My Rebellious Vicious Concubine Chapter 4: To Save Her Own Life, She Has To Rely On Her Own


My Rebellious Vicious Concubine

My Rebellious Vicious Concubine Chapter 4: To Save Her Own Life, She Has To Rely On Her Own

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Then she suddenly feels that all eyes are on her. Nangong Ning raises her eyes to look around, only to find that everyone is looking at her with a strange look, whose meaning is so obvious that it makes her nervous.

  "Why are you looking at me that way?"

Mr Zong sighs and says, "Miss Nangong, do you know who the man is lying here?"

Nangong Ning glances at the man, replying,  "How should I know?"

MrZong says: " He is Jun Qianye."

Jun? Qiang? Ye?

She searches her mind, shocked by the information she gets.

This place is the territory of the State of Dongli. Jun is the surname of the royal family, and Jun Qianye is a household name, known to the original owner no matter how ignorant he is.

He is the younger brother of the Emperor of the State of Dongli, as well as the regent of the dynasty. He controls one-third of the military power. That is, he is of high position and great importance.

Mr Zong and Weichu look at each other. Suddenly Weichu takes two steps forward and kneels down in front of Nangong Ning.

" Miss Nangong, please save my Lord!"

Swallowing saliva, Nangong Ning hesitates for a moment before she says, "I … I will have a try, but your Lord is poisoned by over a hundred varieties of poisons. I am afraid that I cannot..."

"Miss Nangong, please save my Lord with your phoenix bracelet!" Though kneeling there, Weichu says this with an imposing manner, which sounds more like a command than a pleading.

She feels upset to the extreme!

"Do you want my life for your Lord's life?"

Looking at Nangong Ning, Weichu signals very clearly in his eyes, "It is your honor to give up your life for the life of my Lord."

f.u.c.k the honor! She clenches her teeth bitterly.

Mr Zong looks at Nangong Ning. In a very sincere tone, he says, "Miss Nangong, our Lord is poisoned deliberately by the murderer. If he couldn't come to life, I am afraid that a lot of important matters will be delayed."

Nangong Ning feels that death will fall upon her today, so she tries desperately to find a way to save herself, saying, "I also have an important thing to do today. I will get married. I will marry the Crown Prince as you all know. I am the Crown Princess to be."

Weichu frowns. And Mr Zong knits his eyebrows and says, "Today is the wedding day for the Crown Prince indeed, and it is true that you are engaged to the Crown Prince. But how did you get here?"

A guilty conscience suddenly strikes her.

With a quick response, Weichu stares at her and asks, "Can you tell me, Miss Nangong, why did you come in my Lord's detox pool?"

Her heart tightens again. She vaguely figures out the situation:

She fell off the cliff and dropped into the pool where Jun Qianye was detoxifying his toxins by using other poisons, the so-called therapy of "likes are cured by likes." But coincidentally the bracelet on her wrist has the effect of keeping venomous insects away. Therefore, the moment she fell into the pool, the hundred-variety-venomous insects that the man used for his detox scattered. As a result, Jun Qianye got poisoned again in the middle of his detoxification. That's why he is now…

With a guilty conscience, she glances at the angry and dark face of Jun Qianye. She comes to understand why Jun Qianye's eyes were full of anger when she first saw him.

She correlates everything and finds out the cause of his anger and so will others.

Mr Zong asks directly, "Weichu, when you arrived there, were there any venomous insects in that pool?"

Weichu shakes his head and says definitely: "None was there!" Then he turns his eyes to Nangong Ning. His eyes are full of anger, which would burn Nangong Ning to ashes.

Nangong Ning's heart misses a beat. She takes a step aside and says urgently, "It's might not be my fault! The therapy of "likes are cured by likes" is in fact a risk-taking one. G.o.d knows whether it is due to the fact that your Lord is not strong enough in his ability to detoxify his toxins so that he is poisoned again.

Weichu says with great resentment, "If he had not been disturbed, he would have succeeded in his detoxification with his ability.

Mr Zong says, "Miss Nanggong, since it is your fault, you should take the charge. "

What on h.e.l.l should I take the charge? Nangong Ning feels she has been wronged. Since she arrived here by the time-travel, she has encountered a lot of misfortunes. Firstly, she was pushed off the cliff by her cousin Nangong Qingyao and then she met this demon who wants her life for the sake of his Lord's life.

"I'm the Crown Princess. You can't do this to me!"

Weichu is about to say something, but stopped by Mr Zong, who says, "Send someone to find out the truth."

At first Weichu looks stunned, but then he understands what Mr Zong means. Seeing that the Lord is still in a coma, he says worriedly, "But our Lord is..."

"Though I do not know how to detoxify the toxins, I do know how to delay the outbreak of the toxins," Says Mr Zong confidently.

With a warning look at Nangong Ning, Weichu gets up and goes out followed by some of his men.

Seeing that Weuchu is out, Nangong Ning turns to follow him but is stopped by two broad swords at the door.

  "Miss Nangong, if you take a step out, I a.s.sure you that your blood will decorate the floor," warns Mr Zong as he takes out a set of silver needles to practice acupuncture on Jun Qianye calmly.

Nangong Ning turns her head back. Dashing up to Mr Zong with a glaring look, she says, "Fat old man, what do you mean?"

Mr Zong answers, "I mean that you must wait till Weichu comes back."

Nangong Ning clenches her teeth.

She knows very well what Weichu is going to do, that is, he is to find out the truth about her wedding and how come that she is here on the wedding day. If she is no longer the Crown Princess, she cannot escape the fate of giving up her life for the sake of their Lord's life.

She is not quite sure now what's going on in the prince's palace, but since Nangong Qingyao dares to marry the Crown Prince instead of her, she must have made a careful plan. She feels a chill in the back of her neck, a feeling of something terrible!

To save her own life, she has no one to turn to but herself!

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