Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1


Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 1

Chapter 1: “Conspiracy in the Woods”

Sun Glory Kingdoplete gory panion. The little girl had become a close friend whom she was able to talk to about everything under the sun, someone she had seen to be as close as a sister…..

So, she would never have thought, that the person who had gotten her disfigured, who wanted to steal her ident.i.ty, would turn out to be Ruo Yun…..

"Why? I treated you so well. Why are you doing this?" The pain of being betrayed sliced at her heart. When she thought of how her face had been disfigured, how her ident.i.ty was about to be stolen, and would they would all be unknown to anyone, a burning hatred began to pound from within her heart.

"Why? Ha. Of course it’s for everything that you possess. A grandfather and father that dotes and spoils you, a proud son of Heaven that loves you to bits, and….." Her cresent smiling eyes looking at Feng Qing Ge on the ground. "All this will soon belong to me. The indulgent pampering of a grandfather and father, the deep love and gentleness of Big Brother Murong, will all be mine."

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