My Boss Husband, Please Let Me Go! Chapter 1


My Boss Husband, Please Let Me Go!

My Boss Husband, Please Let Me Go! Chapter 1

Novel:My boss husband, please let me go!

Synopsis:It is said that Liangcheng Lu is a ruthless and bloodthirsty person. However, Sangyu Qin found that was not true at all when she married in Lu Family. Cruel? He's more like a human-shaped Teddy dog who wanted her every night! Anything you want? Get them!The clothes you like? Purchase that brand! Someone bullied you? Well, pay them back tenfold! ‘Woman, I decided to let you be envied by everyone through your whole life the day you married me!'
Chapter 1 Slept with someone

City G, in the presidential suite.

Immersed in the indistinct light, the two persons who made love on the bed filled with burning pa.s.sion.

Sangyu Qin lost her last trace of mind as the man kept inserting into her crazily. She could not help but use her fingernails to scratch his back.

The man groaned, watching her with his erogenous eyes. After a short period of being intoxicated, he flew into rage.

‘Who are you?!'


Sangyu Qin picked up her high heels and threw them to his head hardly.

She, in a trance, still felt that this guy is so handsome.

Nevertheless, it didn't mean anything. He is just a pimp that she had randomly chosen to take revenge on her in-waiting husband.

That's right. She slept with a pimp.

Sangyu Qin felt delightful and got up from the bed, blowing a whistle. She checked her bag and found that there was no cash. She frowned and then pulled down her necklace.

‘We can call this an even.'

She, mumbling to herself, put the necklace on the night table and dressed up quickly. Then she left the room.

Her family, in pursuit of marriage alliance, wanted to marry her to Liangcheng Lu, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d of Lu Family. It is said that Liangcheng Lu, ruthless and tyrannical as he is, had married four wives. However, none of them could survive until the next day. And they all died horribly.

Qin Family doesn't want their youngest daughter to suffer, so they chose to put her, the daughter given birth by the ex-wife, to death without any doubt.

What a nice move.

Just thinking about this, Sangyu Qin curled her lips. If her poor mother did not die so early, how can her father's mistress become part of her family.

She signed. It's such a shame that she could not even remember what her mother looked like. In her memery, mother was very gentle.


Outside the hotel, a black car suddenly stopped in front of her. Some well-trained bodyguards got off and surrounded her.

‘Miss Qin, Mrs. Qin told us to protect you to the villa.'


More like escort!

Sangyu Qin cast a contemptuous eye secretly. She knew that no resistance would yield fruitful outcomes. So she bent down and got into the car.

After a little while, the car stopped in front of Qin's house.

Sangyu Qin looked at this superb building. Something implicit was hidden in her eyes.

She had heard that her mother was a strong woman. Every inch of this building was owing to her mother's efforts. However, she died without having the chance to enjoy her achievements.

‘Miss Qin, please come in.'

The bodyguard with a black suit next to her said.

Sangyu Qin lowered her eyes and restrained herself. Then she walked out of the car, without any words.

This villa, inherited from her mother, is her nightmare.

As she was opening the door, a cup was threw toward her and landed on her shoulder accurately. She, in the grip of great pain, almost cried out.

 ‘Where did you wander around at night?!'

Hearing this roar, she looked up and found that it was her so-called dad, Baiqiang Qin. She curled her lips. Someone must have made many pillow talks. She gave a cynical look.


Without letting her finish, Miao Du opened her mouth.

‘Sangyu, what can I say to you? How can a young girl hang about in the height of night? I also heard that you fooled around the whole night in the hotel. If anybody took a picture of that, the reputation of our family would be ruined.'

Everybody knows that what Baiqiang Qin values most is the reputation of Qin Family. Miao Du's words equaled adding fire to the fuel.

As Miao Du was complaining, Baiqiang Qin's face clouded even more. He raised his hand and slapped Sangyu Qin.


With this heavy slap on the face, Sangyu Qin felt something echoing in her head.

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