My Cold And Beautiful CEO Chapter 2


My Cold And Beautiful CEO

My Cold And Beautiful CEO Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Blind Zheng FeiHe carried the box with one hand and placed it on the luggage rack, with almost no effort at all.Yunshan's eyes flashed with a strange light, thinking that although this little pervert looked very thin and weak like, he did have a bit of strength. Her box weighed at least 70 to 80 jins, but this guy could actually lift it up with one hand.When she thought about how she sat on Qin Hao's thighs while she was retreating, her b.u.t.t seemed to have been pushed up by a warm and hard thing. She glanced between Qin Hao's legs and realized something.After the previous misunderstanding, the two of them had become more familiar with each other. They chatted and laughed, and gradually, Yunshan's heart relaxed. Tianhai City still needed a little more than half a day, it was not a bad thing to have someone to chat with the outside. Furthermore, the other party might very well be the person she longed for day and night, even if she was unable to verify his ident.i.ty at the moment."Oh yeah, speaking of which, I still don't know your name, Beautiful Sis.""My name is Yunshan. If you don't mind, you can call me Sis Shan. I've already told you my name, so it's your turn to say it now. "Hm?Qin Hao was slightly stunned. Yunshan sounded like nothing much, but this Sis Shan actually made him feel that he was very familiar with her. Sis Shan, Sis Shan, it was as if he had been called out a thousand times already …But he did not care much about it, and only laughed, and said: " Alright, Sis Shan, are you familiar with Tianhai City?"After knowing that Yunshan had the same destination as him, Qin Hao decided to first ask the other party about the employer that the old man had introduced him to."Of course, I'm a local.""That's great. Sister Shan, have you ever heard of someone called Mu …""Shan Shan …"Before Qin Hao could finish his words, a man's voice came from behind him, interrupting him.The man was dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He was wearing gold-rimmed, a gold necklace around his neck, a gold watch, and gold earrings. He was almost holding a gold ingot and walking out of the door.Qin Hao looked at the other party in displeasure, thinking that this person was truly rude. While the other party was talking, he casually interrupted them.Before Qin Hao could say anything, the man spoke first: "Shan Shan, why did you suddenly take the train? It was really hard for me to find you … "Seeing this man, Yunshan's expression became bitter, and her eyebrows knitted together slightly. 'Unexpectedly, after running for a long time, she still ran into this annoying fellow, so she could only perfunctorily say' "Zheng Fei, I want to use any means of transportation, I do not need to report to you, furthermore, what are you looking for me for?""Shan Shan, you can't say it like that. I know you're very strong, but there are a lot of people on the train who stole things. Some people seem to have pretty faces, and some of them have evil intentions." As Zheng Fei said this, he glanced at Qin Hao, the pretty boy who had evil intentions in his mouth was obviously referring to him."Is the pretty boy you were talking about referring to me?" Qin Hao had an ignorant look on his face as if he couldn't understand what was happening."It's good that you know this!" Zheng Fei coldly snorted, and unceremoniously questioned: "Kid, what is your name? What kind of background? Why are you so close to Shan Shan? What exactly are your intentions? Tell me honestly. Otherwise, I will throw you into the police station!"The last sentence was said with even higher tone and was obviously a threat.Qin Hao could also tell that this middle-aged man, who did not have much hair on his head, was likely Sis Shan's suitor. Furthermore, looking at her, it seemed that Sis Shan was really annoyed with this guy.That's right, how could an old guy like this, who was fat and ugly and didn't have much hair on his head be worthy of the young and beautiful Sis Shan. A beauty like Sis Shan should be together with a handsome brother like him.He had never forgotten that he was about to find a beautiful wife on this trip down the mountain. Beautiful, gentle, and mature ladies like Yunshan were exactly what he liked.Towards the person who fought with him for a beauty, Qin Hao would never have a good face."And who are you? On what basis are you barking in front of Sis Shan? " Qin Hao approached him with a face full of savagery. He clenched his fists so hard that they crackled loudly, and threatened with a slightly exaggerated tone: "If you dare slander me in front of Sis Shan again, I might hit you!"Seeing Qin Hao coming closer with a furious clench of his fist, Zheng Fei was also shocked and could not help but take a step back.However, he quickly restored his aggressive att.i.tude from before. He thought to himself, 'This brat is dressed in rags. Who knows where this country b.u.mpkin would dare to make a move on me?'One really wouldn't cry until he saw the coffin!Thinking about it, Zheng Fei impolitely pushed Qin Hao away, and said sinisterly:" Who do you think you are? Do you even deserve to know who I am? If you know what's good for you, then hurry up and tell me your intentions …"She frowned when she heard their conversation. She did not understand Qin Hao, but she knew about Zheng Fei. On the surface, this fellow did quite well. He always acted like a gentleman, and even if he disliked someone, he wouldn't show it.This was also the reason why she was unable to get rid of Zheng Fei. She had never given him any face, but he was still able to face her with a smile, causing her to be at a loss as to where to go. But why was Zheng Fei in front of her treating Qin Hao so viciously? Could it be that Qin Hao really has a problem? No matter how he looked at it, this fellow did not seem like someone with ill intentions!Just as Yunshan was wondering what Zheng Fei's intention was for this action, a sudden change in the situation took her by surprise."Ouch!"Qin Hao was pushed right in the middle of the air by Zheng Fei's little push, and then directly fell onto the aisle of the train. His facial features were all wrinkled together as if he had suffered a heavy injury."Even if I'm not a thing, I'm still Sister Shan's friend. I didn't expect you to be so unscrupulous. You are simply a mad dog. Is there any law in this world? "Seeing Qin Hao lying on the ground with his body trembling and pointing at him while denouncing him in grief and indignation, those people who did not know anything actually thought that he was injured by Zheng Fei.Zheng Fei was also dumbfounded, this brat took advantage of the fact that he pushed him little and acted as if he suffered a great grievance as if he did something that would anger both G.o.d and man.Right now, he felt as if ten thousand mud horses were galloping through his heart, and he knew that he was done in by this kid.Qin Hao's acting was very outstanding. That wronged and pained expression, combined with his harmless and delicate body, really made him look like an eighteen to nineteen-year-old teenager. Being bullied by an adult was very easy to make Yunshan feel the desire to protect like a mother."Zheng Fei, you are going too far! You have always been targeting Qin Hao from the beginning, and now you are even making a move. Who do you think you are? What right do you have to mind my business! What right do you have to hit my friend! "How could Yunshan not see that Qin Hao was pretending to be injured? Even if she was beaten to death, she did not believe that Zheng Fei could injure Qin Hao with a single palm.Facing Yunshan's fury, Zheng Fei felt a sense of bitterness but could not say anything. He promptly explained: "Shan Shan, you have to believe me, I only lightly pushed him, and didn't expect him to fall so easily, I really didn't use any strength …""Then he flew out by himself?" Yunshan sarcastically said as she reached out to help Qin Hao up from the ground. She asked in concern, "Little brat, are you alright?"Beautiful sister, my chest hurts, aiyo …It's all my fault. I can only stay in the mountains to eat vegetables, I don't have much nutrition, and my physical fitness is not as good as the big fish and meat from the city people …"Yunshan felt it was funny. If a guy like you who could lift a hundred and eighty kilograms with one hand was lacking in fitness, then who would dare claim to be in good health?

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