Maouyome Chapter 16.1 - Me And Yaksha Princess



Maouyome Chapter 16.1 - Me And Yaksha Princess

Chapter 16.1 : plexion couldn't get any worse than this. She ing frofortable posture and drop Reanschild on the floor.

Though I feel bad for her, I couldn't let her lie on her back due to her wound. I'bination of the wound on her back and the spared to before.

Before I could even shake pared with those pletely mon knowledge?! Or, was it because I'm a human?!

Yup…………. It most probably was because I'm a human.

Even though it can be said that we're living in different worlds, why I wondered I felt so unpleasant right now. Was it because I finally realized the existing distance that had separated the human race and the demon race?
「…….. I just want to let you know about that fact, Lefiysama. What I just said was an impertinent matter. My apologies」

「Ah, I see. When I realized the difference between those two, it'll change my way of calling too. A queen won't make such mistakes」

「I just couldn't help myself from teaching you about that fact. I didn't wish for Lefiysama to be deemed as impolite with no awareness」

She's muttering with a voice that feels like it's going to vanish at any moment.

It's not her fault though since I never cared about such things up till now.

「It's okay. Because I'm aware about such facts now」

「I'm surprised to find you could say that so easily」

「Even so, it's going to be different now isn't it? 」

「Now you can gain another person's respect」

「I doubt about that though. Isn't that way too extreme? 」

The root of these problem might be too deep. It was too deep to the point of cornering myself. Then again, it was better than having myself be hated by a beauty.
「It might be because I didn't hold you in high regard from the very beginning. I'm not certain about my feelings either. I just felt that it was natural. You're just a human who appeared out of nowhere, rude to the point of rejecting the marriage proposal of the person I respect the most, Maou-sama. See, it's a boring reason right」

「Because I'm rejecting the marriage proposal huh」

「To be honest, I'm not sure about it either. I mean I've never met your most adored Maou-sama again except for the first day during the two weeks I've stayed here. I wonder how serious he is about his marriage proposal」

「His majesty is really serious about his marriage proposal. But, how should I say, that matter is a bit………」

For some reason she's averting her gaze and hesitated to say the reason.

She might know something, but what was it I wonder.

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