My Five Elements Lack You Chapter 6


My Five Elements Lack You

My Five Elements Lack You Chapter 6

Froing froing over. Seeing Lin Zhushui's expression gave hie in then," Lin Zhushui said. "I was worrying about this."

"Ah!" Zhou Jiayu never thought that Lin Zhushui would ask hipletely gone.

Lin Zhushui gave a long sigh, his tone soplexion was horrid, and Ruan Yunjie wore a face pletely.

Rui-ge said, "pletely empty. Outside, the brilliant sunlight's temperature was pushing thirty-four. Inside, it was cold enough to raise gooseb.u.mps.

Lin Zhushui walked around the first story, then went up to the second story. When he reached Ruan Yunjie's bedroom door, his steps stopped.

Seeing this reaction from Lin Zhushui, Rui-ge anxiously asked, “Sir, is something wrong?”

Lin Zhushui said, "Don't go in yet. Go get some flour from the kitchen."

Rui-ge didn't dare ask why and hurried downstairs to the kitchen, dragging a sack of flour back up with him.

Lin Zhushui entered the room with the flour, tossing some out as he walked. At the beginning, they did not understand what he was doing, until they looked closer, and discovered countless children's handprints densely marking the floor of the entire room.

The handprints clearly did not belong to only one child. Some were big, and some were small, covering every corner of the floor.

Zhou Jiayu's scalp tingled. Ruan Yunjie had a far bigger reaction, immediately shrieking and running out of the room.

Lin Zhushui pointed at the walls very detachedly, saying, "On the walls, on the ceiling, all of it."

Gooseb.u.mps rose all over Rui-ge's body. Looking at this room full of handprints, he did not dare at all to imagine the usual scene of him and Ruan Yunjie sleeping here.

Next to Zhou Jiayu, Shen Yiqiong said, all his hair standing on ends, “This is a little too terrifying. What the h.e.l.l is this?”

Rui-ge asked, "Mr Lin, this, this is?"

Lin Zhushui waved, fed up. "I don't know, go ask her."

Rui-ge could only turn and leave.

Ruan Yunjie's faint sobs filtered in from outside the house. Lin Zhushui said to Zhou Jiayu and Shen Yiqiong, "Both of you look around carefully, and see how many people the handprints in the house belong to."

"Ah!" Shen Yiqiong nodded. "Yes."

Puzzled, Zhou Jiayu asked, "Sir, didn't you already take it away?" After all, he saw that thing in Lin Zhushui's room last night, didn't he?

Lin Zhushui sneered. "I took one away. Who knows just how many she raised?"

Taking into account Ruan Yunjie's reaction, Zhou Jiayu suddenly made an ominous a.s.sociation…

After surveying the entire room, Shen Yiqiong and Zhou Jiayu told Lin Zhushui their conclusion.

There were at least three different kinds of handprints in the house. Obviously, they belonged to three children of different sizes and builds.

When Lin Zhushui learned this, he turned and walked away. Rui-ge saw his icy demeanor and hurried towards him to ask, "Mr Lin, where are you going now?"

Lin Zhushui said, "I'm not that skilled, my hands are tied."

Rui-ge stared blankly. "But Mr Lin, if you leave, what about Yunjie?"

Lin Zhushui smiled grimly. "She knows exactly what to do."

[1] 肚兜 (du4dou1): a piece of traditional Chinese clothing, a diamond-shaped cloth tied to the neck and waist with string covering the chest and belly. Traditionally baby clothes and women's underclothes, though variations can be found in modern fashion as outerwear.

[2] 大佬 (da4lao3): used here in a similar manner to mooks calling their leader "boss" in cartoony media.

[3] 养小鬼 (yang3xiao3gui3): this was translated literally, don't think there's an English equivalent. Toyol is a similar creature, if you want to read more about it.

Translator's notes

Was really tempted to make Ji Ba say "grow a pair!"

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