My Cold And Beautiful CEO Chapter 1


My Cold And Beautiful CEO

My Cold And Beautiful CEO Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Beauties on TrainThe sun had just set in July, but the sun was already high in the sky. The temperature of the early forties had turned the earth into a huge steamer.Inside the train station, Qin Hao had to expend a great deal of effort before he managed to squeeze onto the train heading towards Tianhai City.After finding his own seat, the depressed Qin Hao threw the raggedy rucksack to the side, took out a piece of chocolate and stuffed it into his mouth, muttering angrily: "That d.a.m.n old rascal Shen Xu, he didn't even leave me a hundred yuan, just you wait, I'll come back sooner or later and tear this temple of yours apart!"Yesterday, he was told by his master that he could go down the mountain if he wanted to gain experience. However, the condition for going down the mountain was that he had to do something for him.In fact, this was nothing. In order to escape, Qin Hao did not even need to bother about integrity. Who knew that the old monk would say something about the love affair of a master and disciple for ten years and that he was going to drink to commemorate the occasion? This caused him to almost cry and he drank too much just by being careless.When he crawled up from under the table the next morning, he found that the old monk had already left. There was only a train ticket to Tianhai on the table.What was even worse, the money acc.u.mulated from Qin Hao's many years of missions had all disappeared. Right now, he only had a few bags of coins on him, plus the two bags of chocolate that he had just bought.The old monk fled with the money!Thinking about it, Qin Hao fiercely took a bite of the chocolate. He was depressed, how could there be such a scam for his disciple's master!Since he was already here, he might as well go ahead. Qin Hao quickly finished the chocolate in his hand, then leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to sleep."h.e.l.lo, can I trouble you to step aside a little? My seat is inside."When Qin Hao woke up, a flirtatious female voice pulled Qin Hao away from a deep sleep.Qin Hao opened his sleepy eyes and rubbed them, looking at the woman who disturbed his sleep.She was a beautiful woman in her twenties. She wore makeup and was about 1.7 meters tall. She was wearing a white collar. She looked like a very mature woman.Qin Hao took in a deep breath. A faint fragrance wafted over, like the scent of flowers or the smell of a body. It was not pungent at all, it was extremely fragrant.He couldn't help but praise the number of beauties in the big cities. Even a random train ride could cause such a beauty to appear in his neighbor.Maybe because she felt Qin Hao's undisguised stare at her chest, Yunshan felt embarra.s.sed and angry. If not to avoid that pestering upstart, how could she have suffered such a pain? To be stared at by a brat who was a few years younger than her, this was simply public teasing. "What are you looking at?!" Yunshan suppressed her delicate voice, as her tone became ice-cold, "Hurry up and give way, take your leg back!""Oh, why don't you take a guess?" Qin Hao immediately retracted the leg that was in between the chairs, but his eyes did not retract as he continued to look at her. Guess your sister! Yunshan was so angry that she almost started to curse. She thought that she had gotten rid of that hateful rich guys, but who would have thought that she would meet such a lecherous little pervert again? Isn't this too shameless!At this time, the train had already started moving. It was inconvenient for Yunshan to change seats, so she could only glare at Qin Hao to indicate for him not to go overboard. Then, she walked over to her seat and picked up her luggage.The suitcase seemed to be somewhat heavy. It was already difficult for her to lift it. Just as she was about to put it into the luggage rack, a voice that was neither fast nor slow intruded into her ears."Beautiful sister, I was just joking with you just now. Actually, your b.u.t.tons were undone."Yunshan immediately lowered her head to the side, only to see that d.a.m.ned brat playing with an item with one hand, while the other hand was covering his nose and pointing at her own chest. Lowering her head, She realized that the second b.u.t.ton on her shirt had unknowingly burst open. Through the open collar, she could clearly see the edges of the black lace undergarment. It looked extremely indecent.Yunshan's face reddened, and she immediately extended a hand to b.u.t.ton her b.u.t.ton, but she forgot that she was holding a suitcase in her hand. As a result, the luggage fell to the ground after she raised her hand, and she herself was momentarily unable to balance herself as she took a few steps back.Qin Hao sat right beside Yunshan, and as soon as she moved, she immediately sat on Qin Hao's thigh.Qin Hao was immediately stunned. The aisle of the train was already extremely narrow and crowded, and with so many pa.s.sengers looking for seats in the front, the moment Yunshan sat her b.u.t.t down, he simply couldn't avoid it.This was an indescribable temptation, one that had never been able to not to stir people's hearts before. Qin Hao only felt a large ball of warm, round, and soft flesh on his thigh that was being squeezed and rubbed. That comfortable feeling of contact, as well as that faint, delicate fragrance, caused him to feel a little lost.So amazing!Qin Hao's face was filled with enjoyment, he was about to fly into the sky.Yunshan was also dumbstruck, her extremely beautiful, the exquisite jade face was filled with a panicked expression, as she sat on Qin Hao's body in a daze, and she had forgotten to get up for a moment. At the same time, because of Yunshan's fall, the trunk fell down from above."Be careful!" Qin Hao let out a soft cry and hugged Yunshan who was on his lap with both hands. His waist slightly adjusted, and with a twist of his body, he used his back to protect the woman in his embrace.Suddenly being hugged by Qin Hao made Yunshan jump in fright. She thought that this lewd brat was finally unable to hide his evil intentions towards her, and She couldn't help but struggle."Bam!"The luggage smashed heavily onto Qin Hao's back with a loud thud.At this point, how could Yunshan not understand what Qin Hao meant? She quickly got up and held onto the chest, and asked with embarra.s.sment:" I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, are you alright?"Qin Hao smiled as he shook his head: "It's alright, I'm just a man. A mere small box is not enough to destroy me. Are you alright?" "I'm fine. If it wasn't for you blocking my attack just now, I might really have been..." Yunshan kept thanking him."It's a small matter," Without waiting for Yunshan to finish speaking, Qin Hao said while grinning: "If a weak beauty like you be injured by this box, then I will feel sorry for you. My skin is rough and my flesh is thick, it doesn't matter if I am smashed into."Women were all emotional creatures, and Yunshan was no exception.Hearing Qin Hao praises her, even though she knew that he was obviously teasing her, Yunshan did not have the slightest bit of anger. In the beginning, Qin Hao's l.u.s.tful gaze has turned into an appreciative gaze, as clear as if he was sizing up a work of art.When her eyes swept across the items in Qin Hao's hands, she was immediately stunned. That is, the Dragon Jade Pendant? And chocolate? Could it be him? The one she had been thinking about day and night?Yunshan began to carefully observe the youth in front of her. The more she looked, the more familiar he became, and the more she felt that the youth in front of her was gradually overlapping with the blurry figure in her mind. But was it really him? Or was it just an illusion? After all, it had been ten years!Qin Hao's hair stood on end when he saw Yunshan staring at him. He looked bashful as he added, embarra.s.sed, "Beautiful sister, even if you have fallen for me, you don't have to be so obvious. I will be shy."Yunshan suddenly woke up from her stupor and revealed a happy smile. She rolled her eyes at Qin Hao and pouted playfully, "You little brat, your words are smooth and slippery, why aren't you helping me put the case up …""Alright."

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