Mr. Fashionable Chapter 22


Mr. Fashionable

Mr. Fashionable Chapter 22

Chapter 22: c.r.a.ppy Storylines and Jealous Executives Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanslations

The fort was that he didn't have pany within the next five pany had soplipletely revealed froe to reapply your makeup for you." Dai An gave Su Nuo a bottle of water.

"It's so hot." Su Nuo's head was practically dripping with sweat. It was in the middle of summer and he was still required to wear so much. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, someone beside him pa.s.sed him a little fan.

What perfect timing!

"I just asked for it from someone." Ouyang Long's smile was extremely nice.

"Thank you, Director Ouyang." Dai An was shocked.

Although the cartoon fan was very small, it was very powerful. In front of the fresh wind, Su Nuo couldn't help but give him ten good-person cards on the spot.

Seeing that Su Nuo was sweating a lot, Dai An went to the side to get some tissues for him.

"Are you tired?" Ouyang Long sat next to the man.

"I'm alright." Su Nuo waved the fan, "Once I'm finished  with the next scene, I can go."

"What's the next scene?" Ouyang Long picked the script up.

Once the fox spirit had taken XuanYuan WuLei back to her nest and was beginning to do that sort of stuff, she was spotted by the majestic hero Long JiuXiao. He wasn't scared to serve justice and began an intense battle with the fox spirit. Actually, the storyline was still pretty normal up until this point, but this obviously didn't fit Zhong LiFengBai's character. So there had to be some sort of plot twist, only then would it be fresh and new enough.

For the next scene, the fox spirit seemed to have been beaten magically by Long JiuXiao's powerful aura. She immediately threw XuanYuan WuLei aside and turned to seducing the hero. What was even stranger was that even XuanYuan WuLei was beaten by Long JiuXiao's masculinity.

So with tears in his eyes, he said, "I have wandered my whole life and every person I've met has desired me, but I never expected that there was someone out there willing to give their life up. To repay you, I can only offer my body, and hope that the hero will not look down upon my offer."

What sort of storyline was this?! Ouyang Long's brain was ringing. Once he flipped to the next page, he found that with that Long or whoever, Su Nuo had to film a… s.e.x scene?!

A metallic sound rang out as the canned drink was squeezed into some sort of horrific modern art piece by Mr. Director!

"Ah!" The model Su hadn't been expecting that at all; after having a pile of soda splashed at him, he could only feel exasperation and bewilderment.

He was only looking at the script… What was the point of getting so emotional?

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