My Fiancee Is A Stunning CEO Chapter 7


My Fiancee Is A Stunning CEO

My Fiancee Is A Stunning CEO Chapter 7

Shen Lang took out a pocket watch froe froe the only glie froe here next tie here alone? It's going to rain soon, hurry up and get on the carriage! "The little girl giggled and nodded. Her skirt fluttered in the wind as she ran into the car like a sing from the hall.This laughter came from Su Ruoxue, it was very nice to hear. Shen Lang was a little surprised, the ice mountain actually revealed a smiling face.It had to be said that Su Ruoxue looked really good when she was smiling, but she had never shown such an expression to herself before.Shen Lang's hearing was different from an ordinary person's. Even from far away, he could still tell that it was a man on Su Ruoxue's phone."Brother Wen Zhi, don't laugh at me. We haven't contacted each other in the past few years. Are you alright?" Su Ruoxue asked on the phone.Hearing the trace of concern in Su Ruoxue's voice, the rage in his heart immediately flared up.Although Su Ruoxue and him did not have any relationship as a foundation, he still instinctively saw her as his woman. Shen Lang could not tolerate his woman calling other man "brother" and talking and laughing with him.After Su Ruoxue hung up, she glanced at Shen Lang who was walking over and said indifferently: "Tonight, I want to go out and meet old friends."Shen Lang asked expressionlessly: "Who is he to you?""Why do you care so much?" Su Ruoxue frowned."I'm your fiancé in name, isn't it too much to ask this question?" Shen Lang snorted.Su Ruoxue frowned: "He's a cla.s.smate of mine, his name is Zhang Wenzhi. Well, have you finished?""No wonder you are calling someone else Brother Wen Zhi. You wouldn't go on a date with your Brother Wen Zhi at night, right?" Shen Lang sneered.Su Ruoxue was startled, then he smiled and smiled: "Oh, you know how to take my vinegar? I was flattered. Let me tell you, Shen Lang, you better not worry about this beauty. Brother Wen Zhi is at least a hundred times stronger than a man like you! "That Zhang Wenzhi was Su Ruoxue's university cla.s.smate, he had asked her out quite a few times already and she didn't even have time. This time, she could not refuse, so she had to go.He never thought that Shen Lang would have such a huge reaction. Su Ruoxue had long since disliked Shen Lang and took this chance to p.i.s.s him off.Shen Lang's mouth twitched, suddenly he grabbed onto Su Ruoxue's shoulders, his eyes filled with sparks."Shen Lang, you … What are you trying to do? Let go of me! " Su Ruoxue looked at Shen Lang's overbearing gaze and suddenly started to panic."A hundred times stronger?" Woman, I want to see how that man is a hundred times stronger than me. If he isn't, then let's see how I'll teach you tonight! " Shen Lang said coldly.

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