My Cold And Beautiful CEO Chapter 6


My Cold And Beautiful CEO

My Cold And Beautiful CEO Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - I have the Blood Light DisasterHe had been whipped by the thugs until he almost fainted, his mouth split into a wail as he said, "Big Brother, Uncle, I really don't have any cash anymore. My money is all in the card, so just let me go … …""Director Zheng, don't hold back. You're the boss, why are you being so stingy? Money is not as important as life. These two brothers are just asking for money …" Qin Hao suddenly said while shaking his head, with an expression of "I'll do it if I were you".Zheng Fei hated that he couldn't just skin Qin Hao alive. He swore that when he returned to Tianhai, he would definitely teach this stinking brat a lesson!"f.u.c.k you..." However, after hearing what Qin Hao said, Robber, looked up and down at Zheng Fei again, and said: "Strip off your clothes, if I find out that you f * king dare to hide anything, I'll take your life!""This …" Zheng Vikings that when he went out today, he definitely did not see the Yellow Calendar, so why was he so unlucky? It was one thing to rob him, but he even had to take off his clothes. How could he be shameless in front of this public?"You can't take off your clothes? Do you need me to help you? " The st.u.r.dy man then used the hilt of his blade to smash Zheng Fei's face, smashing Zheng Fei's mouth full of blood, a few of his teeth mixed with blood fell down."Yo, this tooth is gold. I told you, how could the boss of a big company not have money? Tsk tsk, I didn't expect Boss Zheng to be so bold as to hide this!" Qin Hao said while grinning at the side.The brawny man lowered his head and saw that it really was gold. He immediately became furious and slapped him again, shouting: "You really f * king dare to hide your wealth, don't think you will get away with it?""I'll take it off, I'll take it off …" Zheng Fei looked at Qin Hao resentfully, wishing that he could tear off its skin and pull out its tendons. He tearfully took off his suit and pants, leaving only his underwear behind.The st.u.r.dy man shook his clothes up and down and was surprised that nothing else came out, his heart was raging with anger, and he pointed at Zheng Fei without giving up: "Open your mouth for me!"Zheng Fei did not dare resist at all, he obediently opened his mouth, and after the st.u.r.dy man looked for a long time, he did not find any gold teeth or anything valuable and immediately became angry in his heart. He punched towards Zheng Fei's opened mouth, and fiercely said: "f.u.c.k you, with just this much money, you still dare to pretend to be wealthy, f * ck off to the side … ….""Aooo …" A few teeth fell from Zheng Fei's mouth, making him seriously injured. After getting punched by the muscular man, it could be said that he had made the situation even worse, as he could no longer endure the pain. "What are you crying for? If you call me that, I'll chop you up!" The st.u.r.dy man jumped into the chair beside Zheng Fei and said fiercely. He scared Zheng Fei so much that he covered his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and sobbed while his naked body trembled."Sigh, I already told you that you suffered a b.l.o.o.d.y disaster today, but you don't believe me. Now, tell me if you are despicable or not, and listen to what Master Qin Hao has to say earlier. How could you be so miserable?" Qin Hao peeled a piece of chocolate and stuffed it into his mouth, smiling as he said that, with a bright smile on his face.Everyone could not help but feel a chill run down their spines. If it wasn't for you, a master, how could this fellow be so miserable?Hearing Qin Hao's sarcastic remarks, Zheng Fei felt so much hatred in his heart that he almost vomited blood."Master, I'm convinced. You don't have to say anything. I admit that I have suffered a calamity of blood and I have suffered a calamity of blood..." Although he hated Zheng Fei for pitifully begging for forgiveness, he had no choice but to give in. Otherwise, if Qin Hao continued to stir up trouble on the side, he would cry himself to death."Boy, what are you standing here for? Get back to your seats and take out the money" After s.n.a.t.c.hing Zheng Fei, the st.u.r.dy man then shifted his attention to Qin Hao and the other pa.s.sengers.Qin Hao helplessly shrugged his shoulders and laughed while saying: "Big brother robber, look at how worn and weak I am. I don't look like I'm rich at all. Besides, I've introduced you guys to such a big fat sheep. It's not too good for you to rob me, right? Robber should be reasonable too …""f.u.c.k, you call such a thing a fat sheep? Do you still want to be reasonable with me? What you said made sense. Hand up and so I take the money, otherwise, this pretentious guy will be your role model!" The st.u.r.dy man gestured with his dagger in front of Qin Hao twice and said fiercely.Zheng Fei wished that the st.u.r.dy man could quickly stab Qin Hao with his blade. It would be the best if he could stab Qin Hao a few more times, it would be the best if he died.Qin Hao thought for a while, then took out the remaining two pieces of chocolate, and painfully said: "How about you two take one? This is a silk-smooth milk taste. Although it is not as good as the original black taste, it is not much different. I am only left with this little bit." Chocolate? Everyone was dumbfounded, even the two criminals couldn't help but be stunned."F * ck, you dare to f * king mess with Laozi?You're courting death!" one st.u.r.dy man reacting was immediacy enraged. He wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the money, but this little Taoist in front of him actually took out chocolate as fuel. Did he really think that they were nothing but monkeys?Just as he was about to teach Qin Hao a ruthless lesson, he heard from Qin Hao: "Hey, you boorish fellows truly do not know what's good for you. I am willing to take out my favorite snacks to share with you guys, but you guys still do not know what's good for you guys.""Why don't we do this for free? I can see that your faces have turned yellow and black. I advise the two of you to put down your butcher knives and convert to Buddha, or else there will be a b.l.o.o.d.y disaster! "Everyone shivered. Aren't you a Taoist? Why is he starting to believe in the Buddha again?"f.u.c.k, little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, do you really think this daddy doesn't dare to kill? If you dare to say another word, I'll chop off your head! " The st.u.r.dy man immediately held his dagger up horizontally across Qin Hao's neck, threatening him fiercely, such a dangerous scene, made everyone sweat profusely for Qin Hao.Yunshan's beautiful face paled even more as she hurriedly called out to him. "Little pervert, come over here quickly. I have money, don't worry …"Whether or not Qin Hao was Qin Hao, just his name alone, not to mention giving money to the robbers, even if it meant taking Yunshan's entire fortune, she would not even bat an eye. After all, she owed her old friend too much!Seeing a beauty like Yunshan being so worried about his safety, Qin Hao felt both happy and blissful in his heart. He wished that he could immediately throw himself into her arms and give himself to her.One must know that Yunshan was one of his wife's candidate, how could he let her be harmed? Moreover, as a cultivator, saving beauties in difficult situations was something that he was duty-bound to do.Qin Hao extended two of his fingers, seemingly casually caught hold of the blade edge and peeled it away, but in real blade-wielding welding man's face was already flushed red, and could not move blade-wielding hand even using all his strength."My two friends, why do you have to take your life as a joke? Let me ask you, do you guys often feel the cold wind blowing around you, causing you to shiver even when you stand in the sun? "________________________________________________Give thumped up =-O

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