My Cold And Beautiful CEO Chapter 7


My Cold And Beautiful CEO

My Cold And Beautiful CEO Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Fortune-telling of robbersThe brawling plicated expression on his face betrayed thefortable, there were very few people who believed in the Divine Art, people like Qin Hao were all swindlers in their eyes. If not for the blades in the hands of these two robbers, they would have suspected that Qin Hao was the culprit behind the two of thees a day, if you ask us anything we will definitely go through fire and water, and will not refuse it!"Finishing their words, the two of thepared to those who only know how to act tough, those who flaunt their wealth are much better. Young master, it seems like you have some connections. I also want my child to learn a few things.""Right, right..."As for Qin Hao purposely punishing Zheng Fei, no one would bring it up. Originally, Zheng Fei's arrogant and rich person's face was unsightly, he deserved it.Zheng Fei himself was clear that he had been tricked, but what could he do? Qin Hao had dealt with the two robbers with a few words. If he went looking for trouble with his severely injured body, that would be courting death.Yunshan stared at Qin Hao with her beautiful eyes. She was now even more interested in this mysterious little Taoist, able to convince the robbers to retreat with a few words. Was it really him?

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