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My Cold And Beautiful CEO

My Cold And Beautiful CEO Chapter 3

Chapter III. Playing ToughYunshan supported Qin Hao as she walked towards her seat, Qin Hao purposely pretended to be weak and rubbed his body against Yunshan's body, whether it was intentionally or unintentionally. Smelling Yunshan's scent and soft touch, he was extremely satisfied.Zheng Fei was so jealous that fire almost burned in his eyes. He had pursued Yunshan for so long and had not even touched the other party's hands before, yet this lowly and despicable brat actually came into such close contact with her."Apologize!" After settling down Qin Hao, Yunshan glared at Zheng Fei and said coldly.Zheng Fei took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart and squeezed out a smile: "I'm really sorry, I was too rash just now, and thought that we were all men. This trivial situation doesn't matter, how could I know that your body is so weak, I'm sorry …"As he spoke, he reached out his hand, meaning to shake hands with Qin Hao. He seemed to be very sincere, but he was clearly mocking Qin Hao for being weak and not being like a man.Qin Hao heard Zheng Fei's sarcasm and sneered in his heart. If I'm not like a man, then you should just cry like a baby!Just when Yunshan thought that the two of them were holding hands, Qin Hao's face suddenly changed, as though he was in pain, he desperately pulled on his palm and shouted: "Ouch, pain, pain, quickly let go, quickly …."Zheng Fei's face turned green, he was immediately stunned on the spot, but before he could react, he was not going to let go, and even more so, he would not take the initiative to do so. Instead, he shook his hands with all his might, and in the eyes of the onlookers, it was as if Zheng Fei was holding onto Qin Hao, not willing to let go."You are too despicable, is there a way for you to apologize? You're about to break my hand, let go quickly … " Without waiting for Zheng Fei to explain himself, Qin Hao poured another pot of dirty water over his face, causing him to open his mouth to not be able to say anything for a long time.Yunshan thought that Zheng Fei was still taking revenge on Qin Hao, and it was obvious that she did not care about what he said, and shouted angrily: "Zheng Fei, you are actually so petty, you are simply going too far. Since you do not take me seriously, then let me clearly tell you, we do not welcome you, so please stay away from us! "Zheng Fei thought that Yunshan would believe him, and was extremely vexed. He clearly did not use any strength, how could the other party feel pain?"Shan Shan, I … Aooo!!!"Just as Zheng Fei wanted to explain, he felt a sharp pain from his hand, it was as if an iron pincer had clamped onto it, the pain was so intense that it felt as if his bones were about to split open. He tried his best to retract his hand and knew that he had been tricked by this repulsive brat. Imitating Qin Hao's tone, he held onto the palm that was hurting from being pinched and pointed at Qin Hao intermittently, "You … You. So sinister …""Aiya, you're such a hypocrite! Just now, you almost broke my hand, and now you're pretending like this. Do you think Beautiful Sis will be tricked by your clumsy acting? If you don't believe me, you can ask everyone here. " Qin Hao flung his hands back as he said that."That's right, this person is too arrogant. He's been arguing ever since he got on the train, and he doesn't have any sense of camaraderie at all …""That's right, he really thinks of others as fools. This little brother is so skinny, how can he be a match for an adult? He's too much of a bully!""Being rich is amazing. Looking at his appearance of a nouveau riche, he's so disgusting …"Most of the people present had the mindset of hating rich people, the pa.s.sengers who were watching the show had long despised Zheng Fei for acting as if he was very rich the moment they boarded the train, as if he was a superior being, and started to criticize him one after another. With so many mouths, even if Zheng Fei jumped into the Yellow River, he would not be able to wash away his anger."Stop pretending! You stinking brat, you actually dared to plot against me …" Zheng Fei raised his palm in anger, wanting to slap Qin Hao.Qin Hao shrunk behind Yunshan, acting as if he was wronged, and pitifully said: "Beautiful big sister, please help me out, this person still wants to hit me … …""Zheng Fei, if you continue to be like this, you'll never appear in front of me again. This is simply too much, I never thought that you would actually be such a hypocritical, sinister and vile person …"Yunshan was a doctor and had some business dealings with Zheng Fei's medical company. Over time, although she did not agree to Zheng Fei's pursuit, she could still be considered as an acquaintance.The reason why she came to this small town this time was mainly because of the courtyard which had caused her to undergo free medical treatment in the countryside. She didn't think that she would be able to recognize Zheng Fei's true appearance, which made her feel disgusted."Shan Shan, I really don't have done anything. It's this brat …""Seeing is believing! I'm not blind, I saw everything just now, and now you're actually framing someone else. Please sit far away, I don't welcome you! " Zheng Fei could not say a word. At this point, he knew that Yunshan would not believe him at all.He could only glare at Qin Hao viciously and found a place not far away from him to sit down bitterly, staring at the two of them.As long as the little brat came to the Tianhai, he would do whatever he wanted to him. He would let the little brat understand that in the end, a country b.u.mkin would only be a country b.u.mpkin, and would not have any delusions of eating swan meat!Zheng Fei fumed at the side, but Qin Hao was straightforward. Who told Zheng Fei to not open his eyes, he deserved it!He lightly rested his head on Yunshan's shoulder, he moved his body and was unable to move it away.The snow-white, smooth neck, s.e.xy and enchanting collarbones and shoulders, as well as the barely discernible cleavage in her breathing, made Qin Hao feel extremely pleased in his heart, as he praised the beautiful scenery.Shifting his gaze down, he could almost see the scenery on Yunshan's chest from her collar without any obstruction.Two plump and white peaks were there; they were round and tall, and even the black lace cover could not completely cover them. Half of them were exposed in Qin Hao's field of vision, and even the green veins on them were clearly seen.No wonder why the books would say "To look down upon the mountain and peak", the ancients truly did not bully me, Qin Hao finally understood how the ancients felt and were unable to extricate himself from it, thinking jubilantly in his heart."Little pervert, are you alright? Are you still in pain?" After shouting Zheng Fei back, Yunshan asked about Qin Hao's injuries with deep concern but did not receive a response for a long time.Turning her head to look, she realized that Qin Hao was staring at her opened collar with his eyes wide open, almost drooling.Yunshan's little face reddened. She snappily pushed Qin Hao, who was still lying on her body, and said softly: "Little pervert, why aren't you getting away from big sister yet. How long are you trying to take advantage of me?""Beautiful sister, I'm hurt, my head is spinning, I'm going to faint..." Qin Hao then reacted, pretending to have an uncomfortable expression, he closed his eyes and pretended to be wronged.When Qin Hao said this, Yunshan could only let him go. Who told this little pervert to always be so familiar with her? He felt like a family member. And it was also because of her that Zheng Fei hated him.

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