have all day lady. "When he puts his legs on the table a gla.s.s that was on the table falls on the ground and breaks.Outside the Restaurant, Luffy was listening to Rika's story about how Zoro saved her and her mom but hearing the commotion inside Luffy got down from above the barrel he was sitting and said with a serious face "Let's see what is going on inside. "Hearing his order Rika's mom brought a bottle of her best drink and pour it in Helmepoo's gla.s.s who said with a satisfied smile "Ahhh~ that's more like it. I am sure to do think of figuring out something as I am bored out of my skull here. I suppose I could execute Zoro. Hehahahaha~ "Looking at Helmepoo's bad behavior Reo has already stopped eating the same as Nami who also lost her appet.i.te in a gloomy atmosphere as this and Reo thought of kicking Morgan out of his job right away since he got really angry at Helmepoo for interrupting him when he noticed Luffy at the door with a dark and serious face and decided to let Luffy take care of Helmepoo for now.Luffy, on the other hand, standing at the door is looking at Helmepoo with a serious face and when he heard Helmepoo is going to execute Zoro he got really angry and running beside Helmepoo he punched Helmepoo on the face making him fall on the hand of a nearby Marine who held as Helmepoo shouted angrily looking at Luffy "You..  you just hit me… "Coby who is right behind Luffy quickly held him from behind knowing Helmepoo's ident.i.ty and shouted "Luffy you can't hit him. ""This guy is absolute sc.u.m. " Luffy replied back angrily looking at Helmepoo."You actually hit me, you really hit me. " Helmepoo who is used to making trouble using his father's name couldn't believe someone just hit him in the face like that and continued "I am the son of Captain Morgan do you know that? ""Yeah, like I care. " Luffy shouted back with a sarcastic tone without thinking of the consequence."You care. after he executes you for this. " Helmepoo holding his cheek that just got punched.Hearing his words Luffy pushed but soon asked with his one-track mindset"Why don't you be a man and just fight? ""Luffy leave him why are you trying to get on the bad side of the Marine? " Coby asked holding Luffy back so he doesn't start punching Helmepoo again."I have made up my mind today Zoro joins my crew. " Luffy said clenching his fist firmly with a confident face.As Helmepoo knows he and the Marine guards of his are not enough to capture Luffy he decided to return to the Marine base to ask for his father to help him.Coby who was holding Luffy back finally breathed a sigh of relief when Luffy stopped his angry behavior and saw Reo eating at the corner of the restaurant and shouted "Ahhh~ Reo you're also here? "Nami hearing someone calling Reo stood up and saying her good by left the restaurant with another sigh."Meat… " finding Reo eating Meat Luffy stopped thinking about other problems and ran beside the table where Reo is eating and started eating Reo's food without asking."Hey~ that was mine…. "

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