My Night Dreams 11 Me And My Teacher 5


My Night Dreams

My Night Dreams 11 Me And My Teacher 5

WARNING 18+AKA. s.e.xSkylar's POVI gasp at his confession.Did he really just say He loves me?"" I try to talk but he won't take a break from his open mouth kisses."You're mine. Do you understand? Only mine! " He growls as he rest his forehead against mine.I gasp at his possessiveness.It was extremely hot."I don't love anyone else but you....I'm all yours, Scottie."He silences me with his lips.Affection and l.u.s.t course through my body as he claimed my mouth.Our tongues interlace in a heated dance of need and devotion.I could feel his extreme pa.s.sion, elated by the cruel a.s.sault of the kiss."Has anyone ever made you feel this way?" He asked, his kisses creeping down my neck. One of his thighs are pressed between my own, making my knees weak.I'm always weak in the knees when I'm around him.I was too feeble to answer but he ordered me to in everything he did to my body.

Find authorized novels in Webnovel´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click for visiting."Answer me" His voice bitter and expecting, His eyes flaming with Warmth."No..." I gasp as he rips off my white crop top and pulls my pants with enough strength to break the b.u.t.ton."I'll buy you more." He whispers and slams his lips back onto mine. "I've fallen for you, my little s.l.u.t."I gasp. I didn't need a better explanation. It was so intense that I can't imagine being with anybody else, It was hot."I love you too, Scott.""Mmmmmm" He pushes his hand into my pants and finger my wet boy shorts."Are you wet for me, my little s.l.u.t?""Mmm...Oh my-" I moan into his mouth as his other hand gropes my t.i.ts.Suddenly, he stops everything and moves me away from the door. Taking me back to his desk, bending me over and pulling my pants down, along with my underwear.I feel him kneel behind me and using his hands on my thighs he pushes my legs apart.He then leans forward and runs his tongue over my c.l.i.t in hard, frantic strokes."Scott...f.u.c.k!" I gasps once he finished. He flipped me over and looked at me, his dark eyes full of arousal and libido. He kissed me again and I begin to unb.u.t.ton his shirt and move my hands down to finger his abs' solid edges.I would have never thought that the feelings I had for my English teacher would ever be returned.My breathing was heavy as he pushed his fingers deep inside me."f.u.c.k...Daddy, please." I moan.He speeds up and I tear up, His fingers are hitting all the right places. I can't control myself.
"You're such a good little pet. Look at you, Happily getting finger f.u.c.ked by your teacher while your friend is in another cla.s.s waiting for you." He states"She can wait. She's quite patient." I tease. Suddenly I moan loud and c.u.m all over his fingers.He chuckles and takes them out.He looks my juices of and I moan at the scene."Mmmmmm. You taste so good, Babygirl."He reaches up and finishes unb.u.t.toning his shirt.I fiddle with his pants and try to unb.u.t.ton them as he throws his shirt away and leans down. Taking my nipple into his mouth, he circles it with his tongue, biting and sucking it while fondling the other."f.u.c.king h.e.l.l! Take off your pants!" I exclaim frustratingly but laughing soon after. He chuckles again and slips them off, his briefs following suite. His c.o.c.k jumps out and he firmly grasps it, pleasuring himself.He takes his hand off of himself and grabs my hair.Pulling me, he sits in his chair and pushes me down to my knees."Open." He orders. I open my mouth and wrap my lips around his head, tasting the saltiness of his pre-c.u.m.I lift my hand and wrap it around his base. Working my hand up and down his shaft as I suck and lick his head.He moves his hand to the back of my head and thrust up causing me to gag. The vibrations of my moans course though his whole shaft and he groans loudly."G.o.d...You're such a good little wh.o.r.e. You love sucking on Daddy's c.o.c.k, don't you?You pitiful c.u.m s.l.u.t...f.u.c.k take me deeper!"I swallow around it as I take inch by inch of his huge c.o.c.k into my hot cavern."f.u.c.k, Baby girl. Stop." He pulls me off his length by my hair and I gasp for breath "Lay back down on the desk."I follow his orders and spread my legs open as I lay there. Pushing a finger inside, I throw my head back and moan."Daddy...Please, f.u.c.k me!" I plead with my eyes. He gets up from his seat and moves in between my legs.He pushes inside, we both sigh in relief. As if, all we needed was to be connected and we would feel content."s.h.i.t. You take Daddy's c.o.c.k so good, My little wh.o.r.e." I cling to him, marking his arms and back with my scratches.He kisses against my neck and I could feel his stubble brushing my t.i.ts.I run my hands through his soft hair and moan louder.I want him to make me c.u.m.I want to feel his hot c.u.m inside me. I want him to make me his as I tremble in ecstasy and he f.u.c.ks me senseless.I slowly feel my o.r.g.a.s.m building up as, I moan louder."f.u.c.k...Daddy! I'm coming!""Come on! f.u.c.king c.u.m, Baby.c.u.m all over Daddy's d.i.c.k!"I scream in ecstasy and c.u.m hard."f.u.c.k...!" I moan."Yeah! f.u.c.k, baby! You look so hot when you c.u.m! c.u.mming all over my d.i.c.k, just like the c.o.c.k s.l.u.t you are!" With that and a few more thrusts I feel his hot c.u.m inside me.He groans loudly into my ear as I moan and c.u.m for a second time.We ride out our as we slowly come down from our highs and he gently pulls out, causing me to softly moan.He leans back down and we share another pa.s.sion and love filled kiss."I love you so much." He whispers, not wanting to ruin the calm atmosphere."I love you, too." We kiss one more time before cleaning up and getting dressed again."You can borrow my hoodie for now, if you would like." He rubs the back of his neck and I blush from the memory of him ripping my top."Actually, I'm really tired." I blush again "I just want to go home.""Well, I don't have anymore left so if you want..." He wraps his arms around my waist and leans down to whisper in my ear "We can get out of here.""I would love that." I wrap my arms around his neck and give him a peck."Let's go then." We grab our things before distinctively leaving the building and heading to his house.Both POVThis is the best day of my life.

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