Non-critical Elevator Chapter 3


Non-critical Elevator

Non-critical Elevator Chapter 3

“You are gay?! Then what did you pany. He just pa.s.sed the university entrance exapany, that thing happened right away.”

The junior brother high toned, "Ah! exactly that one s.e.x affair scandal?”

The uncle flinged the cigarette on his hand because not to know why it was extinguished.

“It was not so forted pany, sopany at that tipany.”



“…I think it should be very sentie to a conclusion, that kind of thing is too late for regrets.”

Uncle sighed.

“I think he was trying to retaliate against pany to show pany, full of joy and expectations to go straight ahead clashed the ladder…”

“Stop, don't say it!” Uncle suddenly shouted. He put his hands on his ears as if to escape and seepany. So to e a person who was upright and frank.”

“So he rushed to the lover's coing bulldozer… …”

The senior did not say anything again. Uncle's elbows supported his knees and he slid into the corner. He wiped his face with his pale very iing to save thefortable.” The junior brother hesitantly stood up.

“I don't feel uncoe out of the closet now?” The senior widely opened his eyes.

“No, I just want to say that I also want to pee.” The e out, my mom has taught me a whistle method. The people hear it at once and it has a desired effect right away oh. I remember it seems like this, xu ~~ xu ~~ “

“Not accurate blows! You are… ah..ah.”

The effectiveness of the whistle seemed to be immediate, and the senior showed a painful expression. He glanced at the junior brother with a warning, used his hands to guard and recited: “I don't urinate, I absolutely don't urinate…”

“Ah, if you want to pee, I have a container here.” The man looked like recalling something, rummaging through the coat for a while, and quite a while taking out a box of things, impressively it was a king-sized condom.

“It is possible to pee in it, right? I heard that this condom is super-flexible, no matter how big the things are, all can be contained, furthermore it will not break if it bears any impact. Surely it is not a problem to pee in it.”

“…Why are you carrying this kind of thing with you?”

“Hey, w.a.n.g zong asked me to buy it. He told me to buy it and gave it to him in his private office. He still said that it is better for me, I don't know why.” The man said.

“…” Uncle.

“…” Senior.

“…” Junior brother.

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